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The following is a chronological list of events that take place in the Star Ocean universe. The Eternal Sphere's history is divided into the anno Domini dating system (B.C and A.D.) and the Space Date (S.D.) dating system, which began on the four year anniversary of the development of subspace technology. It also records the timeline of Universe-2 and 4D Space, which are both separate dimensions from the main timeline of the Eternal Sphere.


Pre-Star Ocean

Between 20,000,000,000 - 15,000,000,000 B.C.

Around 4,542,997,983 B.C.

  • The third planet from the star of the Sol System, Earth, is created and eventually houses living beings.

Pre-3,699,997,548 B.C.

Wise men-0
  • Many of the planets in the Galaxy are under the rule of Nede, an extremely advanced planet with no rival. Uprisings begin on 24 planets, and Dr. Lantis of Nede, is charged with initiating the Ten Wise Men Program - that is, an experiment in Symbological-Genetics to create superhumans to quell the uprising. Phase I includes the close combat weapon, Zaphkiel, the long-range artillery unit, Jophiel, and the point-defense combat unit, Metatron. After these 3 are completed, work begins on the strategic unit Michael to control them. Following that, two information gathering agents named Zadkiel and Camael are deployed. They are then joined by citizen re-education unit, Haniel, along with the data analyzer unit, Raphael. Finally, the agent, Lucifer, is created to oversee the other Wise Men.

3,699,997,548 B.C.

  • Rebels opposing the Ten Wise Men project attack and kill Dr. Lantis' daughter, Philia. The Nedians issue an information blackout to conceal this from Dr. Lantis until he finishes the final Wise Man, Gabriel.
  • Dr. Lantis re-programs the Wise Men from quelling the uprising to destroying the universe. The Wise Men destroy a unit of Nedian special forces, assaulting the lab, and then go on to terrorize Nede.
  • The Nedians rally their forces and push the Wise Men back to the lab. When the Nedian forces enter, Dr. Lantis is nowhere to be found - he has trapped himself along with the other nine Wise Men in an Eternity Space Pocket. Eternity Space is a dimension of which there is no escape without being released by using a password on the outside.
Energy Nede-0
  • Due to the actions of the Ten Wise Men, 80% of the Nedian Military is destroyed. The outlying rebel planets begin a revolt, and begin to close in on Nede. In order to protect themselves, the Nedians construct Energy Nede and surround it with an impenetrable, Class 9 force field. The Nedians move to this new home, completely cut off from the rest of the galaxy. Finally, they destroy their own planet.

Around 3,699,997,548 B.C.

  • A group of Nedians that do not wish to seclude themselves from the rest of the universe decide to create their own, artificial home world. They create the giant space station, EN II (Energy Nede II). At some point, they adopt the name, Morphus.

May 13th, 699,997,565 B.C.

File:Soa 003 cs1w1 578x720.jpg
  • Rena Lanford, a Nedian, is born to Rhima, lead Symbological Researcher at the Symbological Research Center, on Energy Nede, and an unnamed father.
  • The Nedians discover Creation Energy around this time.
    • Quoting from the North City Library in Star Ocean: The Second Story, Creation Energy Generation Device uses an artificially induced small-scale Big Bang to extract energy from the resulting imaginary number space. This system would provide even more energy than a Quadratic Sphere. However, it is extremely difficult to control the strain of the balance of space that results from opening a hole in the imaginary number space. Because the possibility exists that in the worse case scenario a collapse of time/space continuum will be initiated, no one has applied this theory yet.
    • We of course find out later it does not collapse the space/time continuum. This explanation, however, is similar to current experiments in Quantum Mechanics.

699,997,563 B.C.

Between 2,200,000 - 1,600,000 B.C.

  • The earliest known humans evolve from a common ancestor of African apes on the 3rd planet in the Sol System, Earth, given the designation "Homo Habilis" - or "skillfull person."

Roughly 48,000 B.C.

Barringer Crater is one of the largest and most well-preserved impact craters in the world. When it hit, it would have been a fantastic yet devastating sight - with an estimated yield of 2.5 megatons of TNT, it would have dwarfed the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan. While not specifically referenced in Star Ocean: The Last Hope, the American southwest isn't exactly overflowing with gigantic, well-preserved craters.

Roughly 9,900 B.C.

  • A highly advanced race, the Muah, is believed to live on a continent, Mu, located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Sometime before 1,000 B.C.

1,000 B.C.

  • Earth is struck by a meteorite on the continent of Mu. This opens a wormhole that sends its residents, the Muah, to Roak, Fargett, Edifice, and possibly other places. The continent itself is either destroyed or sucked into the wormhole.

Sometime after 1,000 B.C.

  • The Muah, on Roak, meet the Runes, an ancient race inhabiting the planet at the time of their arrival. The Runes help them by teaching them Symbology and the Muah, combining their own technology with Symbology, in the form of a relic called the Eye of Truth, attempt to create a portal back to their home planet, but instead open a gate to the Demon World. They eventually close the gate, however, suffer great losses to their people, as well as the native Fellpool on the planet, in the process. With their people destroyed by monsters, the Muah entrust their greatest treasure, the Eye of Truth, with the Runes, who become its guardians, and lock themselves away in stasis, hoping one day to awaken and return home.
  • On Edifice, the Muah use their advanced technology to create a super computer known as Mother Edifice, that will possess a human on the planet and force them to activate its program. Upon doing so, the planet will be devastated by a tsunami, effectively restarting life, in hopes that it will stop humankind from destroying eachother as a result of misuing technology.

Between 1587 A.D. - 1600 A.D.

Sometime after 1600 A.D.

  • Using the technology from the Discovery, the Muah create a Space-Time Labority as well as genetically modify themselves into Superhumans. The first successful Superhuman, Asmodeus, betrays them and steals the Space-Time Laboratory, transporting it away from Fargett and into the Demon World.
  • Immediately, Asmodeus begins experimenting on local demons and declares himself ruler of the Demon World, which the native creatures have no problem with.
  • He eventually notices the portal to Roak and bides his time, planning an invasion.
  • The Muah on Fargett, having no success with the Superhuman program, after creating Asmodeus, travel roughly about 800 years into the future and gather DNA from Asmodeus to continue their program. Finding this successful, they create a superior Superhuman called Jie Revorse.
  • Unfortunately, Revorse realizes how powerful he is and kills the other Superhumans, who were put in charge of the planet's government, and declares himself a dictator of the planet. He continues to amass his army in hopes to one day return to Earth with the people of Fargett, and destroy life there, as, in his mind, the Earthlings that currently inhabit the planet do not appreciate what they have.

1656 A.D.

  • The planet Edifice is devastated by a tsunami, killing many and wiping out their culture, forcing the planet and its races to begin anew.

1856 A.D.

  • The planet Edifice is devastated by a tsunami, once more, killing many and wiping out their culture, forcing the planet and its races to begin anew.

1897 A.D.

  • A species of intelligent lizards, the Cardianons, develop speech.

July 7th, 1947 A.D. (Universe-2)


Sometime after July 7th, 1947 A.D. (Universe-2)

October 4th, 1957 A.D.

  • Sputnik I, the first man-made object to orbit the earth, is located on an R-7 rocket by the Soviet Union. Earthlings are now a part of the galactic community.

October 7th, 1957 A.D. (Universe-2)

  • A series of events occur involving Edge Maverick arriving on Earth in a parallel universe.

2021 A.D.

2056 A.D.

  • The planet Edifice is devastated by a tsunami, killing many and wiping out their culture.

2058 A.D.

2064 A.D.

Ww3 combat-0
  • World War III takes place. Weapons of Mass Destruction are widely deployed, devastating the Earth's environment. Survivors are forced to live underground, as the surface is irradiated and uninhabitable. Humanity makes efforts to find a new home in space.

May 5th, 2065 A.D.

2065 A.D.

Peace agreement-0
  • The Greater United Nations is formed on planet Earth. The Greater U.N. then establishes the USTA (Universal Science and Technology Administration) to support space exploration to find a new home for Earthlings.

April 24th, 2071 A.D.

2072 A.D.

  • An environmental research team on Earth, led by Dr. Arnold Maverick, discovers a sarcophagus that belongs to an ancient civilization, the Muah, and begins "Project Hope."

September 11th, 2072 A.D.


April 28th, 2073 A.D.

2074 A.D.

  • The USTA makes first contact with an extraterrestrial species known as the Eldar. This is kept secret from the public.

2075 A.D.


November 5th, 2075 A.D.

  • Myuria Tionysus, a Morphus, is born to unknown parents on the space station, En II.

Between 2076 A.D. - 2077 A.D.

July 30th, 2077 A.D.

  • Edge Maverick, an Earthling, is born to Dr. Arnold Maverick and an unknown mother on the planet Earth.

2078 A.D.

  • Welch Vineyard, an Earthling, is born to unknown parents on the planet Earth.

March 28th, 2078 A.D.

  • Reimi Saionji, an Earthling, is born to Dr. Saionji and an unknown mother on the planet Earth.

September 15th, 2078 A.D.

February 3rd, 2079 A.D.

  • Faize Sheifa Beleth, an Eldarian, is born to unknown surrogate parents and raised at a government facility on the planet Eldar.

March 16th, 2080 A.D.

June 20th, 2082 A.D.

2082 A.D.

  • Edge's father, Arnold Maverick, is killed by a bio-enhanced Muan. Edge takes up the sword to defend himself, which leads to his affinity for the weapon.

March 7th, 2087 A.D./S.D. 1 (Space Date)

  • Stephen-d-kenny-star-ocean-the-last-hope-0.89-0-0
    Professor Trillas Bachtein develops subspace warp technology with the secret assistance of the Eldar. A member of the USTA, Stephen D. Kenny, becomes the first human to ever travel faster than the speed of light.

Sometime after S.D. 1

  • The Planetary Exploration Ship Discovery is launched. For reasons unknown it was sucked back in time and arrived on the planet Fargett sometime around 1587 A.D.
  • The USTA sends out unmanned exploration ships to nearby planets to find a suitable replacement for the dying Earth. The Discovery may have been one of these.

S.D. 1

  • Lymle accidentally creates a symbol that opens up a portal to the demon realm, pulling her into it.

March 7th, S.D. 4

  • The Space Date method of dating is officially established by the Terran Government on the four year anniversary of the development of subspace technology.

S.D. 7

  • Cerberus takes pity on Lymle and extracts her from the demon realm, and acts as her guardian henceforth.

S.D. 8

S.D. 9

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Star ocean 4 (Anime)

S.D. 10

Edge Maverick Art-0
  • Edge Maverick, a crewman aboard the SRF-003 Calnus, is blowing off the ceremony by remaining onboard. Reimi Saionji meets up with him shortly after the ceremony.
  • While Reimi takes her post on the ship, Edge tries out the Battle Simulator and meets up with her shortly thereafter.
  • Meanwhile, Stephen "Lightspeed" Kenny arrives on the Moonbase to meet Deputy Director Shimada.
Welch Concept-0
  • Edge and Reimi take their positions. Edge meets Welch Vineyard, their support liason on Earth. After briefly speaking with Crowe F. Almedio, Captain Grafton comes aboard, and the ships SRF-001 to SRF-005 launch toward the planet Aeos.
  • Along the way, a mysterious, meteor-like object passes through the Calnus' warp field, and promptly disappears. It disrupts it enough to cause the Captain to order an Emergency Warp Out.
  • The Calnus warps out above Aeos. It is out of control, however, and crash-lands on the surface.
  • Sensors on the Calnus indicate the Balena, the Dentdelion and the Eremia (SRF-002, 004, and 005, respectively) have also crashed-landed on the planet. The Calnus rendezvouses with the crews of the nearby Dentdelion and Balena.
  • Edge and crew disembarck to inspect the damage to the ship. They are attacked by a pair of native bug-like creatures. The crew tries to protect themselves with railguns, however, they have no effect. As a last resort, Edge draws a sword, which he uses to defeat them.
  • Onboard, attempts at contacting the further away Eremia have failed. The Captain orders Edge to travel on foot to the Eremia to see if they are alright.
  • Captain Grafton contacts SRF Headquarters to report that the exploration indicated no advanced lifeforms and his crew is dying. Shimada seems rather unsympathetic, but eventually promises to send "them" to assist. Grafton realizes he is referring to the Eldar that the USTA secretly made contact with in 2074 A.D.. Edge and Reimi overhear the conversation, but like the rest of the Earthlings, do not know who "they" are.
Reimi Saionji Official Artwork-0
  • Reimi insists on coming along with Edge. Edge initially refuses, but eventually relents and has her come along.
  • Traveling across the planet, they eventually arrive at the ruined 005. A half-dead crewman warns them of a meteor they found on the coast. They brought it aboard for research, and a monster attacks the crew. The crewman says he intentionally destroyed the ship to try and kill it. He then dies.
SO4 - Armaros-0
  • Edge and Reimi see a ship land. Out hops an Eldarian, Faize Sheifa Beleth. He says he was sent by Captain Grafton. Before he can finish explaining, however, the monster, Armaros, attacks the three of them.
  • FaizeSheifaBeleth-0
    Edge, Reimi, and Faize defeat Armaros.
  • Edge collects a stone left behind from Armaros. Faize then introduces himself and officially joins the party. Faize offers a ride back in his Sol, but Edge decides he wants to scout the area a bit more, so they walk back to the Calnus.
  • The three return to the Calnus to give their report, where they find an Eldar field base. Faize explains these are modular bases that can be set up very rapidly on planets. In the base, they meet the Eldar Commander, Gaghan. Captain Grafton tells Edge to get some rest after his ordeal.
  • After resting, the three meet back up with Gaghan and Grafton. They both agree the three party members should form a team and continue the SRF's mission. Grafton shows Edge to the newly repaired and upgraded Calnus. Grafton needs to remain on Aeos to oversee the exploration there and appoints Edge the new Captain of the new Calnus.
  • Using the Calnus' sensors, Faize finds a nearby habitable planet - Lemuris.
  • LymleLemuriPhi-0
    Upon landing on Lemuris, they stop in the nearby town of Triom. They are recognized as gods, which they deny. They meet the elder of the town, Ghimdo. Ghimdo tells them he has a disease called Bacculus, which turns the body to stone. A young symbologist, Lymle Lemuri Phi, shows up. Faize is very surprised to see symbology on another planet, let alone from such a young girl. Lymle wants to go north to the Alanaire Citadel to visit a symbologist known as The Oracle and retrieve a symbol she believes can heal everyone. Edge agrees to go with Lymle to the north, as part of the SRF's mission to eliminate threats to colonization.
  • They travel into the snowy mountains and find the Alanaire Citadel. They fight to the top and defeat a Dragon Newt, which causes the roof to collapse, killing The Oracle. Lymle points out, however, there may still be hope - another symbologist from Woodley Village named Lutea has come here in the past and obtained it. She signed her name, as customary. The four depart to Woodley.
  • Upon arriving there, they meet the symbologist, Lutea. She says it is true she obtained the symbol, however, it had no effect on the disease because she did not know the source. Out of ideas, the party decid to go back to Ghimdo for information. Lutea gives them a symbol stone to hold the knowledge of the disease when they find it. Luta also instructs that the patch back to Triom is blocked by a magical illusion, and tells them to retrieve a Faerie Orchid.
  • The crew retrieves a Faerie Orchid to allow them to see past the illusion, and returns to Triom.
  • Ghimdo says he does not know what the source of the disease might be. He does say, however, that the disease began a few months ago when another Celestial Ship landed in the Rinoa Valley. It was about that same time the monsters began to appear. Edge and Reimi decide to check it out. Ghimdo gives them the Fire Ring to help.
  • Stepping outside, Edge wonders if the other ship could be the Aquile. Reimi says that it is impossible, since it landed a couple of months ago. Faize corrects them - due to space and time being related, it is possible it is Crowe's ship. Edge wonders if the Eremia arrived a significant amount of time before the Calnus did on Aeos.
  • Finding the ship, they see it is certainly not the Aquile. The party boards the ship to try and stop the source of the disease.
SO4 - Dragon Newt
  • Onboard, they find a console that shows them the bridge was overrun by mutated members of their own crew. The crew being killed, the ship crashed onto the planet. Faize identifies them as the Cardianon.
SO4 - Barachiel
  • The four reach the heart of the ship and see a large floating diamond. They realize its made out of the same material as the meteor on Aeos. The Symbol stone reacts and breaks. A wave of energy emanates from the diamond and transforms the dead commander into a Grigory, Barachiel.
  • Edge and the others defeat Barachiel. The object shatters and the Cardianon across the planet turn to stone. Faize believes that they have failed.
  • Upon returning to Triom, they find Ghimdo has succumbed to the disease and is now turned into stone. Lutea arrives and tells the party that a mysterious light appeared around the patients, and with a loud howl, they all turned completely to stone. Edge laments his failure, but Lutea comforts him by saying at the very least, no more will be infected. Faize suggests their new mission should be to track down the source of these strange objects. Knowing their time has come to leave the planet, they ask Lymle if she wants to join - she accepts.
  • Back on board, Faize uses the date retreived from the Cardianon ship to see that they were planning an invasion of the planet. Among the data, an image of the Aquila is found. They set a course for the Cardianon homeworld, Arcturus VIII.

March 28th, S.D. 10

  • Reimi celebrates her 20th birthday during the flight to Arcturus VIII.

After March 28th, S.D. 10

Arcturis VIII-1
  • Arriving at Cardianon, they find a giant spaceship in their path. A tractor beam pulls the ship into the hangar deck.
  • The crew disembarks with their hands raised, hoping for a peaceful resolution. As the door opens, they are immediately fired upon and are forced to defend themselves.
  • Meanwhile, a mysterious woman looks on from the catwalks.
Eop main-0
  • Faize accesses a terminal along the way. The terminal indicates the Cardianon have been invading underdeveloped planets for some time. They also find the mysterious diamond shaped object listed in the databank, but can only read the filename - "Epiphanies of Guidance." More information might be located in the Central Isolation Chamber, so our heroes head there.
So4 bacchus-0
  • Suddenly, the crew is transported into a holding cell. The Cardianon Leader tells them that Crowe was there and tore their ship a new one. He also identifies Edge and Reimi as having Muan blood, which confuses the hell out of everyone except Reimi, who says nothing. All seems lost when Bacchus D-79 busts through the wall.
  • Navigating through the ship, Bacchus tells the gang about how he is a Morphus - a race of people who have taken it upon themselves to protect the galaxy. By pure chance, he received Crowe's distress signal. Bacchus was on his way to the Cardianon mothership to destroy the Grigori there, or as they call it, "The Epiphanies of Guidance." These Grigoris, he explains, rapidly accelerated the Cardianon evolution to the enraged form they are then. In fact, 200 some-years before, they had just developed speech. Once Crowe learned of his mission, he wanted to help. The duo attacked the ship, but were eventually captured. Bacchus caused a diversion to allow Crowe to escape, who promised to return to En II, the home of the Morphus, to report on the situation. That is when Bacchus came across Edge.
  • Edge pledges to join Bacchus in his cause. They reach the Central Isolation Chamber, and with a single shot from a warhead, Bacchus destroys the Grigori.
SO4 - Sahariel
  • The Cardianon Leader from earlier shows up. Edge pleads with him to stand down, but he counters by saying the Epiphanies have made them gods. Edge corrects him, but he is beyond help. The remains of the Final Epiphany swarm around him and turn him into Sahariel.
  • Edge and the others kill Sahariel, which depresses Edge. As they are walking toward the reactor to shut it down, the Cardianon Leader throws a grenade - Bacchus dives on it to save everyone. He survives, but is injured and has trouble walking. Faize and Edge help the incapacitated Bacchus out of the room.
  • In the next area, they access a console and deactiate the reactor of the ship. Unfortunately, the backup system comes online - and what's worse, a countdown to warp is initiated as an emergency procedure. Bacchus says the destination is to uncharted space, which makes the probability of returning almost nil. Bacchus volunteers to stay since he will only slow the group down before getting back to the ship. Edge vehemently refuses to allow Baccus to sacrifice himself. He and the rest of the group begin to drag Bacchus behind him.
932011-star ocean last hope
  • Everyone makes double time through the Emergency Bypass as the bulkheads are closing. Again, they run into the mysterious woman from earlier, who stops the final door from closing with a lightning symbol. She comments that Edge is not the red-headed man and walks away.
  • The Calnus escapes as the Cardianon Mothership enters warp. Everyone is relieved the final Grigori is gone and will no longer infect anyone else.
  • The Calnus then heads toward En II. Along the way, they are sucked into a black hole, emerging near a planet amazingly similar to Earth.

October 7th, 1957 A.D. (Universe-2)

  • Edge and crew arrive from the year S.D. 10 to an Earth in an alternate dimension.
  • Edge and Reimi are confused as to why the Earth is not desolate and bathed in radiation. Scans show the air is safe to breathe, so all but Lymle and Reimi exit.
  • The crew enters an old gas station. They see a copy of TIME Magazine (named "Chime Magazine"), and Bacchus intercepts radio transmissions referring to Sputnik I being launched by the "Reds" a few days ago. Edge deduces they are in 1957. Baccus and Faize have theories of Time Regression as to how they arrived, but neither has an answer on how they got there or how to return.
  • Exiting the gas station, they see the Calnus surrounded by soldiers. A man approaches them named Klaus Bachtein. Klaus claims he is a friend, and will explain everything at his home a short distance away.
  • Edge, Faize, and Bacchus decide to trust Klaus and follow him to his home, where they find Lymle.
  • Everyone learns that Reimi has been captured. Klaus offers his services to save Reimi from the base by pretending he is bringing everyone else into the base as prisoners. Klaus then tells the crew about how he used to be a scientist at a facility nearby, built underneath the Barringer Crater. There, they conduct experiments on various lifeforms and have in their posession an extraterretsrial. Klaus quit out of spite, as he does not like the idea of a "breakthrough handed to him on a plate" - that the Earth is too immature for the technology. He says the extraterrestrial is a young girl named Meracle, who looks like a cat. Klaus begs for the party to take her back home and Edge agrees.
  • Klaus leads the crew to the secret base entrance and gains access by saying he has changed his mind and wants to work again. Bacchus activates his stealth mode to hold the party's weapons as they enter the facility.
  • While being escorted by the guards to a holding cell, Klaus says he will deactivat the door locks so they can escape and find Reimi. Edge, Faize, and Lymle are put into a cell. Bacchus secretly enters of his own accord, invisible.
  • Making good on his word, the door locks are opened. This opens the doors throughout the entire facility, however, and all test subjects break free. Bacchus decloaks and gives everyone their weapons.
  • Meanwhile, the soldiers find Klaus and beat him for opening the doors. He pulls out Meracle's Ocarina as they leave to recapture the test subjects.
So4 meracle
  • The party slices and dices their way through the facility until they run into Meracle Chamlotte, about to be attacked by the Genomic Beast. They defeat the beast and save Meracle who joins them.
  • Edge, Meracle, and the rest locate the Calnus. Before they can board, they are stopped by Milla Bachtein, Klaus' ex-wife. SHe says that she has been studying their ship, and is interested in its energy source, the exhilithium crystal. She goes on to explain that they are rapidly running out of energy and need a solution. Edge speculates that she is referring to nuclear energy, which she confirms. However, both know that this source of energy would far surpass nuclear, and will be 100% clean. Edge believes he is still in his timeline and wishes to create a future where nuclear weapons never existed, where World War III did not leave his planet a wasteland. He agrees to give up the exilithium crystal if Milla promises to stop her experiments and to keep the Earth clean.
  • As Edge offers up the crystal, Milla offers to lead them to where Reimi is staying.
  • The group enters a room and does indeed find Reimi. Milla, however, betrays them and seals the door behind, trapping them inside. From their vantage point, they see Milla load the crystal into their anti-matter reactor named "Kevin" after their deceased son. Bacchus says if it activates, it will almost certainly destroy the planet.
  • All seems lost until Klaus opens the door. Everyone escapes as the reactor is brought online. It is now beyond stopping, so everyone agrees they have to immediately escape. Meracle begs Klaus to come with them, but he refuses.
  • Klaus embraces an insane Milla standing in front of the reactor as the anti-matter reaction begins to spread. They both are enveloped and killed.
  • Everyone arrives back at the Calnus, but Meracle stops on the umbilical bridge. Unaware of what is happening, she wants to stay as Klaus is her only friend in the world. Edge disagrees and says they are all friends now. A convinced Meracle runs toward the Calnus as the bridge gives way. She leaps and does not quite make it bu Edge leaps out of the ship to catch her. Edge, in turn, is caught by everyone else.
  • The ship is brought online and they try to escape. Unfortunately, the anti-matter reaction is producing a strong, artificial gravity. The Calnus does not have enough power without its exilithium crystal to escape. When all seems lost, Meracle ignorantly offers her pendant as a replacement. A bewildered Faize recognizes it is an exilithium crystal. It is loaded into the ship and they escape, unharmed.
1-Fw2XXS SOjUCP2 ih8foTQ
  • Earth-2 collapses in on itself and is destroyed.

