A Vendeeni Ship

The Vendeeni are a race of amphibians first introduced in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. While not much is known about them, they are very advanced, and seem to have no interest in the Pangalactic Federation. While their technology confounds many scientists in the Federation, the Federation Institute of Technology has theorized that the Vendeeni's weaponry--such as their disruptor weapons--are based on space-time manipulation.

Notable Vendeeni

Dictionary Entry

A sentient race living on the planet Vendeen. First contact with the Vendeeni occurred in the year 710 SD. The Vendeeni are descended from a shark-like cartilaginous fish, and their skin is very pale from the back down to the waist. Although the Vendeeni are one of the few races with technology rivaling that of the Pangalactic Federation and the Aldian Empire, they rarely interact with outsiders and much of Vendeeni technology is still shrouded in mystery.