Vendeen is a planet located in the Gamma Sector, home of the technologically advanced Vendeeni. When the Federation made first contact, no hostilities broke out, but at the same time, the Vendeeni seemed to have no interest in the Federation. Even though the Vendeeni civilization is the most advanced in the known galaxy, they only control around half of the Gamma Sector.

Dicitionary Entry

Part 1

A single-planet nation located in the Vendeeni System. First contact was made in 710 SD. Although the Vendeeni possess little power, the sophistication of their science exceeds that of the Pangalactic Federation and Aldian Empire. This has allowed the Vendeen to maintain its neutrality despite the delicate balance of power in the region. The Vendeeni are not hostile to the Pangalactic Federation, but on the other hand, they are not particularly friendly either.

Part 2

For unknown reasons, the Vendeeni attacked Hyda IV with devastating force and kidnapped Professor Leingod--the most distinguished scientist of the Pangalactic Federation--and have now mobilized another attack force in order to secure the person of Fayt. Although they are powerful enough to field an attack force, it is very odd that the Vendeeni, who are vastly inferior in overall military power, would perpetrate such a rash act.

Part 3

The Vendeeni, masters of space-time theory, have become aware of the fact that their universe was created by the inhabitants of 4D space.Not only that, they have also come to understand that symbology possesses the ability to rewrite the language that describes the universe, thereby destroying the axioms the order of their world is based on. The Vendeeni feared not the Pangalactic Federation, nor the Aldian Empire, but rather the 4D beings who created them. If the 4D beings destroy civilizations that have gone too far, then the Vendeeni see no option than to stop the progress of civilization itself. Unfortunately, the ignorant Pangalactic Federation have already gone past the point of no return. Even worse, they have gone so far as to rebel against the 4D beings who created the universe. If the Creator is selective when deciding who to destroy, then the Vendeeni reason that all they need to do is hide from the Creator's gaze. The Vendeeni see this as difficult, but not impossible. However, if the Creator is angry at the entire universe, and if the destruction is to be indiscriminate, then this is a different story altogether. The Vendeeni, who see their own path to salvation, view the research of Dr. Leingod as unforgivable, since it may result in the destruction of the entire galaxy.