S.D. 10

  • Sensors on the Calnus indicate they are back to their original universe and timeline.
So4 arumat
  • Returning from Earth-2, the Calnus is attacked by a Phantom Ship. Arumat P. Thanatos of the Eldarian 13th Division conveniently arrives and fights them off.
  • Bacchus suggests they land somewhere to calibrate the energy matrix for the new crystal, as well as to inspect the ship for damage. They choose a nearby planet named Roak.
  • The crew waits for the order from Edge to proceed, but he has an emotional breakdown from the destruction of Earth-2. Reimi assumes command as Captain and orders the ship to Roak.
  • Bacchus adapts his cloaking technology to the Calnus to conceal it. They land on Roak, on the Astral continent.
  • Departing the ship, Bacchus, once again, cloaks himself to avoid suspicion.
  • Passing through the mountains on their way to Tatroi, they are passed by a Roakian riding on a giant bunny. Meracle sees it as dinner, while Lymle sees it as a new playmate. Everyone else is puzzled. Meanwhile, Reimi appears to have trouble walking.
SO4 - Tatroi
  • Edge and the others arrive at Tatroi. Upon entering, they pass some mysterious figure covered in robes but think little of it. Reimi again has some difficulties walking.
  • Traveling down the main street, they hear a rather subdued scream from a side alley. Running over, they find a Featherfolk woman who has been captured by bandits. Edge promptly defeats them all. He feels horrible, as his conscious forces him to help someone in need, but is upset with himself for interfering in the affairs of another planet.
  • SarahJerand-0
    The woman introduces herself as Sarah Jerand, a Featherfolk. She seems to recognize Edge and Reimi from the statues at the Purgatorium - the statues of the Muah. Faize remembers the Cardianon referring to Edge and Reimi as Muah. Reimi, again, seems uncomfortable talking about it. They decide to reluctantly investigate the Purgatorium. Sarah volunteers her help as thanks for rescuring her, however, Edge tells her to leave. Sarah points out that you need a bunny to cross the desert to the Purgatorium, and suggests you speak to the nomads outside. She then leaves.
  • The group travels outside to meet the group of nomads, "The Openers," or "Black Tribe." They speak to the Elder who they cannot understand. One of the nomads offers assistance - the same girl that passed them earlier. Unfortunately, she has no spare bunnies. She suggests they catch a field bunny, and shows the group hers by using a symbol. Faize is impressed by the symbol, which he identifies as transferrence. She gives the party bunny reins to assist. Faize asks if he can be taught the symbol, but she says that is for tribe members only. She extends to him an invitation to join. Faize says he will give it some thougth. Finally, she gives a cape to Faize. The cape, she says, will make them less noticeable to the bunnies, however, Lymle thinks it looks terrible on him.
  • After they go capture a bunny, Reimi falls victim to the stone sickness. They carry her back to the inn in Tatroi.
  • Meanwhile, Sarah is having a reoccurring dream one room over of Tatroi ablaze and overrun with monsters. She wakes up to Reimi's cries. Edge fears the disease is Bacculus, however, Bachus corrects him as it is actually stone sickness, a disease endemic to Roak. He says there is a remedy, which Sarah confirms they can get from the King of Astral.
SO4 - Astral City
  • The party travels with Sarah up the canal to Astral Castle Town. She introduces her race as Featherfolk, but comments she cannot fly like everyone else. She also recommends that Edge and the others visit her friend in Tropp, Eleyna Farrence. Meracle seems to know of her as the Holy Mother Eleyna, but no one else has heard that term before.
  • Sarah and the others arrive. Reimi is put in an inn and Sarah comments on how the stone sickness on Reimi had an extremely short incubation period, and also has extremely slowly developing symptoms. Regardless, they go and request the remedy from the king.
SO4 - King of Astral
  • The king complies but says it will take some time to prepare. Sarah asks if anything strange has been happening lately in the Kingdom. The king says that a new group called the Church of Sydonai has arisen, wearing robes from head to toe. They worship the Archfiend, Asmodeus, but none of their actions are illegal. Coincidental, many more people this year are catching the stone sickness, and rough seas have led to a shortage of raw materials. He recommends everyone rest in the guest quarters until the remedy is prepared.
  • Standing on the balcony, Edge sees a man with a large tattoo on his back run through the courtyard. He dismisses it as nothing important.
  • They meet with the king to check on the status of the remedy. The king tells them a bandit with a large tattoo of an eagle stole the remedy, along with all of the raw ingredients the kingdom had. Supplies have been scarce as of late, so he fears many of his people will now succumb to it.
  • Edge realizes it was the bandit he saw running and did not act to stop, which causes him to beat himself up. Edge vows to capture the bandit.
  • The party eventually tracks the bandit down to the arena in Tatroi. As part of a law in the Kingdom, gladiators who defeat ten opponents will be pardoned for any crimes. Desperate to not let that happen, Edge enters as the tenth opponent and defeats the Black Eagle.
  • The Black Eagle returns the remedy and the ingredients and reveals he was hired by someone to steal it.
  • The Captain of the Astral Knights, Lias Warren arrives. Edge tells Lias of The Black Eagle working for someone. Lias is impressed Edge got that much out of him. He praises Edge as a hero and the coliseum roars in approval.
  • The group administers the antidote to Reimi. A crest on the back of her neck activates and the remedy takes effect almost immediately, which surprises Sarah.
  • Reimi then tells everyone the explanation. When the Earth was irradiated, scientists looked for a way to allow humans to survive the harsh environment. They began "Project Hope." Project Hope took the DNA from an advanced race that used to live on Earth, the Muah. The scientists used this DNA to engineer super humans called "The Seeds of Hope." Reimi says she is one of those Seeds of Hope, along with Crowe and Edge. When their bodies are under stress or emotion, their crests activate and grant them supernatural abilities. Reimi's disease was so unusual because her body was adapting to the disease, ensuring her survival.
  • Edge and Reimi have one of their moments, where she encourages Edge to feel better about himself.
  • Outside, Edge is approached by three bandits. They saw Edge fight in the Coliseum and believe his sword to be the key to his power. Before they all attack, they are zapped by electrical symbology. The mysterious girl from the Cardianon ship appears and introduces herself as Myuria Tionysus. She is looking for Crowe and vows to kill him when she finds him. Myuria accuses Crowe of killing her beloved, which Edge says is impossible.
  • Back in the inn, they find Sarah has disappeared - abducted in the middle of the night by the marauders from earlier. Edge says they must go save her.
  • Outside Tatroi, The Openers appear to be missing. Faize suggests coming back at a later time.
  • Edge catches a bunny.
  • Using the bunny, Edge and the others cross the desert and enter the Purgatorium. Just inside, they see one of Sarah's feathers. They cannot find any way to enter the heart of the temple, so Meracle suggests they go to Tropp to ask Lady Eleyna.
  • The group arrives at Tropp to overhear a man named Tamiel from the Church of Sydonai speaking of the resurrection of Asmodeus, the Archfiend. He says that people should devote their life to him, and upon resurrection, the world and everyone on it will be consumed in fire. Then, and only then, will people be granted eternal salvation. People suddenly don't seem all that interested and Tamiel leaves. Edge wonders if they were responsible for the bandit who stole the stone sickness cure.
  • Everyone enters Eleyna's house, but she is nowhere to be found. Suddenly they look outside and see the house is on fire.
  • Just before a huge rafter falls on top of everyone, a symbol appears and the group is transported out of the house.
  • 773271-0
  • Our heroes appear alone in a cave. They are greeted by a woman identifying herself as Eleyna Farrence. She says that she knew the house was going to be set on fire and our heroes would be there - so she prepared the symbol in advance.
Eleyna render
  • Eleyna tells Bacchus to decloak himself, saying she knew he was there all along. She takes everyone except Bacchus inside her room.
  • Just outside the cave, three bandits from the Church of Sydonai are milling about. Myuria calls down some lightning and fries them, complaining that Giotto always gives her the hard jobs.
  • Eleyna seems to know everything about Edge and the rest through her Auguries; visions of the future that she has. For example, she knows they are not from this world. She tells Edge and the rest that eventually the Archfiend will be resurrected, but it is too soon. When that time comes, another group of warriors will rise to defeat him. To resurrect Asmodeus, however, requires a sacrifice of holy blood. Sarah's blood, being a Featherfolk, will fulfill that demand.
  • Edge wonders what will happen if they fail. Eleyna channels an Augury, which is physically demanding of her. She does say that if they do fail, the world will be destroyed. Edge is again upset he will be involved with the fate of another planet. Eleyna passes out and is put to bed.
  • Edge is still reluctant to help, especially because they don't know how to get inside. Faize is demanding faster action, even if they have to blast the place to rubble. He eventually relents and they wait until morning for Eleyna to wake up. Eleyna gives them a keycard to get inside. Faize comments that such high technology is impossible on this planet. Eleyna says she was given this card by a Muah.
  • Eleyna gives the group one more piece of advice before leaving. She tells Edge to buck up because he is just one person. If he destroys a world, that world was already marching the path to destruction.
  • Finally leaving the cave, Edge once again runs into Myuria. She introduces herself as Morphus and recognizes Bacchus' name. She reminds everyone she wants to kill Crowe for killing her beloved Lucien. Edge invites her to join, as their goal is to find Crowe also. Reimi objects but Edge says he will convince her that Crowe is not at fault. Myuria agrees.
  • Our heroes travel to the Purgatorium to rescue Sarah. Along the way, they learn that the Church of Sydonai had killed the Openers as a sacrifice to Asmodeus. In addition, Sarah's sacrifice is close at hand. An infuriated Faize attacks and kills the cultists.
  • The party reaches the end of the Purgatorium. Tamiel admits to having hired The Black Eagle to interrupt the distribution of the remedy. Edge is angered by his insane ramblings and his Muan powers activate.
SO4 - Tamiel
  • Everyone attacks and defeats Tamiel and his minions.
  • While Sarah is being rescued, Faize notices a pendant that fell off of the platform - the same pendant the girl from The Openers was wearing. His eyes turn red, indicating he is suppressing strong emotions at the sight of it. He tells everyone there was nothing down there while Edge notices Tamiel died very similar to a Grigori.
  • Outside, Sarah runs off to tell Eleyna the resurrection of Asmodeus was averted. Edge gets a message from Welch telling them to return to the Calnus immediately.
  • Back on the Calnus, Welch tells Edge he has new orders from Earth - to return to Aeos. USTA and Eldar Comms are down between Aeos, so the USTA wants to know what's going on.
  • The Calnus launches only to find Sarah has snuck on board. Lymle and Meracle are thrilled while the other three freak out. Sarah tells everyone about her dream of Asmodeus destroying Roak and that Eleyna said she is destined to meet the team and travel with them. She asks if she can come along. Edge doesn't really have a choice, now, and accepts.
  • Arriving on Aeos, the group sees that the Eldarian base has been destroyed.
  • Overhead, a black ship similar in appearance to the Calnus soars through the sky. Myuria says that it looks like a Phantom Ship. Not even Bacchus knows anything about these Phantoms, so she explains - the Phantoms are a group that appear from out of nowhere and spread destruction wherever they go. They are part of an ongoing investigation by the Morphus. Everyone ventures off toward the direction the ship flew, to the southern coast.
SO4 - Phantoms-0
  • Approcahing a clearing on the coast, Edge and the others are ambushed by Phantom Soldiers - looking like SRF members. Wave after wave of soldiers attack, when suddently the main cannon of the Phantom ship begins powering up.
  • When all hope is lost, an energy blast rains from the sky and disables the cannon. The same energy blast cuts the majority of the remaining soldiers to ribbons and lands pinpoint shots on the phantom ship, cause it to retreat.
  • Up above, the party sees Crowe holding an energy cannon while riding on an Eldarian Sol. Out of ammo, he drops the energy cannon and leaps to the ground.
StarOceanLastHope sc015 EN
  • He is joined, shortly, By Arumat P. Thanatos, an Eldarian warrior. The two brandish their weapons and effortlessly defeat the remaining Phantoms.
Hqdefault (1)-0
  • Just as Crowe starts to catch up with Edge and Reimi, Myuria threatens Crowe for taking Lucien's life. Crowe produces an audio recording of Lucien's last message, received via the Aquile. Lucian's ship was attacked by Cardianons. The Aquile tried to help but was too late. Lucien placed an unconscious Myuria in the final escape pod. She then woke up to see the ship explode, mistakingly believing the Aquile had destroyed it. With Crowe's innocence established, Myuria backs down.
  • Everyone is then filled in on the fate of Eldar. Phantoms had caused their star to become a Red Giant much earlier than expected. They were forced to flee the planet on large refugee ships. They were then attacked by the Phantoms imitating SRF ships. Only a small fraction of the Eldar population escaped. This information causes Faize to become visibly shaken.
  • Crowe receives a transmission from orbit that the Aquile and Refugee Fleet is under attack. Crowe runs back to the Sol to help. Edge promises to defeat the Grigori on Aeos. Faize, however, asks Crowe if he can come along to help protect his brethren, to which Crowe agrees. Finally, Arumat joins Edge and the others to stop the Grigori.
SO4 - Armaros Manifest
  • Edge, Arumat, and the others fight to the bottom of the Miga Insect Warren and defeat Armaros Manifest.
  • Meanwhile, back in orbit, the Eldarian fleet is once again sustaining heavy losses. The Aquile is horribly outmatched and badly damaged. Faize is overcome by seeing his people slaughtered and hops into his Sol to try and help. A giant energy beam heads toward the cockpit. Faize's eyes turn the same red color they did at the Purgatorium - his and Crowe's fates are unknown.
  • Back on Aoes, Edge and the others finally make their way toward En II.
  • Along the way, the Calnus is attacked by Phantom Ships. It's looking bad when Commander Stephen D. Kenny shows up in a new Earth ship and fights them off. Commander Kenny fills the party in that relations between Earth and Eldar are not going well. The ships that destroyed most of the fleet, and the race of Eldarians, appeared to be SRF ships. Seeing as how the Earth is so dependent on Eldarian technology and not wanting to lose their support, the USTA lied by denying that the SRF ever existed. Commander Kenny is here to transport the crew of the Calnus back to his ship and destroy it, thus maing the lie become true to win back their trust. Edge tells Kenny how the Grigori are going to destroy the Universe and they have to stop them. Kenny realizes what Edge is doing and quietly lets them go on their way. Kenny wonders howhe will report this and his First Officers reminds him their orders were to destroy the remain SRF ships. Since the SRF is no more, they didn't see any SRF ships on this mission.

July 30th, S.D. 10

  • During the flight to En II, Edge celebrates his 21st birthday.
En II-0

After July 30th, S.D. 10

  • Upon arriving at En II, Edge is concerned that Crowe has not made it yet. Bacchus asks En II to upgrade the Calnus' capabilities as they did the Aquile, to which Edge agrees. Bacchus suggest that they met "Ex," the leader of En II.
Giotto render
  • Arriving at Ex's chamber, they meet Giotto. Giotto explains that he is Ex's representative. Ex, in turn, is simply a conscious - or the will of Morphus. Ex warns the party that the universe is headed for destruction.
  • Ex warns of a force called the Unknown Will. The Unknown Will is from outside the universe and hopes to change it. It is referred to as the Missing Procedure. The Missing Procedure lives off the life energy it absorbs from the life forms of the universe. It, in turn, has given birth to the Grigori, which it uses to accelerate the evolutionary process of species, and thus obtain more life energy. As we have seen, this rapid evolution has adverse consequences. The Grigori themselves are from sector Upsilon, the home of the Missing Procedure. They have the power to alter the molecular structures of life.
  • Edge says he wishes to help stop the Missing Procedure. Before Ex can explain the plan for stopping it, the meeting is interrupted. A messenger informs Giotto that a Grigori has infiltrated En II's Sacred Sanctuary. Edge volunteers to defeat it. If it succeeds in overtaking the sanctuary, En II would be disabled.
Staroceantlhi review01
SO4 - Kokabiel
  • Our heroes travel through the road to the sanctuary and encounter Kokabiel. It lets out a wave of energy that disables everyone but Reimi in response to her Muan crest activating. She shoots Kokabiel in the face, stunning him for a moment, allowing everyone to stand up and fight.
  • Back at Ceontropolis, Edge and Reimi discuss all they've been through and Reimi promises to stay by his side.
  • Returning to Giotto, they are filled in on the plan. The Calnus and the forces from En II will launch a daring assault on Nox Obscurus. Upon reaching one of his poles, a transporter will be installed. This will allow a constant flow of reinforcements from En II.

The Calnus and the En II navy depart toward Nox Obscurus. They face a never-ending assault of Phantom Ships. It's looking pretty bad until Stephen Kenny arrives, along with the Eldarians. They noticed Nox Obscurus approaching Earth and have put aside their differences to help. They clear the way for the Calnus to proceed toward the planet.

  • Suddenly, a giant dragon emerges from Nox Obscurus, called Jormungandr. It fires an energy beam that destroys nearly half of the coalition fleet. A second shot flies past the Moonbase, destroying it and killing Director Shimada.
Crowe Death
  • Once again, things are looking pretty bad before Crowe and a badly damaged Aquile show up. Crowe says he will fly near Jormungandr and reverse his warp engines, creating a black hole. Edge begs him to stop but he does so anyway.
Lymle saves day
  • With Crowe's apparent death, the Calnus flies on. It is under extremely heavy fire and its shields give out. Suddenly, symbols Lymle has been drawing on the ship over the course of the adventure activate to a form a symbological barrier around the ship. They finally make a rough landing on the surface, however, are safe and sound.
  • The transporter link with En II is established and the crew sets off toward the core.
  • Our heroes find the core of Nox Obscurus but it is protected by a strong energy field manifested in a fierce whirlwind. Meracle notices a unique smell coming from nearby. Without any options, they pursue the smell. They find a wing of the Aquile planted on the ground, shielding the path from the whirlwind. Bacchus says Meracle must have smelled the core.
  • After lying blue roses at the crash sight of the Aquile, in memory of Crowe, our heroes find the Palace of Creation. After passing through it, the group reaches the Grigori providing the energy source of the Missing Procedure and Nox Obscurus, The Apostle of Creation. Lymle seems shocked by the appearance of the Apostle.
SO4 - Apostle of Creation
  • The Apostle explains that this universe is flawed and beyond salvation. Only then will all life be able to thrive and be given equal chance. The Missing Procedure is a means to carry that out.
  • Edge and the others attack and defeat The Apostle of Creation.
  • The Apostle, however, reveals himself to be Faize. Lymle recognized him because he was wearing the cloak he received from the Black Tribe nomads on Roak.
  • Faize reminisces back to the time when the energy blast was about to consume his Sol. This light showed him the power of the Missing Procedure - a universe where all alive evolved equally, free from pain and sorrow.
  • The Apostle tells Edge to never use the name "Faize" again. Showing a picture of Earth, he threatens to wipe out all life on it so it will remain beautiful. He then banishes everyone to an alternate dimension with no apparent means of escape.
  • All seems lost when Edge's Muan seal activates and he notices a bright light up ahead. None of the others can see it but they march on, anyway.
  • Our heroes travel toward the light, encountering and defeating Grigori they have faced in the past.
  • On the brink of death, Edge makes it to the now very faint light. It extinguishes itself in front of them. The Apostle tells Edge their universe is already destroyed and he should give up. Edge refuses to believe that and the idea of a forced evolution universe.
  • Suddenly the light comes back, which Edge recognizes as the physical manifestation of life. It brings everyone back to Nox Obscurus.
  • Edge tells Faize about the light. He, once again, becomes angry that he used the name "Faize," which causes everyone to repeat the name once more.
  • Pushed over the edge, Faize draws power from Nox Obscurus and transforms into Satanail.
  • Edge, Reimi, Lymle, Bacchus, Meracle, Myuria, Sarah, and Arumat attack and defeat Satanail.
Sarah flies
  • After defeating Satanail, Faize transforms back to his old self. The ground begins to shake and crumble underneath them as the Palace of Creation breaks apart. A fissure divides Edge from the others. Giotto arrives using a transfer symbol, which is now possible because the tie between Nox Obscurus and the Missing Procedure is severed. Edge is too far away to be saved. Reimi jumps off the platform to go after him but Sarah grabs her in mid-air, finding the ability to fly. Taking Reimi back to the group, they all hold her back inside of the symbol and are all warped out.
  • Edge, meanwhile, is laying on the edge of one of the pieces, holding onto Faize. Realizing Faize is just holding Edge back, he lets go and falls into the darkness. Moments later, the platform Edge is on crumbles and he, too, falls in.
  • Somehow Edge survives the fall and finds Faize's Sol. He flies back to Stephen Kenny's ship for a reunion with Reimi and the others.
  • Now that things have been forgiven between the Eldarians and the Earthlings, Earth is cooperating in the Eldarian's emmigration efforts.
  • Giotto, Stephen, and Commander Gaghan talk about starting a technological exchange between themselves and other planets. Edge is against the idea, however, saying it would force evolution - and they would be no different than the Missing Procedure.
  • Edge convinces everyone to evolve at their own pace. Giotto says he will return to En II and continue its mission to remain a hidden force in protecting the galaxy. The Eldar say they will abandon all technology and move to Lemuris as to not influence their civilzation.
  • Welch Vineyard traverses the timeline, leaving S.D. 10.

S.D. 12

  • The Terran Alliance is established on the 3rd planet of the Sol System (Earth) in order to unite all newfound planets and species. This organization rapidly grows as more planets are discovered and the Terran Alliance eventually changes its name to the Pangalactic Federation. In order not to interfere with still developing planets, the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact (UP3) is passed.
  • Commander Steven "Lightspeed" Kenny is promoted to president of the USTA.
Lymle Ending-0
Faize Ending
  • Lymle returns to Lemuris to see Lutea. Later, she is seen teaching a new generation of symbologists the craft. She then goes back to Triom to visit Ghimdo's statue, only to see Faize there.
Bacchus Ending
  • Bacchus meets his wife, Freesia, back on En II, and the two head to their home. Bacchus apologizes for being disloyal all this time, which his wife accepts.
Meracle Ending
  • Meracle goes back to Roak to live with Lady Eleyna. Later, she storms off after having a spat with Eleyna in response to Eleyna calling her an alley cat. Eleyna tempts her with fish and she immediately relents. On the ledge we see an artist painting a picture of the two, entitling it "Eleyna and the Feline Gourmand."
Sarah Ending
  • Sarah also returns to Roak, to the Featherfolk Enclave, trying to learn how to fly. Later, she is pursued by two, hungry Lesser Fellpools, shouting cries of "Chicken!" She jumps off a river bank to escape her pursuers and takes flight, finally getting the hang of it.
Myuria Ending
  • Myuria places flowers at Lucien's grave on En II and seems to finally come to peace with his death. She thanks Edge and Crowe for allowing her to get over her despair.
Arumat Ending
  • Arumat joins his fellow Eldarian refugees to live on Lemuris. He is having difficulty adjusting to a life of peace and gets in a Sol to leave. Later, he is seen on a desert planet, protecting a crew of Earthlings.
Reimi Edge Ending
  • Edge and Reimi are appointed to Interplanetary Transport Captain and First Officer, respectively. They are then introduced to Trillas Bachtein of this Universe, who Stephen Kenny reveals built their warp technology with the help of Eldar, as well as the ship Edge and Reimi will be assigned to; the new Calnus. They then depart on their next mission.
Crowe Ending
  • Receiving an augury, Eleyna walks along the beach to find Crowe. She comments that he is quite handsome and that their offspring will be grateful for that.

Between S.D. 12 and S.D. 45

  • Crowe F. Almedio has a child with Eleyna Farrance.
  • Both of Crowe's "Force Swords" end up in the hands of Del Argosy.
  • The Demonic Wars begin in Roak. Del Argosy gives Lias Warren one of the Force Swords and puts a stop to the demons, saving Roak from anhialation.

Between S.D. 12 and S.D. 114

  • The planet Styx is discovered and with it, an OPA is found in the form of a sentient Time Gate. The Federation severely limits all access to this planet until technology is better understood.

March 16, Sometime After S.D. 12

Sometime After S.D. 12

S.D. 26

April 19, S.D. 26

  • Phia Melle, a Highlander, is born to unknown parents on the planet Roak and later adopted by Lias Warren.

March 5, S.D. 27


October 6th, S.D. 27

S.D. 28


February 27th, S.D. 28

  • Chloe, a Featherfolk, is born to unknown parents on the planet Roak.

S.D. 29

S.D. 30

Between S.D. 32 - S.D. 46

Erys Ioshua Parents
  • The shadow of Del Argosy; "The Crimson Shield," attacks and murders Ioushua and Erys' parents.
  • Ioshua is left for dead while Erys is abducted and brainwashed into becoming an assassin for the Demon World.
  • Erys murders many, powerful symbologists and is adopted the name "Deathwing" by the populace.
  • At some point, she botches an assassination of a powerul symbologist who shows her mercy and nurses her back to health. During her recovery, repressed memories begin to surface and she remembers her parents' murder and their murderer, "The Crimson Shield." Overcome with shame, she vows to seek revenge.
Erys Jerand
  • Using ancient lore given to her by her would-be-victim turned friend, she freezes her body in the Old Race Ruins and transfers her soul into the body of a Muah vessel, and adopts the name "Mavelle Froesson."

S.D. 46

  • A virus that turns its victims to stone is engineered on the planet Roak. The virus remains dormant for 300 years.
  • Welch Vineyard appears on the planet Roak, from another point in the timeline, builds a hut, and begins inventing various things..
  • Most of the events of Star Ocean: First Departure take place after our heroes travel back in time from S.D. 346.

S.D. 72

  • Aquaria I, the first Holy Mother, establishes a small, nameless kingdom in the northern reaches of central Gaitt. It is said that while she and her people, worshipers of the primeval gods, fled to this land to escape the divine plagues, they were protected by the Wing of Time, one of the wings left behind by the seraph, Faria.
  • Crosell, an Air Dragon, is born to unknown parents on the planet Elicoor II.

Between S.D. 72 - S.D. 172

  • A small dispute arises between the fledgling kingdom and its neighbor. The dispute spreads rapidly to nearby lands, which vy for control of the central part of the continent. Within a generation, it grows into the Torastic Religious War, a great war involving seven neighboring lands. Led by the divine guidance of Apris, the Sun God, the small nameless kingdom wins the war, makes peace with four of the neighboring lands, and then merges them into a single kingdom, the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor.
  • During the Torastic Religious War, Apris the Sun God, answers Aquaria I's sincere prayers for peace by sending the Emissary of Apris. The Emissary presents the Queen with a magic sword and the knowledge of runes, bestowing upon her body, six runes. Aquaria I is thus chosen by Apris to be the Holy Mother, and she uses her two newly granted powers to fight toward ending the war. This enables the nameless kingdom to win the war and reestablish peace throughout the land. When Aquaria I becomes the first ruler of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, she expresses her gratitude to Apris by establishing the Church of Apris as their official religion and vows to worship Apris as the Father God for all eternity.

S.D. 114

  • Professor J.D. Wormer publishes his famous paper on the space-time discontinuity effect. It addresses the grandfather paradox of time travel, which postulates what would happen if a time traveler traveled back in time and killed his own grandfather. He would then cease to exist, but how would it be possible for him to ever go back in time and kill his grandfather?
  • It also proposes another scenario. What if Time Traveler A goes back in time 3 seconds? After 3 seconds have passed, Traveler A1 and A2 will meet. If A2 goes back in time as history has planned, there is no problem. But then, what will happen if A1 somehow bars A2 from going back in time? Travelers will be infinitely duplicated and the amount of mass in space will fall to zero, reverting all dimensions to nothingness. Wormer warns then that even a single speck of dust could have a catastrophic effect on the universe.

S.D. 168

  • The planet Edifice is devastated by a tsunami, killing many and wiping out their culture.

S.D. 207

  • Transporter Technology is developed. It works by disintegrating an object at one location and sends an exact replica to the desired location to be rebuilt at the quantum level. While initially believed Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle would prevent this, it has somehow been compensated for.

Some time shortly before S.D. 237

January 31, S.D. 308

June 1, S.D. 323


February 9th, S.D. 324

S.D. 327

  • Dorne Murtough, a Fellpool, is born to unknown parents on the planet Roak.

January 4, S.D. 327

July 15, S.D. 328

  • Millie Chliette, a Fellpool, is born to the healer Martoth and an unknown mother, in the Kratus Village, on the planet Roak.

May 31st, S.D. 329

  • Heinrich is born to unknown parents on an unknown planet.

August 31st, S.D. 331


December 17th, S.D. 339

December 30th, S.D. 339

August 5th, S.D. 341

  • Dias Flac, an Expellian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Expel.

Shortly before S.D. 342

S.D. 342

Lesonian War
  • War between the Earth Federation and the Lezonians erupts.

February 16th, S.D. 342


June 14th, S.D. 343

  • Bernard, a Tetrageniot, is born to unknown parents on an unknown planet.

August 24th, S.D. 343

  • Opera Vectra, a Tetrageniot, is born to unknown parents on the planet Tetragenesis.

September 18th, S.D. 343

  • Celine Jules, an Expellian, is born to Egras and Raveh Jules on the planet Expel.

October 22nd, S.D. 344

  • Chisato Madison, a Nedian, is born to unknown parents on the planetoid Energy Nede.

September 28th, S.D. 346

  • Ashton Anchors, an Expellian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Expel.

Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure


S.D. 346

Ise Destroyed
  • Planet Ise at Mark 301.209 in Sector Gamma is destroyed by some third party under the guise of the Lezonians. A Federation Research Explorer is witness to this act.
  • Half a year later, this same third party fires a biological weapon at Roak, triggering the once dormant virus engineered there 300 years ago.
Star ocean first departure art 4-0
  • 2 thumb-0
    13293465 star-ocean-anamnesis-adds-roddick-millie tc94e759
    Roddick Farrence, Dorne Murtough, and Millie Chliette fight off a gang of bandits attacking Kratus Village.
  • The Elder of Kratus receives a letter from a neighboring village of Coule that a virus is spreading and is rapidly turning people to stone. Martoth, the village healer, travels to Coule to investigate.
  • Dorne receives a letter two days later from Martoth, warning that the disease cannot be cured and the village of Coule is done for.
  • Roddick, Dorne, and Millie Chliette travel to Coule to meet Maroth. Maroth berates the party for coming and they return to Kratus.
  • The three scale the dangerous Mt. Metorx in order to retrieve an herb that they believe could save Maroth. Along the way, Dorne reveals he has contracted the virus from the carrier pigeon from Coule.
  • Ronyx-0
    Roddick, Dorne, and Millie are greeted by Ilia Silvestri and Ronyx J. Kenny at the summit. They ask the three to come back with them to their ship, the Calnus, to analyze Dorne and hopefully devise a cure. Dorne accepts and the others follow.
  • The doctor of the Calnus reveals that the disease is parasitic and not currently curable. However, if the host was found and a blood sample is taken, a serum could be devised. He also reveals that the body is perfectly preserved after being turned to stone, so there is no immediate timetable.
  • Felworms are sighted in the transporter room, hatched from eggs they left on Roddick, Millie, and Dorne. Since Federation Phasers are ineffective, Roddick and Millie fight them. Roddick is wounded and bleeds on one of them. The Felworm disappears from the sight of Ilia and Ronyx only. It is later revealed that the blood or Roakians absorb all light wavelengths between 240nm and 780nm.
  • The doctor reveals the difference in Roakian blood to Human blood. Specifically, the hemoglobin of Roakian blood is primarily composed of copper with unknown elements. Ilia speculates that the Roakians are being harvested to create some sort of weapon. Sensors on the Calnus confirm 20 million statues are no longer on the planet.
Dorne Stone
  • Dorne begins to succumb to the disease. He and the rest are transported back to Roak. He gives Millie his sister's music box before turning to stone in his bed. The remaining members return to the Calnus.
  • Roddick and Millie observe a ship approaching the Calnus before sensors detect it. It uncloaks itself and claims to be a Lezonian vessel come to negotiate. The group reveals that the mysterious third party is responsible for the planets Ise and Roak, and they were coerced into starting this conflict against their will. They also reveal that retrieving the host would be impossible, as it was 300 years ago.
  • The Calnus returns to Earth to learn the Pangalactic Federation has abandoned the Roak rescue mission. Ronyx and Ilia risk court-martial and life imprisonment by traveling to the Planet Styx with Roddick and Millie.
Time Gate
  • The sentient time gate on Styx accepts the team's goodwill and opens a portal to the planet Roak in S.D. 46. Millie and Ronyx go in first, however, a malfunction causes Roddick and Ilia to be sucked in.

S.D. 46

  • Ilia and Roddick arrive on Roak, north of Kratus on the Muah continent. Ronyx and Millie's location are unknown at present.
  • Roddick and Ilia travel to the village of Haute (later known as Coule, 300 years in the future). They meet up with a swordsman named Cyuss Warren and the 3 accept a job from a shopeeper known as Badam to deliver a package to town of Portmith in exchange for a pass to allow entrance to the city.
  • The party delivers the package and returns to Haute, then travels back to Portmith. Cyuss is asked whether he wishes to come along or stay behind. He agrees to come along.
Star ocean first departure art 10-0
  • The 3 travel to the Astral Continent but pirates are blockading the port. Roddick, Ilia, and Cyuss defeat the pirates and travel to Astral. In the pirate cave, they save a Lesser Fellpool, Pericci. As they leave, they pick up an Ocarina.
Star ocean first departure art 13-0
  • The party arrives in the port town of Autanim, then travels south to Tatroi. There, they meet Ashlay Bernbeldt. Ashlay will priase Roddick's skill in the Edarl Blade Arts of sword fighting, to which Roddick responds he was taught by his father.
  • Roddick and Ilia travel to Astral Castle Town.
  • The Captain of the Astral Knights, Phia Melle, is observed killing 2 soldiers.
Phia Clone
Lias FD-0
  • The party spends the night at a man named Lias Warren's house (Cyuss' father). During the middle of the night, Phia is observed attempting to kill Lias. The party chases after her only to discover she is an imposter, who is swiftly defeated.
  • PhiaMelle-0
    The party returns to the castle and is thanked by the king and the real Phia Melle. It's said that Lias' injuries are not life threatening. The king then suggests you travel to the Purgatorium as there is an object there known as the Eye of Truth that will let you see whatever you want and thus show where Millie and Ronyx are.
Star ocean first departure art 8-0
  • The crew arrives at the Purgatorium. Outside they meet a Featherfolk named Ioshua Jerand who is searching for his sister. He says that his parents were murdered and his sister was abducted while he was left for dead. Since everyone has similar interests, Ioushua joins the team.
Purgatorium Spirits
  • The inner sanctum is reached and 3 entities appear, calling themself "Runes." They say that the Eye of Truth is nothing more than a myth but may still be able to help. They identify Roddick and Ilia of not being of this world due to their incorrect time signature. This surprises everyone and confuses the heck of Ioshua, Cyuss, and Ashlay. The 3 spirits show you a vision of Ronyx and Milie in a place Ashlay identifies as the country of Van.
  • The party leaves the temple. Ioshua decides to tag along.
Third Party Ship
  • While heading toward Tropp, a space ship lands outside of Kratus village. The party goes to check it out. The "3rd party" has arrived.
  • Roddick, Ilia and crew return to the port of Tropp and sail to Eckdart. They meet Millie here who tells them Ronyx is just south, in the town of Ionis.
  • The party travels south to Ionis. At the entrance they see Ronyx and Mavelle Froesson, a woman Ronyx and Millie met in their travels. Mavelle is arguing with a man known as "The Crimson Shield," who she claims killed her parents and brother. The Crimson Shield says it is a case of mistaken identity and leaves.
Crimson Shield Mavelle
  • All the reunited members celebrate in a bar. Mavelle steps outside for a moment. Roddick, Ronyx, and Ashlay quickly follow and learn that Mavelle's body is not her true one, rather, she traded her old body for her current one to become more powerful. Ronyx is understandably disturbed by this. Ashlay says he once fought alongside the Crimson Shield. He also reveals that he turned evil after going on a mission to retrieve a mirror for the King of Van that turned out to be cursed.
  • Ilia says that they need to find the host of the virus who is identified as the demon king Asmodeus. Since the King of Van has been fighting against the demon world for some time, they travel to Van Castle Town.
Star ocean first departure art 1
  • On the way to Van Castle, the group stumbles upon a remote hut, where they find a girl working on her inventions. That girl introduces herself as Welch Vineyard, who just so happens to be the same Welch from Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Ronyx notes that most of her inventions are far more advanced than anything they have found on Roak, making him wonder who she is, exactly. Welch doesn't care to give any details, and asks Roddick if she can travel with him. Roddick agrees, and Welch is more than happy to tag along.
  • The King puts the party through a trial to see if they have any chance of defeating the demons and they succeed.
Van Emblem
  • The King then reveals that it is impossible to enter the demon world from this side. Rather, portals can only be opened from the demon world to Roak. The party insists there must be some other way. The King elaborates that a portal was opened once by the original Muah a long time ago and they are responsible for the link that still exists today. They accomplished it by creating a special treasure called the Eye of Truth. He also reveals the original Muah were not babies, rather they were sprung forth as full-grown adults. Finally, the King says that the Muah left different bits of information with each of the other kingdoms of the world and tells the party to visit other countries for more information. He gives you the emblem of Van and his blessing.
Ronyx Wife
  • Ronyx reveals that he was taught magic (also known as Symbology or Runology) by Millie. Ronyx regrets he did not learn it sooner, as it may have been able to save his wife who died several years ago. Ilia says that is unlikely, as it was unable to cure the disease on Roak.
Star ocean first departure art 14-0
  • The party, on their way to the ice country of Silvalant, recruits T'Nique Arcana and Pericci, who they saved earlier. They also pass a village named Dulus along the way and learn the entrance to the demon world is nearby.
  • The crew arrives at Silvalant castle town in which all the residents are in a state of quarantine because of the war. The party meets with the king.
Silvalant Emblem
  • The King reveals that the entrance to the demon world is on a small island to the south. He gives you the emblem of Silvalant, a key to access some ancient Silvalant ruins, as well as access to the port.
Star ocean first departure art 7-0
  • Roddick and crew travel to the Silvalant ruins, to the east. In the inner-most sanctum, they find a golden-winged, Featherfolk girl, encased in ice, Ioshua identifies as his sister, Erys Jerand. Mavelle warns everyone to stay back or she will be forced to attack them. Ioshua is obviously not too pleased by this and an argument erupts. Here, we find out that Mavelle is actually Erys and with encouragement from both Ioshua and Ashlay, she transfers her soul back into her original body and continues her journey with the party.
Muah Emblem
  • The party travels to Muah castle. The King also puts the party through a trial, to dispose of the monsters in the treasure room. Roddick and crew succeed. The King thanks you and gives you the emblem of Muah.
Astral Emblem
  • The group then travels to Astral castle. The King gives you the emblem of Astral and tells you some cryptic passages that have been passed down through generations.
  • The group travels back to the Purgatorium. They meet the spirits once more and show them the 4 emblems. The spirits wonder if they are the ones the ancient Muans predicted would come. They are then transported into the inner sanctum, which is very high-tech with computers and machines obviously far beyind anything the Roakians are capable of.
  • The party reaches the bottom. Using the phrases the King of Astral gives you and the hint provided there, the password to open the final door is "Earth." Ilia and Ronyx are understandably shaken by this turn of events. Inside is a holographic projection of the planet Earth. Ilia notices a large continent in the Pacific Ocean and that it could be the legendary continent of Mu that supposedly existed a long time ago. It is said the civilization was very advanced but was destroyed by a meteorite. A hologram of a person appears who explains that he and his fellow Muah were somehow transported to this planet while the meteorite hit. Ilia recalls incidents in the Federation where people sometimes were transported short distances by space-time vortexes but nothing nearly this far. The hologram reveals that the Eye of Truth's purpose was to open a wormhole to allow the Muah to return to Earth. Something went wrong, however, and it opened a gate to the demon world instead. The party retrieves the Eye of Truth and returns to Silvalant.
  • The King thanks them for their efforts and asks them to enter the demon world at the small island to the south. At that time, a demon runs in and warns the party they are too late, as a massive weapon has been developed. There is a rumbling and it's revealed the entire village of Dulus was destroyed. The party leaves right away to the demon world before the weapon can be used again.
Crimson Shield
Bladeless Beam
  • The party arrives inside of the demon world, only to be greeted by the Crimson Shield. He attacks and is defeated by the party. Ronyx points out to Erys that she has finally achieved her revenge. Ashlay feels remorse for defeating an old comrade. The Crimson Shield says not to feel bad and to hurry for Astral. He warns that while the crew was distracted, his evil shadow attacked in order to secure "the bladeless swords." The party quickly uses the Eye of Truth to travel immediately to Astral and defeats the Crimson Shield's shadow. They retrieve "the bladeless swords" from Lias and Ilia reveals them to actually be force swords, much like they have in the Federation, however, much older. Unbeknownst to the party, these force swords once belonged to Crowe F. Almedio, Roddick's Muan ancestor. New weapons in tow, the group travels back to the demon world to enter Asmodeus' stronghold.
  • Before they can leave Astral City, however, Phia offers her services to the group and joins the party to fight.
  • The party enters Asmodeus' stronghold, which is some sort of biological research laboratory. They reach a computer which Ilia tries to hack into but it sets off an alarm and Asmodeus appears. His henchmen attack the group and Asmodeus runs away.
Third Party Again
  • The party chases Asmodeus. Suddenly, 2 men appear, detain him, and take a blood sample. Noticing Roddick and crew, they quickly leave. Ilia says they must have been the 3rd party who originally killed Asmodeus. In order not to change history or potentially create a time paradox, the party kills Asmodeus and takes a blood sample for their own use.
  • Roddick and everyone return to the King of Van who praises their efforts and thanks them for restoring peace to Roak.
Time Warp
  • Roddick, Ronyx, Ilia, and Millie travel back to the future via a gate in northeast Silvalant, taking the blood sample with them.

S.D. 346

  • A serum is produced and a cure is administered to everyone affected by the virus, reviving Dorne.
  • Ronyx and Ilia return to Federation Space, leaving Roddick, Millie, and Dorne behind on Roak.
  • Admiral Beize of the Federation reveals to Ronyx that a ship from the planet Fargett appeared in Federation space out of a wormhole and demanded the Federation to surrender. It was learned that on Fargett, a superhuman named Jie Revorse is the mysterious third party who plotted against Earth. He has established a dictatorship but there is a lot of opposition on the planet. The Admiral authorizes Ronyx to put down this uprising and permits him to use the Time Gate.
  • Ronyx and Ilia return to Roak to retrieve Roddick and Millie. The four once again use the time gate to recruit their friends from Roak's past.
  • The party takes the wormhole to planet Fargett and beams down to the surface. Immediately, they are captured by Jie's soldiers.
  • Ivana, leader of the resistance movement on Fargett rescues them. She reveals that planet Fargett has few natural resources, so they studied genetic engineering as well as wormhole technology to survive and seek out resources. Jie Revorse is the only successful product of this genetic research and has gone mad.
Fight Ilia
Fight Ronyx
Fight Millie
Fight Roddick
  • Ronyx, Roddick, and everyone else travel to the top of Jie's tower. Jie reveals that not all the Muans were sent to Roak and that some were also sent there, to Fargett - so they all share a common ancestor. Jie gazes upon Erys and sees her time as Mavelle, recognizing the woman as a Muan.
Neo Revorse
  • The party fights and defeats Jie Revorse.
  • What happens to the party depends on the Affection Rating each character has with each other:
Cyus Spar
  • Roddick + Cyuss (high AR): The Roakians from the past travel home but not before Cyuss challenges Roddick to a sparring match.
  • Roddick wins: Cyuss says he still has a lot of catching up to do.
  • Roddick loses: Cyuss says not to worry, one day Roddick will get stronger, Roddick agrees and says he can't wait for a rematch, Cyuss laughs that's impossible.
  • Once that is concluded, the party members from the past return to S.D. 46.

S.D. 46

Cyus Ending
  • Cyuss + Roddick (high AR): Later on, Cyuss is walking a path on Mt. Metorx, vowing to become a famous swordsman, in hopes they'll still be talking about him 300 years in the future - stronger than his father, stronger than The Crimson Shield, and even stronger than Roddick.
  • Cyuss + Roddick (low AR): Cyuss is in the Abandoned Mines of Mt. Metorx surrounded by many Fellworms. He says he can't return to Astral yet because he still has a lot of training to do.
Phia Ending
  • Phia + Roddick (high AR): Phia paces around in her room, lamenting over her romantic feelings for Roddick, wishing he isn't 300 years in the future.
  • Phia + Roddick (low AR): Phia doesn't have enough pens to write and will do so, later.
  • Cyuss + Phia (high AR): At the Astral docks, Phia asks if he will return to the Astral army, Cyuss says no and that he still has a lot of training to do, he wants to be better than his father, the Crimson Shield and Roddick. Cyuss jumps onto a small boat to sail off and Phia says she understands and will be waiting for him.
Ashlay Ending
  • Ashlay: He is at the bar where two young soldiers brag about, respectively, being the strongest swordsmen ever. Ashlay tells them, "if you want to dream, then dream big." The barkeep responds by saying, "it's good to have peacetime," and Ashlay retorts, "a swordsman's path is trecherous but he belives Roddick can do it."
  • Ioshua: He is in the Ionis alley where Mavelle initially joined. He sees the ghost of Mavelle and then the ghost changes to Erys. Ioshua says he's going on a journey to retrace the steps he took when traveling with Mavelle/Erys reliving all the memories and that after he's done, he'd like to start a fresh journey.
  • Mavelle: She says that her revenge is over feels like a new person now. Everything looks and feels different to her thanks to traveling with Roddick and company and she vows to live her life now to atone for her past crimes.
  • Ioshua + Mavelle (high AR): On the front steps of Silavant, Mavelle asks Ioshua if she can travel with him. Ioshua agrees and says, "while it may sound weird, when he looks at Mavelle he can see his younger sister in her." Mavelle cries and Ioshua wonders if he said anything wrong.
  • Ioshua + Mavelle (low AR): In front of the Silavant hourglass, Mavelle and Ioshua split ways. Mavelle stands by herself in front of the hourglass and Ioshua walks away. Mavelle thinks to herself that it was probably fate that they never were meant to be together and that she would only be a bother to Ioshua if she followed after him. She says "goodbye big brother." At the Silavant docks, Ioshua asks a man if he's seen a Featherfolk girl and he says he hasn't. That would stick out in his mind, if he did. Ioshua thinks to himself that before he traveled with the group, he never would have had the courage to walk up to strangers and talk to them like that, and thanks Roddick for giving him more confidence in himself.
Erys Ending
  • Erys + Ioshua (high AR): Erys and Ioshua are visiting the grave site of their parents. Ioshua chastizes Erys for not staying by his side, worried he'll lose her again. She retorts by telling him not to worry and rushes off, telling him it's time to leave. He quickly follows, continuing to worry he'll lose her.
Welch Ending
  • Welch: She scurries about in her hut, looking for something in a pile of inventions. After a moment, she pulls out the Eye of Truth and laments on how she let Roddick get away, jealous of Millie. She wonders if Ronyx and Ilia are doing well, maybe married with kids? She then thinks about paying the two a visit sometime. Eventually, she uses the Eye of Truth to traverse the timeline, leaving S.D. 46.
T'nique Ending
  • T'nique (Completed the PA involving Luka, at the arena): He is seen training with a young, lycanthrope pupil, happy to have someone like himself around.
Pericci Ending
  • Pericci + Roddick (high AR): Stands alone, atop a cliff, calling out to the sea. She asks Millie how she's doing then grows sad and wishes Roddick was there with her.
  • Pericci + Roddick (low AR): She stands alone, atop a cliff and wonders how everyone is doing. She says she will work hard to meet and find new friends, so everyone should wish her luck in her quest for new friends, then she runs off screen.
Tree Ending
  • Everyone (high AR): Sometime later, everyone meets up atop Mt. Metorx. They come together to plant a sapling in hopes Roddick and Millie will see it in the future. Ashlay places his sword in the dirt by it and Pericci, her Ocarina. Erys uses Symbology to slow time for the tree and items, so that it grows at a pace where it will survive for over 300 years.

S.D. 346

Warp Away Ending-0
  • Roddick, Millie, Ilia, and Ronyx are standing atop Mt. Metorx, in front of a huge tree. Ilia and Ronyx tell the two Fellpool they hope to see them again, to see how they develop. Millie and Roddick tell the Earthlings they'll see them again, and they're glad they were able to meet them. Ronyx and Ilia then warp away, back to the Calnus, leaving Roddick and Millie alone.
  • Roddick + Ilia (high AR): Ilia tells Roddick things could have turned out differently if she were born on Roak, and then tells Roddick to take care of Millie.
Tree Ending 2
  • Everyone (high AR): Millie and Roddick stand, sad that Ilia and Ronyx are gone. After a few moments, Dorne appears and notices the great tree behind the two, claiming it wasn't there before. Millie stands back and proclaims their friends planted it there, 300 years ago, for them.
Ilia Ronyx Ending
  • Ronyx + Ilia (Completed the 3 PAs involving them): Back on the Calnus, Captain Ronyx has his crewmen set the ship's course for Earth. Once they're alone, Ronyx turns to Ilia and professes his love for her, stating it's time he gets over his past misfortune of losing his late wife. He then proposes to her, apologizing for making her wait so long. Ilia tearfully accepts, saying she'll be with him, always, and the pair embrace.
Admiral Kenny
  • Sometime soon, after their wedding, Ilia reports her findings on Symbometrics, introducing the new technology of Symbology to the Federation and for his efforts in putting down the Jie Revorse uprising, Ronyx is promoted to the rank of Admiral.

January 23rd, S.D. 347

February 29th, S.D. 350

May 26th, S.D. 350

S.D. 351

Westa finds Rena

November 25th, S.D. 354

S.D. 360

  • Due to their expanding influence, the Earth Federation changes their name to the Pangalactic Federation.

S.D. 362

  • War erupts between the Lezonians and the Federation, again.

S.D. 364

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution


S.D. 366

Sorcery Globe Falls
  • The Sorcery Globe descends onto the planet Expel, 4th planet of the Arcura System. The object lands near the town of Eluria on the continent of El. It emits some sort of strange energy that begins to transform animals and people on the planet into demons.
  • ClaudeCKenny-0
    About 3 months later, the Federation ship Calnus, commanded by Admiral Ronyx J. Kenny and accompanied by his son, Claude C. Kenny, arrive at the planet Milokeenia to investigate strange energy readings detected in the area.
  • Ronyx, Claude, and other crew members take a shuttle down to the planet to investigate. Ronyx gives Claude his phase gun.
  • A large, destroyed dome is detected with strange energy readings. A science officer concludes an explosion happened from within.
Claude transports
  • Claude, despite warnings from his father, investigates a device within the dome. It opens up a trans-warp portal and sends Claude to the Sacred Forest on the planet Expel.
Claude Saves Rena-0
Not the hero
  • Westa, Rena's adopted mother, cooks Claude a huge meal as thanks for saving Rena. That evening, Arlia's mayor, Regis, informs Claude about the Sorcery Globe. Claude, again, denies he is the warrior.
Rena Captured
  • The next day, Rena is kidnapped by her childhood friend, Allen Tax and taken to his mansion in the nearby town of Salva. There, she is taken into a chapel erected in a mine, to be forced to marry Allen.
Rescue Operation
  • Claude travels to Salva and blasts down Allen's mansion's door with his phase gun.
Defeating Allen
  • He then rescues Rena before the marriage can take place. Claude destroys a mysterious stone that was making Allen evil, causing him to return to normal.
  • Claude and Rena return to Arlia.
  • Claude recognizes the Sorcery Globe as an OPA and realizes it may hold information about returning home. He offers to investigate the Sorcery Globe but again denies being the Warrior.
  • Rena becomes upset at the continuous denial of Claude being the Warrior and runs out of the house.
  • Regis privately tells Claude that Rena is not Westa's child and they have no idea where she comes from. She also possesses a strange healing power that no one else on the planet possesses.
  • Going for a walk, Claude comes across Rena, who tells him that she secretly knew all along and the key to her origins is a pendant she's always had. She then accepts an invitation to travel with Claude.
Talking about Dias
  • The pair travel to Krosse Castle, making it by night fall. Rena tells Claude that her aunt runs the inn in town and they quickly stay the night. Claude meets Rena's aunt, who jokes about the two being in a relationship. Rena swiftly denies this and they go to bed. Before they go to sleep, Rena tells Claude about her childhood friend, Dias Flac, who had been brought up a few times to Rena, in front of Claude.
King of Krosse
  • The next day, Claude and Rena receive an audience with the King, who Rena seems to be on good terms with. The King reveals more information about the Sorcery Globe. He sends them on their way to the town of Clik, where they can take a boat to the El continent. In good faith, he also supplies them with passports and travel money.
  • As the pair leave, they fail to notice a woman spying on them from the sidelines of the throne room.
Celine vs. Mage
  • Outside of the castle, Claude and Rena hear a great commotion. Rushing to the town square, they see the woman who was spying on them in a heated argument with a man over a map. Claude rushes forward, confronting the guy and the man begins charging a powerful fire spell, only for the woman to cast her own spell, causing him to burst into flame. The man retreats, leaving the map, and she insists upon joining the party.
  • File:CelineJules-0.jpg
    The woman introduces herself as Celine Jules, a Symbologist and treasure hunter. She convinces Claude and Rena to help her investigate Krosse Cave, which she claims is rumored to hold information about the Sorcery Globe.
  • After traversing the cave, the party retrieves a tome nobody can read and Celine suggests they take it to the Elder of her home village, Marze, to decipher it.
Crashing the Wedding
  • Returning to Cross, the group splits up to gather supplies and relax. Rena comes across Celine, who begins a romance with Prince Chris or Krosse, starting in a tavern. Chris, new to life outside of the castle, has no money to pay the bill for his food. Celine and Rena quickly swoop in and pay it. Over the course of their stay in Krosse, Celine and Chris continue their meetings and eventually she finds out he is the prince, set to marry the princess of the Lacour continent. As the wedding takes place, Rena encourages Celine to stop it, knowing that she is madly in love with him. Rushing through the church doors, she screams Chris' name just as the vows are to be said and he immediately stops the wedding. The princess, devastated, tells the guards to leave Celine alone and that she wishes Celine to have a dress so she can marry Chris, instead. She then leaves.
Marriage Proposal
  • After the wedding, Celine and Prince Chris meet in his royal bedroom. He proposes to her and she accepts, however, he must wait until after the group is done with their journey to investigate the Sorcery Globe. Prince Chris agrees and the pair leave.
Meeting Ernest
  • Meanwhile, Claude, on the way to the castle, bumps into a three-eyed man who is rushing down the castle steps. The pair excuse themselves, with Claude finding it odd that a three-eyed man would be in town. Claude then meets up with the other two party members and they make their way to the port town of Clik.
  • Before the three can leave for the El continent, a young boy named Ketil steals the travel money the King gifted them, as well as their own savings. Unable to travel without it, they search the town and find the young boy, who just wanted to show off to his friends. Taking the money back, they take Ketil to the harbor where there are children playing, only to find out that none of the children like him because he is rich.
Ketil Reunited
  • The three convince the children to play with Ketil and move on to their boat. The Captain tells them they will be just a little while before they set sail and the three make their way to the town square. As they move to a bench, they hear a woman warning the townspeople that they don't have much time - Clik is going to be destroyed. Celine, along with the townspeople, don't believe her and she rushes off, defeated, leaving the town.
  • A little while later, as the group decides to make their way back to the harbor, a giant Earthquake erupts below them, shaking the entire town. Panic erupts throughout the town square as the citizens try to make their way to higher ground. Claude, Rena, and Celine quickly follow, making it to safety before a huge tsunami wipes out the town.
  • In shock, the group reclaims their passport from the safe, ship captain and he tells them they can depart for Lacour at the port town of Harley.
    File:Soa 004 cs1w1 714x720.jpg
  • On the way to Harley, Claude, Rena, and Celine stop off in Marze for supplies. They learn that bandits have abducted the children of the village and are holding them hostage for the Ancient Book of Seals, which holds powerful Symbology. Dias, having been traveling through, was hired by the town to save them. After a meeting with Celine's parents, the village Elder, and a powerful Symbologist, Claude and Rena have a falling out when Claude refuses to let Dias join their team. In the morning, before anyone else is awake, Rena and Dias leave for the hideout in the Forest of Symbols. Later on, Claude and Celine make their journey through the forest, separately.
Bandit leader
Bandits defeated
  • Dias and Rena save the children, then learn that the kidnapping was just a distraction to invade the village and steal the book of Seals. Dias and Rena quickly defeat the leader of the bandits while Claude and Celine defeat the powerful Symbologist who was at the meeting, discussing what to do about the bandits. Dias and Rena meet up with Claude and Celine, which prompts Dias to praise Claude's swordsmanship. He then takes his leave. The three meet up with the Elder and ask him about the ancient writings they discovered in Krosse Cave. The Elder tells them he cannot decipher them and they should take the writings to Linga, where a linguist will be able to tell them what the writings mean.
Father healed
  • After the meeting is over, the party meets up at Celine's house. Egras, Celine's father, is injured, and Rena offers to heal him. After doing so, Claude and Rena try to leave the village but are stopped by Celine and she insists they stay the night. After dinner, Egras tells Claude and Rena that Celine is still very young and he doesn't believe they will successfully complete their journey. Celine comes down the stairs during the middle of the conversation and they convince her father they can do it.
Sal Dragons
Dragon Fight
  • The next day, Celine's parents see the three off and they make their way to Harley. Once there, they overhear two sailors talking about a dragon in the Salva Mines. Interested, the party turns around and makes their way back to Salva. They enter the deep part of the mines and find a man fighting a large, two headed dragon. Instead of joining him, because the mines passageways are too cramped, they decide to cheer him on.
  • Unfortunately for the man, this distracts him and something happens that causes the dragons to fuse to his body. With two, long dragon heads coming out of the man's back, he freaks out and yells at the group, blaming them. Introducing himself as "Ashton Anchors," he demands they take him along to exorcise the dragons. Reluctantly, the group takes him along and suggests they go back to Marze to find out how to exorcise the dragons.
  • The group makes their way back to Marze and inside the Elder's home, they find a book on Exorcism. Reading it, they find out that they will need a chalice and a tear from a powerful bird atop a mountain. They also find out that by exorcising the dragons, it will kill them as well. Claude, Rena, and Celine feel bad for the parasitic dragons, having named them Creepy and Weepy, however, Ashton is still hellbent on removing them.
Communication Fail
  • Not wanting to keep the Lacour continent waiting, the group puts off Creepy and Weepy's exorcism a little while longer and sails across the ocean to the town of Hilton. Finally, on the continent of Lacour, the group stays the night at the inn. In the middle of the night, Claude goes outside and tries speaking on his transmitter, trying to get a hold of the Calnus - it doesn't work. Rena oversees him do this and runs back to her room before he notices. With a sigh, Claude returns to his room and they both go to sleep.
  • In the morning, Claude and Rena travel to the castle town of Lacour. They make their way to the castle and ask for an audience with the King, however, it is impossible as he is busy preparing for the Lacour Tournament of Arms. The receptionist suggests if Claude were to win, he would be able to have an audience a lot sooner.
  • Entering the Contest
  • Claude agrees and signs up for the tournament, which will commence in quite a few days. In the meantime, the group decides to make their way back to Krosse, so they can exorcise Ashton's demonic dragons.
  • Upon exiting the castle, Claude notices something falling from the sky, only to collapse under the weight of a young woman. The woman gets off of Claude and introduces herself as none other than Welch Vineyard, the same girl from Star Ocean: First Departure, having once again traversed the timeline, into S.D. 366. Immediately hitting on Claude, she forces herself into the group, even as Rena protests, fueled by a twinge of jealousy.
  • OperaVectra
    The next morning, the group decides to head back to Krosse, in hopes to exorcise Ashton's dragons. Making their way back to Hilton, the group stops in the tavern for a bite to eat. There, they come across a three-eyed woman having a drinking contest with a man. After winning, she tells the man he owes her an answer, asking him if he's seen a three-eyed man around. He says no. Claude, having overheard, walks up to the woman and tell her he has seen the man. At first, defeated, the three-eyed woman brushes him off, but quickly realizes what Claude had just said. Claude tells her that he saw the man in the town of Krosse. With haste, she tells them her name is Opera Vectra and rushes off.
  • Finding the three eyed man and woman suspicious, Claude decides that they should ask the king about the woman while they ask about the chalice Ashton will need for his exorcism.
  • The group make their way to Krosse Castle and enter an audience with the king. He tells them the Chalice is in the nearby Mountain Palace and that he also sent the three-eyed man and woman there, previous.
Looking for Ernest
  • Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, the party travels to the mountain palace. Inside, they find Opera. Startling her, she jumps back and pulls out a ray gun. Remembering them from the bar, she lowers her weapon and Claude immediately pulls her away from the group. Having noticed the technology of her weapon, he grills her on where she came from, stating he knows that she is an alien. She tells him she is searching for her lover, Ernest Raviede, and she knows that he is on Expel.
Creepy and Weepy
Ernest Gone
  • Claude accepts her into the group, saying he will help her find him. Everyone, including Opera, move deeper inside of the palace. After a while of searching, they find a laboratory where Ernest has been living, but no sign of Ernest. Upset, Opera vows to keep looking, and finally reaching the center of the palace, they find the chalice Ashton has been looking for. As he tries to take it, a succubus attacks them. The team quickly dispatches of the she-demon and leaves with their prize.
  • Outside of the palace, they deduce that they will find the bird's tears atop the Lasgus Mountains.
Defeating Xine
  • Upon climbing the mountain, the group meets a large phoenix named Xine. Xine speaks to them, shocking everyone. They tell Xine they need his tear and are told they must battle him to prove themselves. Shocking everyone, Creepy and Weepy take control of Ashton's body and fight alongside the party against Xine. Defeating him, Xine takes pity upon them and cries a tear, which lands in their chalice. Ashton comes to, still ready to fight the monstrous bird, only to find out that they have the tear. Celine says that the only thing left to do is go to the site of the possession so they can kill Creepy and Weepy. Ashton whines about no one caring about his feelings and they head off.
  • Upon reaching the Salva Mines, the group makes their way to the spot Ashton was possessed. Ashton begins the exorcism ritual, which causes Creepy and Weepy to writhe in agony, only for him to stop, not wanting to kill them. He states that he will live with Creepy and Weepy for the time being and offers to stick around and help with th
    Opera Crash Land Site
    e Sorcery Globe investigation. Happy, the group accepts his joining and they all decide to stop off in Arlia for a break.
  • Upon entering Rena's home town, Opera takes Claude to the Sacred forest and shows him her crashed space ship, revealing that she, too, is trapped on Expel. The pair then head back and everyone returns to Lacour for the tournament.
Dias Bar
  • Upon speaking with the castle attendants, Claude learns he must sign up with a weapon shop for the tournament. After he does, the group decides to stay at the inn while Rena wonders if Dias is in town. She decides to sneak off, pretending to need some air, and looks around for him. In town, she meets a little girl who is looking for a warrior to use her grandpa Gamgee's sword. Rena offers to take her around town in search for a warrior. Traveling into the tavern, the little girl gets into a heated argument with a swordsman. The swordsman walks toward her, threateningly, only for Dias to walk in and threaten them to leave the girl alone. Upon seeing Rena, he finds out what they are doing and chastises her for being in such a dangerous place. As the conversation goes on, Rena asks Dias if he signed up with a weapon shop. She says no and he offers to use the little girl's grandpa's sword. The two run off and Rena returns to the inn without a word of what went on.
  • On the day of the tournament, Claude and group make their way to the Coliseum where they see Dias. Claude is told to go to the waiting area as he is first to participate in the tournament, however, they tell Dias his sword never arrived and that he cannot compete unless his shop turns in his weapon. Dias and Rena let slip that she helped Dias find his weapon for the tournament. Claude, angered by this, tells Rena off, causing her to run away to help Dias find his sword, yet again.
Return the sword
  • Dias and Rena rush to Grandpa Gamgee's shop and find his granddaughter upset. She tells them the men from the tavern took her grandpa hostage. The pair, with haste, make their way to the tavern and find the thugs. They immediately attack Rena and Dias but are defeated by the master swordsman and the healing symbologist. Rena and Dias quickly enter the tavern and find Gamgee. Dias tells Rena to go back to the Coliseum and rushes off with Gamgee to enter the sword for the tournament.
First Fight
  • Rena makes her way to the stands where she sees the group. They tell her that Claude was first up and he won the round. She wishes she would have stayed to see him win but is also worried about a fight between Dias and Claude.
Dias First Round
  • A few moments later, Claude makes his way over to the group and talks to Rena. The two make up and are interrupted by Dias' fight. Dias makes short work of his enemy. Several rounds go by and Claude and Dias are in the finals.
Dias Wins
Dias' Compliment
  • As the fight begins, it's clear Claude is no match for Dias and ends up losing. The entire party rushes off to see Claude. Rena quickly heals his wounds and Dias appears. He praises Claude once more and Claude does the same to Dias. They then make their way out of Lacour, to Linga.
  • The group moves on to Linga. Upon entering the town, they see a teenage girl chasing what Claude quickly recognizes as a toy robot. Somehow, the girl manages to trip and fall, causing the group to rush over and see if she's okay. Just fine, the girl tells them her name is Precis F. Neumann and that the toy robot's name is "Robbie." Without saying much else, Precis notices Robbie escaping and takes off, chasing him.
  • Noticing the linguist's building, the group makes their way over and tries to go in. Almost immediately, the linguist's assistant tells them that Keith; the linguist, is booked and that they won't be able to see him for at least a month. Before they can protest, the assistant pushes them out of the building, bringing them back to square one.
Recruiting Precis
  • They then decide to split up. Claude makes his way around town, only to bump into the eccentric girl, Precis, who was chasing the robot. Precis invites him home for tea, which he accepts.
Bowman (Star Ocean Second Evolution)
Bowman Jean
  • Meanwhile, Rena enters the town's pharmacy, where she meets the herbalist there, who just so happens to be Keith's friend, Bowman Jean. Bowman tells Rena that he will get her and her group a meeting if she retrieves a rare herb from the nearby Sanctuary of Linga.
  • On the other side of town, Claude is having tea with Precis and her father. Precis learns about Claude's group's investigation and expresses interest in joining. Claude lets her know that he doesn't want to be responsible for her, as this journey is dangerous, but she still wants to join. Claude gives in and when the party finally meets back up, he introduces her to everyone. Rena suppresses a little bit of jealousy and tells everyone about the test.
  • Immediately, the group enters the Sanctuary of Linga, fight their way through demons, and find what they perceive to be a rare herb.
Bowmans home
  • They quickly return to town and meet with Bowman. He tells them that the herb they found is not rare, whatsoever, however, he realizes they must have gone pretty far in and agrees to a meeting with Keith. Bowman takes them to meet Keith, who takes the ancient writings and tells them he will need time to decipher them. Happy to return at a later date, the group is invited to stay the night at Bowman and his wife, Ninay's home. They discuss the Sorcery Globe investigation and Bowman requests to come along. Not wanting to take Bowman away from Ninay, Claude at first refuses, but with Bowman insisting, he agrees.
Lacour Evacuation
  • The group travels back to Lacour castle, now that the tournament is over, in hopes for an audience with the king. Upon entering, they notice it is a ghost town. A nearby gate guard tells them that demons from the El Continent have made their way onto the Lacour continent and are attacking, and they must take refuge in the castle. The entire party rushes up the castle steps and inside where they meet with the attendants, who tell them to move inside. The group walks around the castle and makes their way to the Symbological Weapons Research Laboratory. Overhearing the researchers talking about a weapon with the king, the group is noticed by a guard. A young boy named Leon D.S. Gehste tells them they do not belong there, however, Bowman steps forward and speaks with the king.
Bowman Lab
  • It is revealed that Bowman used to work in the laboratory. Leon, scoffs and insults Bowman, only to be put in his place by the wiser man. The researchers tell them that Leon is in charge of designing the Lacour Hope, a Symbological Weapon and they must help him complete it by going to the Hoffman Ruins to retrieve an energy stone. The party agrees and heads to the port of Hilton.
Hoffman Ruins
  • There, they sail across the sea to a small island hosting the ruins. Claude and Opera notice the mechanism for entering the ruins is very high tech, but go in anyway. Deep inside the ruins, the group is ambushed by two demons. After dispatching the demons, they find Leon hiding in fear. Rena tells him it's okay and her pendant begins to resonate next to several stones. Moving forward, the group takes the energy stone and returns to the entrance.
Ernest (Star Ocean Second Evolution)
Ernest Ghost
Ernest Recruited
  • Upon exiting, Opera rushes off, proclaiming that she sees Ernest. She quickly embraces him, only to be attacked. The group finds out that he is being possessed by a ghost and they must fight him if they wish to save him and Opera. The group attacks and dispatches of the ghost, freeing Ernest from its grasp. Opera stands up and reunites with him once more. She asks if it's okay for Ernest to come along and continue the Sorcery Globe investigation and the group agrees that it's fine.
  • With the energy stone and a new party member, the group returns back to Lacour Castle. Leon rushes off to complete the Lacour Hope and the party is taken to the front lines. Several days go by as hordes of monsters attack, causing the group to defend the battle front. A powerful demon known as Shin shows up. No matter how hard the party tries, they just cannot defeat him. The demon decides to leave with a warning. The next time he returns, he will show no mercy.
  • Within the next couple of days, the party meets up with Dias who is also helping to fight.
Lacour Hope
  • The next day, the largest wave of monsters appears and threatens to overtake the front lines. Dias, the group, and the military look on as defeat seems eminent, only for Leon to rush in, proclaiming the Lacour Hope is finished and transported. A symbologist powers up the weapon and fires it at the demon horde. As the weapon's Symbological energy soars into the sky, it explodes, raining fire down on the horde, killing them all.
  • Victorious, the party is requested at the castle. On the way out of the front lines, Dias and Rena have a private chat and she invites him to join the group. Dias agrees that he would like that but doesn't think Claude would be okay with him joining. Rena tells him it will be okay and she rushes off to ask him. Claude asks Rena about Dias' and her relationship only to find out that they are not romantic but that she thinks of him as a big brother and vice-versa. Claude tells Rena it's okay that he joins and they accept him into the group.
On to el
  • Back at the Lacour Castle, the King tells the group that they have a ship ready to sail to El. They are planning to board the Lacour Hope onto it and use it to assault the epicenter of the demons. The group agrees and everyone rushes to Hilton to move on with the investigation.
  • Leon, his parents, Claude, Rena, and company, and several soldiers sail off toward the continent of El. On the trip there, three gargoyles attack them. After dispatching the gargoyles, the demon Shin reappears. Leon fires the Lacour Hope at Shin, only for a barrier to deflect the attack. The demon swoops down and attacks everyone, defeating each and every party member.
  • Witnessing their defeat, Murdock and Florith grab Leon and everyone jumps ship. Shin, laughing victoriously, destroys the Lacour Hope, takes the energy stone, and blasts the unconcious and wounded party off of the ship with telekinetic power.
Refugee Camp
  • Rena wakes up on a desolate beach. She finds each and every party member alive except for Claude, who is missing. Scared, they all decide to search for him, in case he might have washed up elsewhere. Traversing through a forest, they find a refugee camp. They enter it and are confronted by the refugees who believe them to be a rescue team from Lacour. They tell the people that Lacour has fallen, causing the refugees to grow upset. All they can do is wait.
Leon parents
  • While the party members wait for Claude, he also wakes up on the beach the group reunited with each other on. Gasping for air, he finds Leon nearby, unconscious. He wakes him up. Leon becomes distraught, realizing they are the only two that survived. He tells Claude he can't take the fact that his parents are dead. Claude convinces him to look for other survivors. Leon reluctantly agrees, not believing anyone else survived. Leon wishes he had died with his parents causing Claude to slap him across the face. Claude tells him never to say that again. He comforts Leon and the pair go searching for survivors.
  • Rena is pacing the refugee camp when she turns and sees Claude with Leon. Screaming out in excitement, she rushes over and holds Claude as tight as she can. They profess how much they've missed each in a very prolonged embrace.
  • The group then meets with the leader of the camp. He tells them the Sorcery Globe crashed into the El Continent and that animals and people around it started turning into demonic creatures. In a short amount of time, the whole continent was full of demons and everyone was forced to seek refuge. He tells the party that the center of the problem is Eluria Tower, where the monsters are based.
  • Before the party leaves to combat the demons, Claude asks the refugees if they would take Leon in. Leon, however, refuses to stay and tells Claude he wants to continue on, with everyone else. The entire party agrees and they head off for Eluria Tower.
  • Meanwhile, back on the Calnus, Admiral Ronyx J. Kenny is distraught over losing Claude back on Milokeenia. A distress signal is picked up from the ship's computer from Claude's communicator. Ronyx orders the ship to Expel, planning to rescue his son.
  • Back on the alien planet, the party makes their way to Eluria Tower. They notice that only one building is left standing. As Rena gets close her pendant begins shining. They make their way forward and use a keycard they got from the refugee leader to get inside. Inside, they find the place swarmed with demons. Knowing they have to move on, they fight their way up.
  • Near the top, Claude's communicator goes off. A voice tells Claude he needs to be ready to warp up. Telling Rena to stay put, as to not drag her with him, he rushes away from her and is teleported into the Calnus.
  • Ronyx, happy to see Claude, welcomes him onto the ship. Claude, however, chastises his father for warping him up. He exclaims that he has unfinished business on Expel, only to be ignored and told he is not allowed to interact or interfere with an underdeveloped planet. Ronyx commands Claude report to the bridge and walks off.
  • In the bridge, one of the ship's operators tells Ronyx that Expel has gone off it's planetary path and will collide with a large energy mass, class 9, within the next 80 minutes.
  • Claude begs Ronyx to let him back on Expel so he can help his friends. Claude pleads his case, causing Ronyx to reluctantly give in, telling him he only has a few minutes to say goodbye.
  • Claude warps back, thinking to himself that Expel is where he needs to be.
  • Rena and the party, having waited 2 hours, don't think he'll be back. Seconds later, Claude warps back in causing Rena to yell at him for leaving. Claude tells them they need to leave the area asap. As they leave, Claude leaves his communicator on the ground and walks off after the party. He tells Rena he doesnt need his communicator anymore and they continue on their way, up the tower.
  • Five minutes later, Ronyx warps the communicator back up to the ship. They find that Claude has removed his communicator causing Ronyx to demand a team warp down and find Claude. His second in command tells Ronyx they don't have time to find Claude. Ronyx states that he shouldn't have lost his cool and returns back to the bridge, devastated.
  • The party scales the tower and meets up with Shin. Ready to take him on this time, they kill him and enter an elevator. At the top of the tower, they encounter the 10 Wise Men. The 10 Wise Men reveal that they sent the Sorcery Globe to Expel to alter the planet's orbit and have it crash into Energy Nede. They plan to use the energy of the impact to travel beyond the barrier around the planetoid, allowing them to enter it. It is said that Expel was chosen for the Sorcery Globe, simply because it had the closest orbit to Energy Nede, however, the stones they found in the Hoffman Ruins, like the ones on Rena's pendant, sped up the process considerably. These stones can be converted to Quadratic Keys and can be used to unleash an enormous amount of energy from Quadratic Spheres, like the Sorcery Globe. Rena learns then that she is Nedian. They also identify Claude as an Earthling and Opera and Ernest as a Tetrageniot, much to the surprise and confusion of everyone else. Moments before impact, the group is attacked and easily defeated by Metatron.
  • Gabriel, of the 10 Wise Men says that it's time to leave Expel and move on to Nede. Seconds later, they warp away. After they do, Expel slams into Energy Nede's barrier, causing the planet to be destroyed.
  • Ronyx looks on, distraught and filled with self-pity, feeling as though he had betrayed his son.
  • Meanwhile, the 10 Wise Men converse with each other, saying that our party have been warped to Energy Nede with them, however, somewhere far away. The Wise Men brush off the group's survival and continue with their plan concerning Energy Nede.
  • The party awakens in an area Rena mysteriously identifies as the Outer Wall of Paradise. Rena remembers a strange woman's voice in her dream. She then wonders if everyone back on Expel is alright. Claude says nothing for fear of upsetting everyone. They are beckoned by a mysterious voice.
  • The group finds the source of the voice, a large, strange object. They step inside of it
  • Upon doing so, the group transport out of the area and into Central City. There, they meet the mayor of Central City, on Energy Nede, Nall, a Nedian. Nall tells the party that the Nedians' power has weakened over billions of years and they are the last hope of defeating the 10 Wise Men. He then tells them the story of the 10 Wise Men's uprising so long ago and the history of the Nedians and Energy Nede. They also learn that they were brought here, to Energy Nede, by a mysterious force and that the Wise Men have taken control of a city called Phynal.
  • Nall instructs you to travel to North City and obtain a Psynard, a Symbological Beast that can be used to transport the party around the planetoid.
  • Claude, Rena, and crew travel to North City. On the way there, a few of the party members notice a young woman following them. They pay no mind to it and enter the city. They find out the Psynards are artificial creations and date from a person's DNA must be uploaded into the beast to control it. Claude and Rena both enter their data, only for the Psynard to go beserk in the laboratory. The party rushes into the next room and reluctantly kills the creature. They find out the Psynard only went beserk because they uploaded alien DNA data into it.
  • Artis, the director of the Artificial Psynard Facility brings the group into his office and tells them they cannot use an artificial Psynard, however, they may be able to use a wild one from the Endangered Species Protection Zone. He then sends them through another teleporter.
Noel (Star Ocean Second Evolution)
  • The party finds themselves inside of a random cabin, in the woods. There, they meet Noel Chandler, the owner of the home and Director of the Protection Zone. He says there is one, wild Psynard remaining in the cave, to the south.
  • They quickly make their way to the Cave of Crimson Crystals. Upon entering it, Noel notices the animals have gone rampant. Pressing forward, the party runs into the young woman who has been following them. She tells them she is a news reporter named Chisato Madison and they are her latest story. She requests to come along and the party accepts.
  • The party makes their way to the deepest part of the cave and come across the Psynard, only to be shocked to find it is being attacked by two spider demons. The group chooses to help the Psynard and kills the demons. Claude threatens to attack the Psynard, to make it submit, but Noel screams at him to stop. Rena then makes her way forward and heals the Psynard's wounds. The group notices baby Psynards and are glad they didn't attack it. Fortunately for the party, the Psynard submits to them, giving them a new method of transport.
  • The group returns to Central City and speaks to Nall who instructs them to go on a journey. He tells them they must go to the Fields of Power, Love, Intelligence, and Courage to merge the powers of Nede with their own. The key to accessing the Fields are Rune Codes that Nall hands over.
  • The party overcomes the challenges in the Fields of Power, Love, Intelligence, and Courage, gaining visions of various things quite meaningful to them.
  • Upon their success, they report back to Nall who says the forcefield surrounding Phynal cannot be penetrated by their Psynard transport, however, it does not extend to the ocean's floor and a Symbological beast called a Herush can be used to travel underneath it.
  • Nall takes the party to meet a researcher named Marianna and together everyone travels to a military base called L'Aqua to board a Herush and travel to Phynal.
  • There, everyone is greeted by the 10 Wise Men. Anticipating their arrive, the Wise Men have prepared an antimatter cannon. They show an image of the Calnus on a large screen, Ronyx's ship who is continuing to look for Claude. The Wise Men then fire the antimatter cannon at the ship, depleting its shield in two shots. Ronyx, on board, commands his team to fire back, to no avail, as Nede's barrier is too strong. The Wise Men fire one last shot and obliterate the Calnus, killing Ronyx and everyone on board as Claude looks on, helplessly.
  • Enraged, Claude attacks the 10 Wise Men but is easily defeated. Rena heals him and Marianna tells them to reatreat - she will sacrifice herself so they can escape. It is later found out that Marianna survived, however, is gravely injured.
  • Nall reveals the Symbol the Wise Men possessed at Phynal is the Symbol of Annihilation, a Symbological method which creates an infinite point of mass, causing the universe to collapse into itself like a giant black hole. Celine asks about contacting someone back on Expel. Claude and Nall know the truth about Expel's face, which Nall reveals. He says that not all is lost, however. If all the cities of Energy Nede focus their powers, they may be able to bring Expel back to this space-time continuum. Without Phynal, however, it is impossible. Nall realizes that they need more powerful weapons to defeat the Wise Men and begins devising a way to defeat the Symbol of Annihilation. He then tells them to meet him in the town of Armlock.
  • There, Nall shows the party through a transporter that leads to the now destroyed Symbological Weapons Laboratory.
  • Nall accesses the mainframe to collect data on how to create an antimatter (specifically antiproton) weapon. Rena learns that an accident occured here, leading to its destruction and her mother and father, researchers at the lab, put the young Rena in a space-time transporter, despite the great risk involved, and saved her life by transporting her billions of years into the future, on the planet Expel. Rena finally learns why her mother found her in the Sacred Forest and why she has the strange healing Symbology no one else on the planet has.
  • Nall and the group take the data back to Dr. Mirage, a scientist in Armlock.
  • Dr. Mirage analyzes the data and determines the anti-matter could be stabilized to form a weapon if LEA metal is acquired. The party is sent to a cavern, home to a biological life form composed of this LEA metal.
  • The party makes their way to the cavern and defeats the life form. They take a very pure form of the LEA metal back to Dr. Mirage. While Mirage works on the weapons, she instructs them to go to Fun City, home to a Coliseum where they can test their strength against simulations of the 10 Wise Men.
  • The party quickly makes there way there and begins their training.
  • During the training, Dr. Mirage arrives and gives everyone anti-matter weapons, then leaves.
  • The party decides to test the new weapons on the simulations, however, during their test, two of the 10 Wise Men appear, Zaphkiel and Jophiel, attack.
  • Armed with the new weapons, the party attacks the 2 Wise Men and kill them.
  • Worried, the party rushes back to Armlock and finds out a Wise Man is looking for Dr. Mirage. They rush to her home to find Metatron attacking her. Quickly, they do battle with him and defeat him, just like the other two.
  • While resting up after their battles, Ernest and Precis have a conversation about an idea for a device that eliminates the mutating radiation given off by the Energy Stones on the planet Expel, which Precis later sets into motion.
  • Nall gives Rena the Symbol of Divinity, which will rewrite the Symbol of Annihilation and change its meaning.
    Lucifer Anamnesis
    A Herush is taken back to Phynal and just like the Eluria Tower, the party scales the tower there. Along the way, they all come into contact with 6 of the remaining Wise Men, Zadkiel, Camael, Raphael, Michael, Haniel, and Lucifer, and swiftly dispatch of each and every one of them. Interestingly enough, the party finds out that Lucifer was planning on wiping out the other Wise Men for his own goals.
  • Either way, the party reaches the top of the tower and finds the last Wise Man, Gabriel. A brutal fight ensues with the party ending up the victorious ones.
  • Gabriel tells the party that upon his death, the Symbol of Annihilation will active anyway. Slowly dying, the Symbol activates only for Rena to invoke the Symbol of Divinity, rewriting the original symbol. Gabriel screams out "no!" and then dies.
  • Rena wonders why the Symbol of Divinity is not stopping the Symbol of Annihilation and Nall reveals that by rewriting it, it is not stopping it, but simply redirecting all of its energy into the only place in the Universe that could contain it - Energy Nede. Nall explains that he is going to combine the power of Phynal with the power of the other cities in Energy Nede and bring Expel back to the current space-time continuum. They will be able to warp back to their planet and be saved. With a sad goodbye, the group is transported back to Expel and Energy Nede is destroyed.

Between S.D. 366 - S.D. 368

  • What happens to the party depends on the Affection Rating each character has with each other:
  • Chisato Leon-1
    Claude: He is getting off of a ship which has just arrived on Earth. He says that he has finally made it home, and decides to go see his mother.
Rena Ending
  • Claude + Rena (1): Claude and Rena are aboard a ship like the Calnus and say they found a planet with life and water on it. They thought they were going to have to return to Earth, but they end up on another adventure.
  • Claude + Rena (2): Rena is with Claude at his home on Earth. Claude apologizes for leaving Rena alone when he goes on missions. Rena says she won't be alone for long, and asks Claude if he forgot that he will be a father in 6 months.
  • Ending-1502065242
    Claude + Celine: Claude and Celine are treasure-hunting. Claude finds crumpled paper. A monster appears and the two of them go to fight it.
  • New Ending-1502071282
    Claude + Dias: Claude and Dias kill two bandits who were holding a girl hostage. Claude says that although the turmoil of the Sorcery Globe has ended, there still seems to be no end to the conflicts. Dias says that's just the way things are; it's reality. Claude says that this job will be over once the girl is brought back to the town, and asks Dias where he will go after that. Dias replies: "Good question... somewhere, I guess..." and leaves. "Somewhere, huh?" Claude asks the empty air.
  • Ending-0
    Claude + Ashton: Claude and Ashton are searching for a way to remove Ashton's curse and save Gyoro and Ururun too, but haven't found anything in over a year. They say they'll keep trying, even if it takes 5 or 10 years.
Precis Ending
  • Claude + Precis: Claude is a captain or lieutenant at a federation starship and Precis is a scientist. She just won the Nobel Prize and is joining Claude on the starship for exploration.
  • Ending-1502065306
    Claude + Bowman: Claude and Bowman are fighting a monster on the beach at El. Claude finishes off the monster and comments on how there are still many monsters in this area. Bowman concurs and says that the restoration of El may take longer than expected, then asks Claude if he is really OK with not going back to his own planet. Claude replies that he decided to stay on Expel because there are still people who need him here.
  • Ending-1502067472
    Claude + Opera: Claude is in his home on Earth. Opera walks in and asks him what's wrong. Claude says was just thinking about things. Opera asks if he's thinking about their adventures. Claude is silent, and then Opera says she wonders how they are all doing. She says they should go see their friends, but since Claude is back home, they should just spend time together for now.
Leon Ending
  • Claude + Leon: Leon is at Claude's home on Earth. Claude asks Leon if he will go back to Expel soon. Leon says no, because there's still so much he wants to learn.
  • Ending-1502067423
    Claude + Ernest: Claude is sitting in the captain's chair on a ship like the Calnus, and the crew calls him "Chief". Ernest is standing beside Claude. One of the crew announces they are approaching the planet Madrit. Claude gives the order to begin scanning the planet. As the crew reports on the scan results, Ernest asks if anything out of the ordinary was found. The crew replies that no edifices were found, and Claude makes note of it to add to the planetary survey database.
  • Claude + Noel: Noel is in the Sacred Forest with some animals. Claude comes up and asks if he should be doing this. One of the animals pounces on Noel and starts biting him. Claude asks Noel if he is ok and Noel says not to worry; it's their way of showing affection. Claude says "But Noel.. you're bleeding." Noel finally realizes that the animal really is attacking him and asks Claude to "shoo them off".
  • New Ending-3
    Claude + Chisato: Thay are shown on a ship that looks like the Calnus. Claude is in the command chair and Chisato is standing next to him. Claude says that thay are approaching an undiscovered region of space and Chisato comments excitedly on how much uncharted space there is to explore.
  • Ending-1502068027
    Claude + Welch: Claude and Welch are on an expedition. Welch complains that Claude is so being so slow. She worries about Claude's well being, though. Claude stares at Welch, then tells her how much he appreciates her being his partner, causing her to get embarrassed. She tells him that he's totally useless if shes not around. Claude laughs then moves on.
  • Ending-1502063117
    Rena: Westa wants to go to the Sacred Forest, but Rena says it's still too dangerous no matter how peaceful things have become. Westa goes to the forest anyways; Rena remarks that she really loves the Sacred Forest.
  • Ending-1502069778
    Rena + Claude: Claude is in Arlia village. Rena comes out of her house and asks him if he has gotten used to living there yet. Claude replies that he still can't get rid of his old habits from when he lived on Earth, but he has no regrets.
  • Ending-1502064566
    Rena + Celine: They are talking in Marze village. Celine wants Rena to help her to create healing heraldy crests. Rena seems skeptical at first, but then agrees, saying that it would save many lives. Celine says that it would make them famous and Rena says nothing.
  • Ending-1502069955
    Rena + Dias: Dias is with Rena in Arlia. She asks him how Arlia is treating him. He responds by saying it's boring because it's too peaceful. Bossman's kids then run over and demand Dias play with them. He and Rena then run off to play with the kids.
  • Ending-2
    Rena + Ashton: Ashton is in Bosman's house with Bosman's two kids running around him arguing about which dragon they like better. Rena comes in and tells them to stop bothering Ashton. They say that she always takes Ashton's side, and run out of the house. Ashton says he's glad he came to Arlia because the people here don't treat him differently from anyone else.
  • Ending
    Rena + Precis: Rena is in Krosse, waiting for Precis. She complains that Precis is late, even though Precis is the one who called Rena. Precis comes running and apologizes, then asks if Rena has been waiting long. Rena replies that she has been waiting 3 hours, then asks what Precis wanted to talk about. Precis says that she wants Rena to come with her and pick up guys together. Rena says no, they shouldn't do that. Precis then goes after a random guy by herself.
  • Ending-1502068518
    Rena + Bowman: Rena is in the library in Linga. Bowman walks in and asks her how her studies are going. Rena replies that there are so many books and they're all so interesting that she forgets the time. Bowman says that he knew she should be in academia, as that is what's important for a professor: to enjoy what you study. Rena is embarrassed and says that she's nowhere near that level. Bowman says she is wrong; she is definitely professor material, and he will prove it.
  • Ending-1502067871
    Rena + Opera: Rena and Opera are on Tetragenesis. Rena asks Opera if all that on Expel and Nede really happened, as it almost seems like a dream now. Opera says that it has been a long time, then mentions she was surprised by Rena's request to come with her. Rena apologizes for imposing, and Opera replies that she welcomes Rena's company; it's just that she's afraid Rena would regret abandoning Expel. Rena says it would be a lie to say she wasn't sad, but she has no regrets as she has been able to see many interesting things with Opera.
  • Rena + Leon: Leon is playing with two other kids, a boy (Ketil, the little blue-haired thief from Clik) and a girl, in Arlia village when Rena comes out of her house and calls Leon in for lunch. She tells him to eat his vegetables.
  • New Ending-1502070507
    Rena + Ernest: Rena and Ernest are in Arlia. Rena says she knows Ernest must be longing to travel, as she has often seen him looking up at the sky with a sad expression. She tells him not to worry about her; she will wait for him if he wants to go exploring. Ernest replies that although life in Arlia village can be boring sometimes, there is a treasure here that surpasses any ancient treasures he could find anywhere: Rena. So Ernest says he will stay in Arlia with Rena.
  • New Ending-1502071334
    Rena + Noel: Noel is in the Sacred Forest playing with some animals. Rena comes up saying she knew he would be there, and reminds him that he promised to go shopping with her today. Noel says he forgot, and Rena complains that he pays more attention to the animals than to her.
  • Ending-1502063778
    Rena + Chisato: Chisato is in Rena's room, telling Rena all about the history of Nede. Apparently, Rena has been writing down the whole thing as she says she wants to leave a record so that people will know it was not all in vain. Rena thanks Chisato for staying with her for so long.
  • Ending-1502064779
    Rena + Welch: Welch demands to know if Rena's dinner is ready yet. Rena snipes at Welch, asking her why she doesn't cook dinner for once. Welch responds by telling Rena that her cooking is superior. Rena rolls her eyes and complains that she's going to allow Welch to take advantage of her for yet another day. Rena asks Welch if it's okay for her to stay and not go back. Welch says she wants to live with Rena and become the best Creator she can be. The pair then eat their dinner.
  • Ending-1502064838
    Celine: She is searching for treasure, but finds only crumpled paper. She continues onward, hoping to find something good in the next place.
Celine Ending
  • Celine + Clyde: Celine, now Queen of Krosse, living with King Clyde in the castle town, tries to make her way outside of the castle, only to be stopped by several of her royal attendants, in fear something bad might happen to her. Clyde appears and tells her that he understands that she needs to get out and explore the world. He makes her promise to fulfill her duties as Queen and she agrees. Celine wanders around Expel, helping people with her Symbological abilities.
  • Celine + Dias: Dias is walking in the forest, and Celine is following him. Dias stops and asks her how long she is going to keep doing this. Celine replies that she doesn't know; maybe until he starts to pay some attention to her! Dias starts walking away, saying: "Fine, do as you please." Celine says she will, and follows him again.
  • Ending-1502069823
    Celine + Ashton: Celine and Ashton stand in a clothing store. Celine asks Ashton which dress she looks better in. Ashton is having trouble making up his mind. Celine gets angry because she thinks he doesn't care. Ashton explains that it's because he thinks they both look good on her. Celine says if that's the case, she'll buy them both.
  • New Ending-2
    Celine + Precis: Celine and Precis are in the bar in Lacour. Two men walk into the bar and ask "Beautiful" if she would like to spend some time with them. Celine, thinking that they are talking to her, declines the offer. Both Celine and Precis are surprised when the men ignore Celine and walk over to Precis, saying that she is cute, and ask her if she wants to have tea or something. Precis asks if Celine can come too, and the men ask Precis if her friend is as cute as she is. Precis, confused, asks what they mean by that; Celine has been standing right here all along. The men are surprised and ask Precis why she is with that lady who is so much older than she is. Celine is fuming and threatens the men, who quickly leave. Celine complains about how the men have no taste, picking Precis over her.
  • Celine + Bowman: Bowman is in the village in El, taking care of wounded people. Celine walks into the village and notes that Bowman is certainly working hard. Bowman notices Celine and tells her about the monsters west of the village. Celine says there are still a lot of monsters that attack people around here, which makes Bowman think that the restoration of El may take longer than expected. Celine asks if Bowman misses his wife back in Linga, and Bowman changes the subject, saying they should get going to subjugate the monsters. Bowman walks out of the village, followed by Celine.
  • Ending-1502064071
    Celine + Opera: They are shown talking in Marze Village. Celine thanks Opera for coming to see her. Opera asks Celine if she's found a boyfriend yet. Celine starts sweating and asks Opera the same thing. Opera starts sweating and they both say nothing.
  • Ending-1502067535
    Celine + Leon: Leon is working in the lab in Lacuer, and Celine comes in and comments that the new Symbology spell took too long to cast. He says that can be worked on some more, then. She then presents some kind of paper that she found and he is in shock and says he will begin immediately to translate it.
  • Celine + Ernest: Both are sitting in Celine's house.
  • Celine + Noel: Noel is in the Forest of Symbols, surrounded by animals. Celine walks up and reminds Noel that they were supposed to go on a date today. Noel apologizes for forgetting. Celine complains that she waited so long and asks why Noel can't pay more attention to her instead of his animals.
  • New Ending-1502071215
    Celine + Chisato: Celine and Chisato are treasure hunting and Chisato finds crumpled paper. Chisato complains about how they haven't found anything that they were looking for and all they got was this crumpled paper. Celine says that these things happen, and Chisato says that considering how much time they have spent, they ought to have something to show for it. Celine suggests that they keep going, perhaps there will be something better in the next place.
Dias Ending
  • Dias: He continues his life of wandering around Expel, honing his swordsmanship and offering his services as a mercenary. He does find the time to visit his sister's and parents' grave site, though.
  • New Ending
    Dias + Rena: Rena and Dias visit Cecille's grave. Dias apologizes for having been away so long, and Rena says that it has been a long time. They notice that it is getting late and start heading back to town. Dias promises to come back in a month, and Rena asks Cecille to "Please be happy for us.."
  • Dias + Ashton: Ashton and Dias confront two bandits who are holding a girl hostage. Ashton tells the bandits that if they surrender, their punishment will be reduced. The bandits refuse, so Dias and Ashton kill the bandits. Ashton and Dias compliment each other on their skill with swords, and Ashton comments on how there is still much conflict although the turmoil of the Sorcery Globe is over. Dias tells Ashton to take the girl back to the town, finishing this job, as Ashton was the one who made the hostage rescue possible. As Dias starts to leave, Ashton comments on how he is still the same, and perhaps they will meet again. Dias adds: "perhaps as enemies" then walks away. Ashton gets nervous and tells Gyoro and Ururun that Dias is the last person he'd want to fight, and the two dragons squawk.
  • Dias + Precis: Dias is in Precis's house, sitting at the table with her father, Graft. Precis walks in the front door and asks what the two of them are doing there, why don't they say something? Their response: "Don't know what to say.."
  • Dias + Bowman: Dias asks Bowman whether he is going back to Linga now. Bowman says no, there are still many monsters left and he will go to El to help with the reconstruction, then asks what Dias will be doing. Dias replies that he probably will continue traveling as he had been doing before. Bowman then asks Dias to come to El with him and help with subjugating the monsters. Dias agrees, and the two of them walk off together.
  • New Ending-0
    Dias + Opera: Dias and Opera are walking in a forest when monsters appear on both sides of them. Dias tells Opera to back off, as she will get in the way. Opera says he must be joking; she will show him that she can at least protect his back. They then pull out their weapons and attack the monsters.
  • New Ending-1
    Dias + Ernest: Ernest and Dias are in the bar in Lacuer. Dias asks Ernest: "Well, what is it this time?" Ernest says that he found this planet with an unknown civilization he wants to explore, but "the place is lousy with vicious monsters" and he would like Dias to come along as a body guard. Dias agrees and Ernest apologizes for bothering him, but anyone else would just get in the way. Dias tells Ernest that there's no reason to apologize.
  • New Ending-1502071484
    Dias + Noel: Noel is sleeping in bed at an inn. Dias says that it's time to move on to the next town, however Noel continues sleeping. Dias tells Noel to wake up and, losing his temper, kicks Noel. Noel yawns and asks what is it? Dias says that it's morning already and they need to get going. Noel falls asleep again, causing Dias to get angry, "hey, I'm talking to you! Don't go back to sleep!" and kicks Noel again. Dias complains that Noel sleeps so much, their pace of travel has been cut in half. Noel stretches and says he can't help it: he's tired, so he sleeps. Dias wonders whether Noel is really a cat, sleeping half the day. Noel protests that that was uncalled for. As Dias starts to say it's the only explanation he can think of, Noel falls asleep again and this time Dias kicks Noel so hard that he goes flying out of the bed and across the room.
  • Dias + Chisato: Chisato is visiting the grave of Dias's parents and sister with him. Dias apologizes for having been away for so long. Chisato introduces herself and asks Mr. and Mrs. Flac to let her take care of their son even though she is not worthy. Dias protests, and Chisato calls him silly for getting embarrassed like that. Angry squiggles appear over Dias's head and he starts to leave, promising to come back in about a month. Chisato follows him.
  • Ending-1502068470
    Dias + Welch: Dias is hiking through the Lasgus mountains with Welch following him. She complains that he's walking too fast and says if he doesn't slow down she's going to leave. He tells her to leave. She whines more, complaining about being abused. Dias then walks off, causing Welch to chase him.
  • Ending-1502063028
    Ashton: He is at Lasguss Mountain with Gyoro and Ururun. He wonders how the others are doing now that it has been a year.
Ashton Ending
  • Ashton + Eleanor: Ashton visits a young girl by the name of Eleanor, who he saved from a deathly illness with a rare herb with healing properties. The two catch up and she thanks him for saving her life.
  • Ashton + Precis: Ashton is at Precis's house and they're running around the table and Precis wants to try this machine on him to exorcise Ururun and Gyoro. Ashton stops and turns to her complaining about it failed last time and it might hurt. Precis tells him about how the two dragons feel and then Ashton stops to think. He quickly runs past her to the elevator but stops. Precis trips down the steps and falls on her face. Ashton helps to pick her up and says he wouldn't know on what to do if Precis was hurt. Precis is embarresed and tries to kiss him, but Gyoro stops them and Precis gets angry at him. She yells at him and tells him to look the other way and pretend this didn't happen.
  • Ashton + Bowman: Ashton and Bowman are fighting a monster on the beach at El. Ashton finishes off the monster, then remarks that there are still a lot of monsters in this area. Bowman says that the restoration of El could take longer than they thought, and Ashton says that he thinks they have nearly subjugated all the monsters in this area. Bowman tells Ashton that he didn't need to stay and help, to which Ashton replies that the people of El need him and that's enough for him.
  • Ending-1502063633
    Ashton + Leon: Leon and Ashton are searching for a sacred orb because Leon says according to his research (which he has been working on for an entire year) there is a way to use the power of this jewel to separate the dragons from "Big Brother Ashton" without harming either.
  • Ending-1502067049
    Ashton + Noel: Noel and Ashton are by a cabin in the woods together (which is most likely their house) looking at some animals. Ashton is concerned about how they were going to keep up with the next month's living expenses. Noel, on the other hand, doesn't seem too concerned. He has the "don't worry about anything, everything will turn okay in the long run" attitude. Ashton agree's with him and suggests they go take naps; the two go walk into the distance.
  • Ashton + Chisato: Chisato and Ashton are searching for a way of dispelling Ashton's curse and still saving Gyoro and Ururun as well. Ashton complains that they haven't found anything in over a year. Chisato berates him for thinking so negatively and says that you will find what you are searching for as long as you don't give up.
  • Ending-1502069701
    Ashton + Welch: Ashton wonders if Welch is really going to look for a way to exorcise the dragons from his body. He tells Welch that he actually wants to keep them around on account of them being with him for the entire journey. Welch gets angry, demanding to know if Ashton values them more than he values her. He pushes the subject, causing Welch to decide that once she exorcises them from his body, they can keep them as pets.
  • Precis Solo
    Precis: She is in her house working on a machine. Graft, her father, asks if she wants tea. Precis tells him to wait a minute; she wants to finish up here first. Graft says that she never changes, but he thought that she would have gained some maturity or something after this adventure. Precis says that a few months of adventure wouldn't have made a significant change in her anyways. She then heads towards the living room: "Weren't we going to have tea? Let's have tea."
  • Precis + Claude: Precis is in her house in Linga, working on some machine. Claude comes in and says that tea is ready. Precis tells him to wait a minute, then the machine blows up in her face. Claude runs to her and tells her not to make him worry so much.
  • Ending-1502067674
    Precis + Opera: Opera asks Precis if she regrets coming, and Precis says that it was her decision and that she had to "leave the nest", she just went farther than her father had expected.
  • Ending-1502068122
    Precis + Leon: Precis and Leon are in Linga, outside of Keith's house. They have just finished building a robot that combines Heraldry with machinery. As Leon and Precis start arguing with each other, a cloud of steam comes out of the robot and it spins around firing lasers at them. Leon and Precis both scream and run off in different directions.
  • Precis + Ernest: Precis's father, Graft, is sitting at the table in the living room of their house. Precis comes out of her room and says that she is going on a date. Graft asks where she will be going, and Precis replies that tonight she is going to Tetragenesis. "Tetragons?" asks Graft, who has never heard of it. Precis tells him not to worry, you can see it from here after dark. Ernest walks in the front door and says that they are about to leave. Precis apologizes for being late and the two of them leave. Graft, still sitting at the table, wonders what Precis meant by "you can see it from here after dark."
  • Precis + Noel: Noel is playing with the animals, as usual, with Precis standing beside him. Noel comments on a good weather and Precis says yes. Then Noel says that he's somehow tired and a bit sleepy. Precis then says "why don't we take a nap there," points to the side of the screen and immediately goes there. Noel then says 'Wait up' and moves on to chase up to her.
  • Ending-1502067807
    Precis + Chisato: Chisato is shown running into Precis' house in Linga. Chisato runs into Precis' room and tells her that a mysterious object landed in the desert west of Krosse and they should check it out. Chisato then says they need to hurry and runs out. Precis tells her father that she'll be gone for about a month and not to worry. Precis then runs out and her father says that it's nice that Precis has friends, but they need more peace and quiet.
  • Ending-1502063322
    Precis + Welch: Both girls are standing in Krosse, hitting on two men. One man says he's not into children while the other says he's taken. The two complain and move on to the next men that come by.
Bowman Ending
  • Bowman: Keith walks into the pharmacy and tells Bowman that he's finished the translation. Bowman's kind of confused, and Keith say something to the extent of, "Uhh, don't you remember that ancient text you gave me a couple days ago?" He goes on to say that the ancient text contined a story of a lost paradise. Bowman guesses that the name of the Paradise was Nede, and turns out to be right, which really mystifies Keith.
  • Bowman + Opera: Bowman is in the village in El, taking care of wounded people. Opera enters the village and says that she has cleaned out the monster nest to the west. Bowman thanks her as he was too busy to go himself. Opera replies that it was no problem for her by herself. Bowman asks Opera if she is all right with not going back to her own planet. Opera says she will stay with him to the end, even if the restoration of El takes longer than expected.
  • Ending-1502066927
    Bowman + Leon: Bowman is running his store in Linga when Leon asks him to come back to the laboratory at Lacour because the king will reinstate the pharmaceuticals department if he does. Bowman declines the offer, saying that although he would like to be able to bury himself in work at the lab, he doesn't want to research just for the sake of results. Instead, he wants to be able to see the smiles of the people he has helped. Leon calls Bowman stupid, then gives up and runs out of the store. Nineh walks in shortly afterwards and asks was that Leon again? Bowman says yes, it must be lonely for Leon being a genius, as no one at the lab can keep up with him. But Leon can't stay a child forever, and he must eventually learn to figure out the solutions to his problems himself.
  • Ending-1502067114
    Bowman + Ernest: Bowman and Ernest are in the bar in Lacuer. Bowman says that it has been a long time. Ernest agrees and adds it must be about 3 years now. Bowman asks Ernest where he has been and tells him to visit more often as Bowman can't go visit Ernest. Ernest apologizes and says he has been busy at the university. Bowman asks Ernest what Opera was doing chasing him anyways, as she is Ernest's student. Ernest asks if Bowman knew that Opera has a sister, and Bowman says this is the first he's heard of it. Ernest says that Opera's sister Opal is just like her, at which point a woman who looks exactly like Opera with slightly darker hair walks into the bar. The woman (Opal) says she is so glad she found "Professor 9" (I guess that's her nickname for Ernest) and Ernest asks her how did she find him anyways? Opal replies that Opera told her Ernest would probably be on this planet, so she borrowed Opera's ship and came here. Then Opal goes on (in a ditzy sounding way) to say that she is "so-o-o glad" she found Ernest, as she had "bumped the ship a little and now it won't move" and she was worried that she might be stuck on this planet. Bowman says that Ernest has got himself a double-barreled shotgun there, and Ernest doesn't know what to do.
  • Bowman + Noel: Bowman and Noel are in Bowman's pharmacy. Several patients are waiting in line, including a young man with a broken bone and a granny with a cold. Noel proceeds to cast healing spells on each patient one at a time, and they leave happy after being cured. Nineh walks in as the second patient leaves and mentions that it's nice to see so many people in the store. Bowman complains that if things keep up this way (with Noel magically healing everyone) then there will be no reason for anyone to come at all.
  • Bowman + Chisato: Bowman and Ninay are in their store when Chisato comes running in. Chisato places a huge pile of herbs on the counter, listing the contents as being 10 bunches each of Clarisage and Dillwhip, plus Artemis Leaf and Aceras. Then she says she's off to Lasguss Mountain to get some Metox, and runs out of the store saying she'll be back in about a month. Ninay comments that the new girl (Chisato) is certainly a hard worker and deserves a raise. Bowman says she isn't a hard worker, she's a lunatic!
  • Ending-1502068281
    Bowman + Welch: Welch is working in Bowman's pharmacy. Welch is demanding a customer buy a specific medicine while the man complains that he wants to buy normal medicine. Bowman and Ninay watch from the sidelines. Welch eventually forces the customer to buy her medicine.
  • Ending-1502067730
    Opera: She is looking out the window of a building on Tetragenes. "Alfred the Butler" walks in and asks her if anything is wrong. Opera replies that she is just thinking about the past. Alfred asks if she means the time she and her friends saved the universe, and Opera says yes, but no one would believe her. Alfred says that's not true; he knows she is not the type who would lie. Opera wonders how the others are doing now.
  • Opera (didn't recruit Ernest): Opera waits for Ernest.
  • Opera + Claude: They are shown in a building on Tetragenesis. Opera tells Claude that they have to attend a black-tie dinner that evening. Claude complains and says he hates dressing formal. Opera tells him that he has to, now that he is heir to the head of the Vectras.
  • Ending-1502067614
    Opera + Leon: Leon is looking out the window of a hi-tech, hi-rise in a futuristic city on Tetragenesis. Opera walks in and asks him how he's doing, does he miss Expel? He says he does, but is glad to be where he is "'cuz then I get to be with Opera". She laughs and says he's too young to start courting her, and to try back in ten years. Leon says he'll wait five, and Opera remarks if he waits that long she'll have to pay attention.
  • Opera + Ernest: Ernest and Opera are hanging out in Opera's house on Tetragenesis.
  • Opera + Noel: Opera is in what appears to be the study of her house on Tetragenes. Noel walks in, and Opera welcomes him home. A dog (or whatever similar animal of that planet) comes in, circling around Noel's legs, and he tries to explain how it followed him home. Opera says that even though her house is big, they can't afford to take care of anymore, and asks Noel just how many does he think this makes? Noel guesses about 10, and Opera corrects him: it's more like 17! As the dog cuddles up to Opera's leg, she tells Noel that this is absolutely the last time. She then calls out a bunch of names, and a whole pack of dogs comes in response to hearing their names called.
  • New Ending-1502071088
    Opera + Chisato: It's on Tentragenesis and Opera is sitting in a strange balcony structure and Chisato comes along.. They talk a bit and Opera says that she's going to a cocktail party, later and asks if Chisato wants to go with her.. Chisato says no, she'd get bored really quickly... Then Chisato asked Opera how she can be comfortable wearing those kinda clothing and Opera says that she has no choice since she's the heir of the Vectra family. Then she says she has to be a good girl from now on since her parents got mad at her last time she ran away from home to find Ernest...
  • Ending-1502064356
    Opera + Welch: On Tetragenesis, Welch whines at Opera, asking her if she really has to go to the next ball her family holds. Opera says she must. Opera says that she wants to introduce Welch to everyone as her lover. Welch cries and decides to oblige.
  • Ending-1502063932
    Leon: He is in Lacuer playing with two other kids, a boy and a girl. His parents, Florith and Murdoch, call him in for lunch. Leon goes on ahead to the castle and his parents mention how much happier he seems now.
  • Ending-1502066875
    Leon + Ernest: Leon and Ernest are exploring a planet that looks like Milokeenia. Leon says that the altar must be further in. Ernest is surprised to find ruins of such scale on this planet, and asks Leon whether they should go on or report back first. Leon asks why Ernest bothers asking his opinion, since Ernest is going to go on anyways regardless of what Leon says. Leon then enters the ruins, followed by Ernest and some workers.
  • Chisato Leon-0
    Leon + Noel: Leon is in the Forest of Symbols, surrounded by animals. Noel walks up and asks what Leon is doing there. Leon complains about how Noel blew it off when Leon recommended him to the head of the Lacuer Biological Institute and even made a supplication to the king. Noel apologizes, thanking Leon for the consideration, but protests that he would rather be comfortable here by himself. Noel then asks whether Leon is busy with his work, and Leon replies that he quit. Noel asks why, to which Leon responds that he put his heart and soul into the Lacuer Hope only to have it be used as a tool for hurting people. Leon then asks if he can come work with Noel. Noel warns that the work is harder than you may think, but Leon doesn't mind and so they agree to work together.
  • Chisato Leon
    Leon + Chisato: Leon and Chisato are in the lab at Lacuer. Chisato notices that Leon is using Nedian Symbology and orders him to get rid of it. Leon protests that it's only a little, but Chisato won't make any exceptions. Leon then calls her stingy and complains that nothing will be done in time for the academic conference.
  • Ending-1502065057
    Leon + Welch: Welch walks up to Leon in his labratory, asking how she uses a floating orb. He tells her how to use it and she compliments him. He agrees, causing Welch to complain, annoyed at his ego. The two then complain about Leon being young and Welch treating him like a child. Leon tells Welch to wait a few years because then, she won't be able to keep her hands off of him.
  • Ending-1502064135
    Ernest: Ernest and some workers are exploring a planet that looks like Milokeenia. One of the workers asks whether they should go on or report back first. Ernest wants to go on, of course, and warns the workers to watch out for traps.
  • New Ending-1502071165
    Ernest + Celine: Celine and Ernest are exploring a planet that looks like Milokeenia. Celine says that the altar must be further in. Ernest is surprised to find ruins of such a scale on an outlying planet. Celine asks what they should do, perhaps they should report back first? Ernest says that they haven't come this far only to go back empty-handed. He then enters the ruins, followed by some workers. Celine stays behind a bit, commenting that Ernest is more of a treasure-hunter than an academic archaeologist.
Opera Ernest Ending
  • Ernest + Opera: Opera is admiring some flowers and says that this is a beautiful place. Ernest asks her if she likes it. Opera says yes, but she was surprised when Ernest suddenly landed on this undeveloped planet. Ernest apologizes, then starts walking away. Opera asks him where he is going. Ernest replies that he scanned the area and found a building-like object which might be part of some unknown ruins. Opera asks if Ernest intentionally landed here to check that out. Ernest says yes, and Opera says she thought so. The two of them walk into the distance, presumably to explore the ruins together.
  • New Ending-1502071409
    Ernest + Noel: Noel and Ernest disembark from a ship that has just arrived on a technologically advanced planet. They are there to attend a conference of some sort, where Ernest is receiving recognition for his research. Noel is impressed by the place, but Ernest is not very happy, as he didn't really want to come. He would rather be exploring ancient ruins than getting recognition from a bunch of "idiots [who] jack their jaws at their desks" as he calls them.
  • Ernest + Chisato: Ernest and Chisato are exploring a planet that looks like Milokeenia. Chisato rushes ahead towards the ruins as Ernest calls after her to wait. Chisato doesn't listen and sets off a trap, some sort of security system that fires a shot at her. Ernest runs up and says that he warned her. Chisato promises to be more careful from now on and tells him not to get so angry. Meanwhile, "Worker A" asks "Worker B" didn't the same thing happen on the last dig? Worker B responds yes, but it wouldn't be the same without Chisato. The two workers wonder how it is that Chisato hasn't gotten herself killed, but are interrupted by Ernest calling them.
Noel Ending
  • Noel: Noel is in the Forest of Symbols with some animal friends. He misses the others and a dog tries to cheer him up.
  • Ending-1502068074
    Noel + Chisato: Chisato and Noel now find themselves homeless, and on Expel. They decide they have to live there, but both have separate difficulties adjusting. Noel is initially frustrated with the destruction of his home, and can't seem to find a place for himself in Expel. Eventually, Noel realizes that Expel is actually perfect for him. While Nede was a dying land, no longer evolving and growing, Expel is still lush with greenery, animals, and people. He eventually comes to terms with Expel, considering it a personal paradise, and goes about discovering new species, and exploring the land.
  • Ending-1
    Noel + Welch: Noel and Welch are in Keith's office. Welch seems irritated by her research. She asks Noel to get her documents from the book case, then snipes at him, asking him why he keeps following her around and doing what she asks. Noel says he wants to devote his life to her. She becomes flustered and asks him if he would rather she do something for him, for once. He decides the pair should go get coffee. They then leave the office.
  • Ending-1502067354
    Chisato: She is upset by the primitive nature of Expel, mostly with their lack of a mass communication system. She decides she will do her best to set one up on Expel, as well as continue her journalism. Because of her journalism, she travels to many uncivilized areas of Expel, fighting against monsters there, and improving her fighting skills.
  • Chisato + Claude: Claude is a cameraman working for Chisato's reporting gig.
  • Ending-3
    Chisato + Welch: The pair walk through the town of Salva. The pair complain that they cannot find the "next, hot scoop." They then come across a bandit threatening to harm a child for money. Welch and Chisato immediately spring into action. They defeat the bandits and decide to write about the incident in their newspaper.
Welch Ending-0
  • Welch: She walks through the Sacred Forest talking to herself, out loud. She says that Expel was really fun and wonders what world she wants to travel to next, hinting at her ability to migrate through space and time. She eventually does traverse the timeline, leaving S.D. 366.

S.D. 367

  • Due to pollution given off by the Sorcery Globe, the Blue Dolphin race, on Expel, has evolved (mutated) with the ability to live on land.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere


S.D. 368

  • Claude C. Kenny and Rena Lanford are unavailable due to their duties with the Pangalactic Federation. They soon learn, however, their mission involves investigating a being known as Akuma, who has been destroying and rebuilding the civilization of a planet for quite some time, now. The planet turns out to be Edifice! The pair depart to meet up with their comrades.
  • Precis and crew depart their ship to explore. They come across a boy named Lent from the nearby Scout Village. Lent shows the party to his grandfather's house.
  • Lent's grandfather tells the group of Mile Dungeon to the north, which is rumored to hold some sort of artifact called "The Gift." Thinking this may lead them to Ernest or Opera, the party decides to check it out.
  • The party does not find Ernest, Opera, or "The Gift." They do, however, obtain bombs which they use to unblock the east exit of Scout Village, which impassable, and continue their quest.
  • Outside, the group meets with Ruddle, a traveling merchant who claims he saw a 3-eyed man heading to Aba City.
  • Precis and the others arrive at Aba City and meet the king. They learn there are more ruins beneath the city, known as Leviabor. Again, thinking Ernest and Opera might be there, they ask permission to enter. The king agrees under the condition the party proves their worth by going to Garp Dungeon to defeat a bothersome dragon that lives there.
  • Precis and crew go to Garp, defeat the dragon, and return to Aba.
  • They receive permission to enter the ruins from the king. Before they can however, they get into an argument with a woman outside who is a member of the resistance movement against the king. A soldier arrives and thinking everyone is a member of the rebels, throws them into jail.
  • WIth the help of sympathizers, the party escapes.
  • BSr pro Ernest
    Back in Aba City, they finally meet up with Ernest, separated from Opera. Ernest does not know why he and Opera crashed either, so they decide to go to his ship and find out why.
  • Ernest and company then travel to Slave Village. Showing their authorization from the king, to the guard, they proceed to the crash site at Agit, which happens to be home to the resistance movement.
  • Climbing to the top of the trees, the group retrieves the energy crystal from Ernest's ship. They find that nothing was wrong with the ship, after all.
  • Heading back, they learn that Aba's army is attacking Agit and Slave Village. They defeat the army and save the leaders of the resistance, Elius and Marcus.
  • Ernest recommends the group go and retrieve Opera, who is working in the laboratory at Knott.
  • Passing through the Underground Passage, Nusa Beach, Bunny City, and a desert, Ernest and the other finally reach Knott.
  • BSr pro Opera-0
    BSr pro Rival
    They meet Opera in a laboratory, along with a young girl named Rival that Opera saved from a monster.
  • Opera asks the party to retrieve the Parentia Stone from the ruins underneath the laboratory. The party agrees.
  • The group successfully retrieves the Parentia Stone and returns it to Opera.
  • Rival begins to explain a little about herself and asks the group to return to Bunny City with the Parentia Stone to obtain some info.
  • The party travels to Bunny City and does so. Then, a messenger informs them that Knott is under attack.
  • The group returns to Knott and defeats a monster invasion, saving Rival and Opera.
  • Rival then tells the whole story of the planet Edifice. Edifice was once an extremely advanced planet but one day, Akuma appeared and destroyed most of the civilization, purposefully keeping a small number of survivors and some ruins. The people rebuilt, however, the civilization was destroyed once more, with the exception of a small number of survivors and ruins. This process continually has repeated itself for centuries and the most recent destruction was exactly 200 years ago, in S.D. 168. Rival wishes to put a stop to this cycle and asks the crew to come with her to the city of Lung, which is rumored to hold the secret behind Edifice's cycle of destruction. Everyone agrees to help.
  • In order to get to Lung, Rival and the others must pass through the land of the dead, known as Scream, as well as scale the Sunerupentesu Tower. They pass the trials and arrive at Lung.
  • Rival and the team meet Jima, leader of Lung and one of the few survivors of the tsunami 200 years ago. It is explained that he is a seal to a place known as Grand Knott. After a brief talk about Edifice before the disaster, he elborates on Akuma. He says Akuma is not a single being, rather it is born to a human every 200 years. He says that he sent the monsters to attack Knott in der to prevent Rival from obtaining the Parentia stone. The crew realizes that Rival has been manipulating them the entire time.
  • Suddenly, Akuma manifests itself within Rival. She kills Jima and breaks the seal on Grand Knott, the object sitting above the city of Knott. Rival then takes the Parentia stone with her and escapes.
  • Meanwhile, Claude and Rena arrive on Edifice. The same strange force pulls their ship into the planet.
  • At a loss for what to do next, a being calling himself Lohse arrives to the party. He reveals he is an Edifan, the underwater race of the planet. He says that he was sent by Jima to guide everyone and wishes them to come meet his leader at the underwater ship called Aqua City. The party agrees.
  • Lohse sacrifices himself and transforms into a trinket to allow the party to breathe underwater.
  • Everyone travels through the Underground Combs and arrives at Aqua City.
  • They meet the king of Aqua City, Bie. Bie pleads with the party to stop Akuma from destroying the planet again. Bie asks the party to rescue the other 2 kings of Aqua to obtain their guidance and power. The 3 of them can also allow the party to enter Grand Knott. The crew agrees and hastily saves King Laum and King Nero.
  • During this time, Rival has returned to Knott and boarded Grand Knott using the Parentia stone. All of a sudden, Grand Knott begins to fly toward Aba City and upon reaching it, destroys the city with a powerful laser. It then docks with Leviabor Ruins.
  • The party rushes to Leviabor Ruins to stop it before it can take off again.
  • BSr pro Rena-0
    BSr pro Claude-0
    Along the way they meet Rena who tells them that Claude is sick in Bunny Village. In order to cure him, Rena and the others travel to Knott Laboratory with an herb found in the Underground Combs. A scientist of Knott, named Simone, makes an antidote and Claude is cured.
  • The party fights through the Leviabor Ruins and defeats Rival, only to find out they defeated none other than a clone. The real Rival shows up and smites the party with the power extracted from the Leviabor ruins. Before she can deliver the finishing blow, the 3 Kings of Aqua teleport everyone out, to safety.
  • Rival disengages Grand Knott from the ruins and flies all the way up to a space station orbiting the planet. The ruins happen to be recharging points for Grand Knott, which is why they are always spared from destruction. The Kings of Aqua say it is only a matter of time before Edifice is once again destroyed.
  • Bie tells the party there is only one remaining way to save the planet - by using the space elevator known as Ex-Trokia, they can travel up to the space station.
  • Ashton, Precis, Dias, Noel, Chisato, Ernest, Opera, Leon, Bowman, Rena, Claude, and Celine prepare for the final assault. They fight their way up Ex-Trokia and make it to the space station.
  • On the space station they run across Cosmos City, a city of robotic guardians.
  • Everyone finally infiltrates Grand Knott and finds Rival.
  • Rival tells the group she is being controlled by a computer known as Mother Edifice. This computer protects the planet of Edifice by wiping it clean when its technology advances too far, in order for the inhabitants to not live through the grief of destroying each other, as a result of misusing that technology. Akuma is simply how Mother Edifice works through a being in order to re-unite the Grand Knott with the space station. The ones responsible for Mother Edifice are in fact... the Muah. They were sent to Edifice well after the disaster on Earth.
  • In order to save Edifice, the party defeats Rival. Before dying, she tells everyone that she was responsible for their ships crashing onto the planet. Even though she was being controlled by Akuma, deep down she wanted to end the cycle and used her power to pull ships from outer space in hopes of finding the prophesied heroes who could save the planet.
  • The party destroys Mother Edifice and ends the cycle of death once and for all.

S.D. 369

Rena Pregnant
  • Claude and Rena (allegedly) give birth to a child, continuing the Kenny line.

S.D. 371

S.D. 396

  • The Federation begins mining energy stones on Expel as a source of power for Creation Energy.

S.D. 446

S.D. 450

  • Roak joins the Pangalactic Federation.

S.D. 452

S.D. 472

Around S.D. 472

S.D. 475

S.D. 477

S.D. 488

S.D. 491

  • Captain Aaron is born to unknown parents on an unknown planet in the Omphalos System.

S.D. 492

  • Thoras is born to unknown parents on an unknown planet in the Omphalos System.

S.D. 496

S.D. 497

  • Daks, a Faykreedian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Faykreed.

S.D. 499

  • General Alma is born to unknown parents on an unknown planet in the Ophalos System.

January 7th, S.D. 501

S.D. 502

  • Christophe is born to unknown parents on an unknown planet.

S.D. 503

  • Der-Suul, a Faykreedian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Faykreed.

S.D. 505

  • Victor Oakville, a Faykreedian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Faykreed.

S.D. 507

  • Relia and Feria's Mother is born to unknown parents on an unknown planet.

S.D. 508

  • Pavine, is born to unknown parents on and unknown planet in the Ophalos System.

March 24th, S.D. 508

S.D. 509


March 14th, S.D. 509

S.D. 511

  • Gunter, a Faykreedian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Faykreed.

S.D. 512

  • Fiore Brunelli, a Faykreedian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Faykreed.

S.D. 514

  • Fidel Camuze, a Faykreedian, is born to Daril Camuze and an unnamed mother on the planet Faykreed.
  • Ted, a Faykreedian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Faykreed.

June 29th, S.D. 514

S.D. 515

  • Hana, a Faykreedian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Faykreed.

S.D. 519

  • Miki Sauvester, a Faykreedian, is born to unnamed parents on the planet Faykreed.

December 24th, 521 S.D.

  • Evelysse is born to unknown parents on an unknown planet.

S.D. 521

  • Surveyors from the Pangalactic Federation first make contact with the organization, Kronos.

S.D. 523

  • Ceisus, a Faykreedian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Faykreed.

S.D. 525

  • Relia, a Symbologically enhanced Faykreedian, is created by Christophe and an unnamed mother on the planet Faykreed.
  • Feria, a Symbologically enhanced Faykreedian, is created by Christophe and an unnamed mother on the planet Faykreed.

S.D. 526

  • The Charter of Fiduciary No-Fly Zones (CFNZ) is ratified by both Kronos and the Pangalactic Federation. It defines the borders of a neutral zone between the two galactic powers, into which neither party may tread.

October 12th, S.D. 526

S.D. 527

  • The Pangalactic Federation constructs Remote Station #5 in order to monitor Kronos' front line activity.

S.D. 532

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness


S.D. 537

  • Fidel Camus
    Fidel Camuze has taken over for his father, Daril, as the leader of the training hall in the seaside village of Sthal.
  • Ss-220
    As per his morning ritual, he hones his skills with his childhood friend, Ted.
  • After training, the two men patrol the village.
  • Some disturbing rumors have made their way out from the capital, which causes Fidel and Ted to be on heightened alert.
  • File:011 thumb-5-0.jpg
    As the men reach the western entrance to the village, they spot Miki Sauvester, another childhood friend of theirs.
  • She appears to be investigating something in the distance.
  • It turns out Miki has seen the silhouettes of some rather suspicious figures.
  • Fidel persuades the others that pursuing the figures would only make things worse and suggests reporting their findings to Aragogh, the mayor.
  • Fidel declares that the people they saw are likely members of Eitalon- a group of bandits so vile, they are supposedly more beasts than men.
  • This sends Aragogh into a paroxysm of worry, but Fidel consoles him by vowing to protect the village.
  • Three days have passed since the Eitalon scouts were discovered.
  • The villagers have been preparing for battle ever since, but their readiness is still no comfort to them.
  • Flaming arrows ignite nearby buildings during Fidel and Ted's conversation, signaling the start of Eitalon's onslaught.
  • The battle rages on as Fidel, Ted, and Miki all work together in the dead of night to repel the vicious bandits.
  • Then, as the first rays of dawn bathe the village in a warm light, the bandits withdraw, causing the village to erupt with joy.
  • Though the village survives for now, it is only a matter of time before Eitalon's next raid.
  • As Sthal does not possess adequate resources to combat the bandits, Fidel decides to journey to the capital and petition the king for reinforcements.
  • After a bittersweet send off from Ted, Fidel embarks upon his quest for capital, Central Resulia.
  • Miki confronts Fidel at the eastern gates, vehement in her demand to accompany him.
  • He eventually submits, and the two set off for the capital together.
  • On the way to the capital, Miki and Fidel are accosted by a violent creature imbued with signets.
  • About to fall victim to the strange beast, the two are saved when a kind swordsman lends them his aid.
  • 1bfe99e3ce4c94cba19078c6d14d862c
    The villagers' altruistic savior turns out o be a disciple of Fidel's father, Daril, Victor Oakville, currently in the employ of the Central Resulian military.
  • As the three continue on to the capital, their conversation turns to such topics as Eitalon's invasion of Sthal and Daril's current situation.
  • The travelers spy the town of Myiddok off in the distance.
  • As the sun has already begun to make its descent by this time, the three decide to sojourn there.
  • The party arrives in Myiddok, its corridors gently illuminated by the setting sun as they search for an inn.
  • A woman accidentally bumps into Fidel's group in front of Myiddok's inn.
  • As she hurries off toward the outskirts of town, Fidel can't shake the feeling that he is somehow destined to meet her again.
  • The morning sun has long since risen over Myiddok, and Fidel is still fast asleep.
  • Miki, now restless, decides she's had enough of waiting around and goes to wake him.
  • Miki has been dutifully waiting outside the door and relays Victor's message to assemble at the western entrance to town.
  • Fiore
    Having reached the western gates, the two are surprised by the presence of an additional voyager, who introduces herself as a signeturgy researcher in the neighboring kingdom of Langdauq, Fiore Brunelli.
  • Apparently, the reason Victor came to Myiddok in the first place was to meet and escort Fiore to the capital.
  • Fidel and Miki learn that their homeland of Resulia is at war with the nation of Trei'kur to the west.
  • The enemy is also rumored to possess a revolutionary type of weapon, which Fiore has been dispatched from Langdauq to analyze.
  • A somber air grips Central Resulia now that war looms large over the nation's capital.
  • Tumblr o1i7z83Xqj1rr769xo1 1280
    Before the party leaves Myiddok, they come upon a home of an inventor. Inside, a woman introducing herself as Welch Vineyard, forces the party to help her with her inventions.
  • Once done, the four move toward Central Resulia.
  • It is through these subdued streets the band of adventurers trek to reach the castle.
  • Upon reaching the castle, they inform Daril- now a military adviser- of Sthal's plight, but the nation's is bigger, and thus, they cannot spare any troops.
  • Though Miki and Fidel must return empty-handed, Victor kindly reminds them that they can take the Dakaav Footpath home as a shortcut.
  • Following Victor's advice, the two Sthalians begin walking the Dakaav Footpath home.
  • Fidel and Miki remember once they stumble upon a group of bandits that Eitalon often prowls the footpath as well.
  • They endeavor to flee but are surrounded before they can.
  • There is seemingly no end to the torrent of brigands that inundates the two Sthalians.
  • After having felled countless enemies, Fidel and Miki are now at their breaking points.
  • A large hunk of metal suddenly fills the sky, the roar of its descent silencing all in earshot.
  • SO5 11-22-15 001
    Once the Sthalians approach to investigate, a girl emerges from the wreckage, followed by two strange warriors who demand that the child be returned.
  • Taken aback by Fidel's martial prowess, the soldiers brandish heretofore unseen weapons that emit beams of light, which they then aim at Miki as she throws herself in front of the girl.
  • Sensing danger, the child stands up, lets loose a bloodcurdling scream, and exudes a blinding light that envelops the surrounding area.
  • The light fades and the Sthalians discover the two soldiers frozen in place, after which the girl collapses.
  • The girl in tow, Miki and Fidel end their trek only to be greeted by plumes of black smoke rising from Sthal.
  • Motivated by fear and rage, they rush toward the charred remains of their hometown.
  • Ted justifies their fears when he recounts how Eitalon conducted another raid that the village barely managed to survive.
  • Horrified by the state of their hometown, they decide to wait for tomorrow to tell the mayor that reinforcements will not be coming.
  • A whole night has passed since Fidel brought the girl back to Sthal, but she stil has yet to awaken.
  • Knowing he cannot prolong the inevitable, he sets off to tell the mayor about the results of their journey and leaves the girl to Miki.
  • Entering the mayor's mansion, Fidel sees none other than Victor conversing with him.
  • Adviser Camuze has reportedly dispatched Victor's unit of the King's Chosen to infiltrate Eitalon's base, and Fidel would like nothing more than to lend a hand.
  • As Fidel strolls up to the village entrance, he notices Miki and Victor in a heated discussion.
  • Miki cannot convince the military man she is an imperative addition to the team, but Fidel placates him enough to acquiesce.
  • SO5 02-21-16 002
    SO5 02-21-16 003
    Victor introduces two of the remaining three members of his squad: Gunter and Hana.
  • 04A.-Star-Ocean-5-Support-Characters-Daks
    The group rendezvouses on the footpath with Daks, Victor's reconnaissance operative.
  • With everyone assembled, they begin their infiltration of Eitalon's headquarters.
  • The King's Chosen uncover a tunnel to Eitalon's base behind a boulder.
  • They file in, one after the other.
  • The group defeats a few Eitalon lookouts and quietly proceeds deeper down the tunnel.
  • The rest of the hideout is completely deserted. It is possible the Eitalon leadership escaped via a hidden passageway, so the team splits up to search for one.
  • The unit's hard work pays off and they find Eitalon's leader in mid-escape.
  • Everyone gives chase as the bandits flee.
  • Though cornered on the edge of a mountain precipice, the brigands are hardly at a disadvantage.
  • With a devilish smile, the leader takes out a very interesting weapon... one remarkably similar to those the soldiers from that metal capsule had been carrying.
  • Despite having defeated Eitalon, there is no hope of recovering that exotic weapon, for the leader takes it with him to his grave at the bottom of the cliff.
  • Still, now is the time to rejoice, and the party heads back for Sthal to impart the good news.
  • The villagers are overjoyed to har they no longer need to live in fear.
  • Not only are they showered with praise from Aragogh, Ted informs Fidel and Miki that the girl in their charge has finally woken up.
  • The little girl is now awake, but remembers nothing other than her name, which is Relia.
  • The only clue as to her parents' whereabouts is that signets appear on her forehead when she casts spells, and as Fiore is an expert on signeturgy, Fidel and Miki are determined to seek her out.
  • Hearing about Relia's situation from Fidel, VIctor agrees to take them to Fiore.
  • They plan to return to the castle once more, but this time with Relia along for the ride.
  • Fidel apprises Miki of Victor's generosity and she sets about packing for the journey.
  • Fidel knows all too well there is no stopping her now, so he caves in and lets her join them.
  • Ted stays behind to take care of the village while the others go in search of Relia's family.
  • With Eitalon disbanded the party is in high spirits as they make for the capital.
  • Victor assumes Fiore must be at the castle, so everyone follows him there.
  • At the castle, they learn from the major that Fiore has been dispatched to the front line in Sortevue.
  • The party agrees to make for that western Resulian outpost once everyone is done preparing.
  • As the adventurers approach the western border of Resulia, they are beset by the ghastly cries of war.
  • Knowing that time is of the essence, the group quickens their pace toward the battlefield.
  • Once they reach the fighting proper, Victor says a perfunctory good-bye and joins the other soldiers in battle.
  • Meanwhile, Fidel and the others begin their search for Fiore in the earnest.
  • Fidel's team happens across Fiore in the nic of time, as Trei'kuran soldiers have her cornered.
  • Despite the fact the three of them lend Fiore their strength, the enemy's endless onslaught seems insurmountable... until Relia once again activates her power and freezes all the surrounding enemies.
  • With their forces severely dwindled thans to Relia's ability, the Trei'kuran army has no other choice but to pull back from the Resulian border.
  • Sadly, Fiore is baffled by Relia's enigmatic power- not only the effect of stopping time, itself, but also the fact that her signets are only visible when she casts spells.
  • Though Fiore may not have any answers, she does know a place where they might lie, and that place is Santeroule.
  • Relia slowly begins to open up to Fidel and Miki.
  • Once they ascertain she is capable of making the trek, the four of them head for the city of signeturgy.
  • Relia slowly begins to open to Fidel and Miki.
  • Once they ascertain she is capable of making the trek, the four of them head for the city of signeturgy.
  • According to local Santeroulean resident Fiore, the most oft-traveled route to her home is through Myiddok and over the Eihied Mountains.
  • During their expedition back to Langdauq, Fiore ruminates on Relia's unprecedented ability. The small girl's signets pose too many questions for this untiring researcher's interest not to be piqued.
  • The day is already coming to a close as the travelers approach Myiddok.
  • They agree to lodge at an inn there for the night and save the journey through the forest and into Langdauqan territory for the morrow.
  • As the gang is settling down to sleep, a suspicious man comes knocking, claiming to be with the inn. Sensing that something is afoot, everyone flees by jumping out their room window.
  • The next step for the travelers is to ditch their pursuers and escape from Myiddok. Miki apprises Fidel that the people after them dress in a fashion identical to that of the srange infantrymen they met on the Dakaav Footpath.
  • Having managed to successfully ditch their pursuers and evacuate Myiddok, they decide they may as well continue on to Santeroule.
  • While on their way to Santeroule, the group's fears are resurrected as the unknown soldiers appear before them out of nowhere in a flash of light. The officers predictably demand that the adventurers hand over Relia, and when they are rebuffed, resort to the use of force.
  • The soldiers who appeared from amidst that flash are surrounded by a luminous sheath that seems to nullify all of the adventurers attacks.
  • Star-Ocean-Anamnesis-Emmerson-T.-Kenny-Artwork-0
    Though things look grim for a while, an unidentified man and woman make an entrance and neutralize the shields before fighting alongside Fidel's group.
  • The two mysterious strangers express their desire to accompany Fidel and the others to Santeroule. Despite the fact that the two are shrouded in suspicion, the adventurers allow them to join, in no small part because they saved the group from an extremely likely death.
  • Fidel and the others reach Santeroule, where signets adorn building after building and signeturgy seems to influence every aspect of daily life. Once everyone is done gawking at the cityscape, Fiore shows them to the royal institute.
  • Once at the royal Institute of Signetary Studies, Fiore waves her hand over an apparatus placed beside the entrance, which causes the door to part before them. Miki cannot hide her surprise and awe at this otherworldly technological phenomenon. While they ogle the thaumaturgical scenery, Emmerson and Anne hold a clandestine conversation of their own behind them.
  • The party meets the child prodigy, Ceisus, the most genius researcher the institute has ever seen. Despite this, however, he cannot understand Relia's power- but suggests the ancient institute may provide some answers.
  • The party makes their way to the ancient institute. Upon entering, they notice it is devoid of guards and seems long-abandoned, but in contrast to its dilapidated appearance, the facility is blanketed in unique signets. There, Relia regains fragments of her memories, such as living in a structure similar to the ancient institute and being scolded for tracking in sand, once. From this, the adventurers surmise her home is likely in Trei'kur, so they promptly search for Victor in hopes he'll help them enter the country.
  • The air is heavy when they arrive in Central Resulia, as word of a Trei'kuran invasion weighs on the minds of every citizen there. Amidst this solemnity, the protagonists make for the castle in hopes of finding Victor.
  • Fidel asks the sentinel stationed outside the castle if he can have an audience with Victor, but is told the lieutenant is too busy preparing for the war. Fortunately, however, Victor happens to emerge from the castle during this exchange.
  • Victor informs the others that Resulia is at a drastic disadvantage in the war, and that Trei'kuran troops have advanced to the capital. He then requests their aid in fending off the threat and leads them to a castle anteroom.
  • The group is told to wait in the anteroom until they are called upon, so the members go about passing the time as best they can while the specter of war looms outside.
  • The Trei'kuran invaders have finally beset the capital. Each squad moves out one by one, the protagonists' unit being no exception. The Resulians initially hold the upper hand but are soon up against the wall once soldiers toting beam guns appear.
  • StarOceanAnamnesis-22
    The pursuants from Myiddok step out from the Trei'kuran ranks and demand Relia's return. Among them is a man named Pavine. When the adventurers refuse, Pavine calls a space ship and once it appears in the sky, it obliterates a Resulian tower. This triggers Relia's powers and the group vanishes.
  • The group finds themselves transported to the Northern Territory of Sohma thanks to Relia. As Victor grew up in this frigid, snowcapped land, he feels at home leading everyone south toward Centraul Resulia. They take shelter from the relentless snowfall inside of a cave where they share their thoughts on the region while they wait for the storm to pass.
  • Prompted by Relia's recollection, Emmerson proposes treking across the snowy mountains into Trei'kur. Though everyone is skeptical of him and Anne, Fidel convinces the others that the two can be trusted and are indispensable allies.
  • Shortly after moving forward, Victor leaves the party to return to Resulia and continue to fight in the war.
  • From behind a cloak of snow appears Pavine, who failed to abduct Relia back in Central Resulia. He tries to call for backup with that strange device of his yet again. Emmerson's strategy pays off, however, and the reinforcements fail to arrive, giving Fidel and his team the advantage going into battle. Swords clash, spells fly, and tempers flare, but Pavine refuses to answer why he is after Relia. With his last strand of patience frayed, Pavine aims a gun at Relia. Miki saves Relia from the shot just in time, but is pierced by a beam in the process, which causes Relia to scream in despair and erect a protective barrier around her. The group dispatches Pavine and rushes to Miki's side.
  • Anne uses a machine to analyze Miki's condition and comes to the realization, it will take advanced technology to save her. After an internal struggle, Anne decides to break the UP3 in order to aid Miki. Everyone is encapsulated in light and transported onto Emmerson and Anne's ship, the Charles D. Goale. While the Vestielians stare in wonder at their surroundings, Anne efficiently ensures that Miki is taken to a place where they can help her.
  • Once Miki is brought to the appropriate room on a stretcher, people hook her up to an esoteric device. When the red display next to the machine turns green, Anne breathes a sigh of relief. Now that the worst is over, Anne entrusts Miki to the personnel in the medical bay and leads everyone away.
  • Fiore asks Anne some discerning questions about what this strange place is and how they came here. Though Anne's responses provide few answers, Fiore understands that the technology involved is currently beyond her comprehension.
  • Fidel and company are overwhelmed by the bridge of the ship. Emmerson conjures a map on the wall that first delineates their previous position, then Trei'kur, where they deduce Relia grew up. The gang then heads off to find her home via a teleportation device.
  • On their way to the transport room, Emmerson commends Anne for valuing Miki's life above adhering to the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact. Though Anne is conflicted about what she has done, she also realizes you cannot always follow the rules when people's lives are at stake.
  • Now back in the teleportation room, the group climbs aboard a circular dais stationed in the center and teleports back down to the planet, in the east of the desert nation of Trei'kur. They all begin searching the area in hopes of finding an entrance to the research facility in which Relia was raised.
  • Fidel stumbles into an invisible wall that undulates in the desert air like a mirage. Anne waves her all-purpose apparatus in front of it and reveals a door, which Relia dashes into under the pretense that she remembers the building's interior.
  • Once they catch up to Relia, she tells them she knows this facility. Meanwhile, as Fiore explores its halls, she cannot shake the feeling this place resembles the royal institute of Santeroule; while Emmerson and Anne recognize the facility's machinery to be as modern as theirs, and they seem to understand its purpose.
  • Various toys scattered about a room trigger a memory in Relia of her sister. Anne tries to access a nearby terminal for more information but security measures activate and everyone must protect her from battle machines while she extracts the necessary data. Emmerson senses during the battle that there has to be another trap and he orders Anne to investigate. She discovers that a bomb has been planted in the facility to dispose of both them and the evidence. There is little time until it explodes, but transmissions are ammed, so the group is forced to flee on foot.
  • Though the exit is in sight, Emmerson advices everyone to keep running even after they get out, unless they wish to be incinerated by the blast. Upon escaping the building, Emmerson orders his ship to transport all of them up there. As they are blanketed in soft beams of light, the group is sent off in style with the rumbling of an explosion.
  • Safely back aboard the ship, they wall watch as the explosion turns the facility to rubble. Emmerson then resolves to finally explain about Kronos, as well as his and Anne's true identities. He reveals that he and Anne are part of the Pangalactic Federation, and are from another planet. The federation and Kronos signed a charter that forbids either of them from entering another's territory, but Kronos has violated it and was experimenting on Relia in Trei'kur.
  • After showing them Miki is back to her old self, Emmerson propounds that the only way to protect Relia from Kronos is to have the federation look after her. After much deliberation, the Vestielians agree to put her in Emmerson and Anne's custody. It is with pursed lips and gritted teeth that the Faykreedians depart for their home planet, but not before saying an emotional farewell that leaves even Relia with tears in her eyes.
  • As Relia returns to the bridge, the crew receives intelligence that an inorganic energy source is closing in on them. Emmerson takes Anne's word that it is likely a cloaked Kronos ship, and orders everyone to prepare for battle.
  • The federation hybrid research vessels quicly prove no match for Captain Aaron and his Kronos battle cruisers. All is not lost, however, as Emmerson devises a plan whereby he fakes his surrender, evacuates the three federation ships, and causes his to self destruct near the Kronos ones, destroying them. Emmerson explains to Anne how he wants her to make it look as if they will transport to the Darivolos, but will actually materalize aboard a shuttle headed in the opposite direction. Anne considers this idea ludicrous, but Emmerson convinces her that she can pull it off.
  • Just as Fidel did earlier, Emmerson assures Relia that he will keep her safe. Meanwhile, Anne finishes preparing the shuttle and they proceed with their audacious strategy. Emmerson confirms that all crew members have evacuated their respective ships and orders the Akagi to vacate the sector. Anne is already one step ahead of Emmerson. By the time he instructs her to fabricate the transport coordinates, she is already headed for the console.
  • Once their preparations are complete, Emmerson opens a com link with Aaron. The Kronos captain has no idea anything is amiss until he can do nothing about it and the two federation officers transport away with Relia to the sound of his anguished cries.
  • Having succeeded in transporting to the shuttle, the three make for Fidel's home planet: Faykrkeed IV. They watch on the monitor as the Charles D. Goale is engulfed in flames and Emmerson says a solemn farewell to his former ship.
  • After landing on the Eihieds, Emmerson contacts the Akagi and arranges for a rescue squad to come, but their transmission is interrupted before the ship can relay a vital piece of information. Then, Relia is sheated in light and vanishes- abducted by the enemy.
  • Fidel, Miki, and Fiore find out from Victor that since Relia has been abducted, Kronos has withdrawn from the war and Resulia now has the advantage over Trei'kur. The Three also agree to the join the Resulian military's invasion of Trei'kur.
  • Everyone reaches the rendezvous point outside Eastern Trei'kur's western gates. As most of the participants in this pincer attack are the veterans of multiple battles, the pre-fight atmosphere is a surprisingly relaxed one.
  • A messenger heralds the start of the operation. Once the major gives the order, each unit begins the sortie.
  • The attack is working, and the Trei'kuran military is back on its heels. As the fight goes on, Emmerson and Anne join the fray- seemingly out of nowhere. Though the others wonder what happened to Relia, their questions will have to wait.
  • The Faykreedians are livid at Emmerson for losing Relia, but soon realize their anger is pointless, especially after his explanation. Fiore reminds everyone about the data from the research facility, but until the analysis ends, they decide to go their separate ways.
  • Anne's analysis reveals that Kronos has another laboratory, but is unable to ascertain where on Faykreed it is. Fiore's knowledge of signetury, however, might help them utilize Kronos' symbometrics to search for the facility's location.
  • While trying to sleep, Fidel hears someone leave the inn at which he is staying. His interest piqued, he leaves as well to pursue them.
  • While following the person who left their lodging, Fidel comes upon Emmerson and Anne speaking in hushed voices in the commons. Emmerson sees him and apologizes for losing Relia, and also resolves to get her back, after which Fidel returns to the inn.
  • Having analyzed the data Fiore provided, Anne discovers an energy reading from the banks of the Aysoughk River in Trei'kur. As maps reveal no trace of a structure there, they assume the facility is cloaked, and head to the riverbank to find it.
  • On the banks of the Aysoughk, Fidel and company search the surrounding area for the source of the energy waves they detected earlier.
  • They do find something resembling an entrance, but are soon assaulted by guards, and the group must protect Anne while she tries to hack into the security system to open the door.
  • The group continues to fight while Anne overrides the security. They are close to reaching their limit, however, and urge Anne to finish soon.
  • Just as a large security droid appears and things could not look any worse for the adventurers, Anne suceeds in overriding the system and an entrance to the facility appears.
  • Inside the laboratory, they discover tubes upon tubes filled with the monsters that have plauged the Vestielian continent of late. The Faykreedians are not only horrified by the scene, but their suspicions about what Emmerson and Anne know also resurface.
  • Deeper inside the facility, they discover another glass chamber, this time with a girl identical to Relia floating within it. Miki lets out a terrified scream at the sight, but Anne is able to calm her down, and they return to their search.
  • Gravitic Warp is invented by Dr. Krupp.. By using high amounts of gravity to compress space in front of the vessel, it can travel large distances extremely quickly.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis


S.D. 539

  • Two years after the battle over spacetime symbols—. The post-war clean-up of the Pangalactic Federation and Kronos was completed smoothly, and the Federation had been enjoying peaceful harmony. Meanwhile, the Federation-owned GFSS-3214F exploration battleship, which was exploring deep space, was struck by tragedy. On the way home from its exploration mission, the ship was assaulted by three ships that appeared to be pirate battleships and the hull suffered great damage.
  • Much of the crew fled the battle via escape pods, but the captain, who remained behind to protect the ship, made the decision to activate the emergency hyperspace warp. The warp, carried out simultaneously with a gravity turn, failed. Wrapped in a dazzling light, the captain’s consciousness was engulfed in darkness.
  • The captain awakens in a galaxy far away from the Federation’s jurisdiction, on a planet seventy thousand light-years from Earth, where wastelands extend as far as the eye can see. He is greeted by a robot named "Coro," who offers to accompany him.
    SO-Anamnesia 10-19-16 004
  • After first investigating the area outside the battleship to understand the situation, the captain encounters a woman being chased by a dangerous creature in what was thought to be an uninhabited wasteland. They get driven into a corner, but manage to escape to the planet’s satellite orbit thanks to the woman expending the limits of her power to use her summoning symbology.
  • The mysterious woman calls forth Fidel Camuze from some point in the past to dispatch the creature. After defeating the creature, the captain and Coro take the mysterious woman back to the ship and return to orbit around the mysterious planet they crashed on.
  • The captain sets a course for Earth, which seems to be infinitely distant. With not even enough energy to put up a shield and a woman who uses an unknown symbology, while carrying the burden of various problems, the trip back home begins—
  • Coro and the captain set forth toward an underdeveloped planet Coro names "Maere." On the way there, the mysterious woman awakens and tells Coro and the captain that they can call her Eve, short for Evelysse. She immediately insults Coro, finding his face creepy, and tells him to stay away from her.
  • Eve explains that she has the ability to summon warriors from different periods of time, as well as different places across the universe. She also states that she's lost her memories and accepts Coro's offer to travel with them until she regains her memories.
  • Upon entering Maere's atmosphere, Coro exclaims the long-range sensors have gone offline. In order to find out the source of the problem, the captain, Eve, and her summoned warriors leave the ship and begin their exploration of the planet, leaving Coro behind to defend the ship from the planet's inhabitants, should they come across it.
  • The group dispatches the monsters outside and returns to the ship to meet with Coro. He tells them that after analyzing the ship, he came to the conclusion that the sensors are in fact working properly, it is the planet that is emitting some sort of waves that prevent the sensors' signals from transmitting properly.

S.D. 652

  • The Federation makes contact with the Klausians.

S.D. 704

S.D. 710

  • The Pangalactic Federation makes first contact with the Aldian Empire. Their imperialistic attitude causes a war between them and the Federation to almost immediately erupt.
  • The Pangalactic Federation makes first contact with the Planet and Nation of Vendeen. Unlike the Aldians, they remain neutral.

S.D. 714

October 16th, S.D. 725

  • Gideon is born to unknown parents on an unknown planet.

S.D. 732

  • An accident involving a Creation Cannon on the battleship Tilgrem causes a massive explosion that annihilates the ship and a neighboring planet. This leads to strict regulations regarding creation energy.

November 4th, S.D. 736

  • Dominic, an Elicoorian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Elicoor II.

S.D. 736


December 9th, S.D. 739

  • Boris is born to unknown parents on an unknown planet.

S.D. 745

S.D. 748

  • Albel Nox, an Elicoorian, is born to Glou Nox and an unknown mother on the planet Elicoor II.

S.D. 749


August 1st, S.D. 751

  • Angelica, an Elicoorian, is born to unknown parents on the planet Elicoor II.

S.D. 752

  • The Federation starts their study of the planet Styx and the Time Gate there.

S.D. 753

S.D. 755

S.D. 758

S.D. 760

S.D. 763

  • Albel fails his Accession of the Flame ceremony and Glou Nox dies shielding his son from the flames with his body. Albel loses his left arm in this incident.

S.D. 765

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

File:Star ocean 3 tteot by lunatia.jpg

S.D. 772

  • Welch Vineyard appears on the planet Elicoor II, from another point in the timeline, and becomes an inventor in the town of Peterney..
  • File:SOA Fayt.png
    File:SOA Sophia Esteed.png
    Sophia Esteed, Fayt Leingod, and his parents, Robert and Ryoko Leingod are vacationing on the planet Hyda IV. While exploring the planet's resor it is attacked by the Vendeeni.
  • Sophia, Fayt, and his parents try to escape to an emergency shelter but Robert and Ryoko are captured.
  • Sophia and Fayt continue to the shelter and meet Peppita Rossetti along the way.
  • The party leaves the shelter for the Federation Transport Ship, Helre.
  • The Helre is attacked and destroyed by the Vendeeni. The three escape in escape pods but Sophia is captured in the process.
  • Fayt lands on Vanguard III and stumbles upon the town of Whipple. He is taken in by two residents, Niklas and Meena.
  • Fayt volunteers to fix Meena's broken music box as payment. He travels to his escape pod to use the replicator only to find that it has been pillaged.
  • Fayt returns and finds Niklas has been abducted by Norton, a man who has been extorting the town.
  • Fayt travels to the Ruins of Coffir, Norton's hideout, to save Niklas. He learns Norton is an offwolder and fugitive.
    File:003 thumb-8.jpg
  • Cliff Fittir shows up to help Fayt defeat Norton. Cliff tells Fayt he is a member of the Anti-Federation movement, Quark, and he is to take Fayt to meet his leader.
  • MirageKoas
    Fayt travels with Cliff back to his ship, the Eagle, and meets his pilot, Mirage Koas.
  • The Eagle is attacked and crash lands on the planet Elicoor II, in the city of Airyglyph.
  • Fayt and Cliff give themselves up to the Airyglyphians. Mirage stays on board to sneak out at a later time.
  • 30874326255 0ed9d6efaf o thumb-0
    Fayt and Cliff are rescued from ail by a woman named Nel Zelpher, from an enemy nation of Aquios. Nel knows of their advanced technology and believes they are from the Kingdom of Greeton, who possess superior technology to both Aquios and Airyglyph. She tells the two that she saved them so they could help develop a weapon for Aquaria.
  • 30874326185 44cf3242be o thumb
    The three escape through the catacombs of Airyglyph. They board a wagon with two agents of Nel's, Tynave and Farleen. The wagon crashes, however, and Tynave and Farleen are captured. The remaining three escape to the mining town of Kirlsa.
  • Instead of taking the main road to the Aquarian town of Arias, the party sneaks through the Kirlsa mines and takes a mountain path to Arias.
  • 8 thumb
    Cliff and Fayt meet Clair Lasbard. They agree to build a weapon, thinking it will end the war faster.
  • In the middle of the night, Nel sneaks away to rescue Tynave and Farleen from the Kirlsa Training Facility.
  • Fayt and Cliff follow Nel and end up rescuing her, Tynave, and Farleen. The three then defeat Shelby, second in command of the Black Brigade.
  • The three travel to Arias where Tynave and Farleen remain. Cliff, Fayt, and Nel move on to the town of Peterney.
    SO3 Welch Vineyard-0
  • There, they join the craftsman's guild and learn how to create items under the tutelage of an inventor named Welch Vineyard.
  • Fayt meets a woman named Ameena Leffeld who looks identical to Sophia. Fayt then learns Ameena traveled to the dangerous Duggus Forest to pick flowers, which is now the hideout of the vicious Moonshadow Clan.
  • The group travels to the Duggus Forest and rescues Ameena. Along the way, they save and recruit Roger S. Huxley.
  • With Ameena safe, the party moves on to Aquaria.
  • Cliff, Fayt, Nel, and Roger meet lead researcher Elena Frahm and her assistant Dion Landers at Aquaria's runological weapons department. They determine the weapon would be more effective if the wire was made of copper, but the only copper mine is under Airyglyph control. The group then decide to infiltrate the mine to acquire some.
  • AlbelNox
    The group travels to the Bequerel mine and takes some copper. They defeat Demitrio of the Airyglyph Dragon Brigade and drive away Albel Nox of the Black Brigade.
  • The group then travel back to Aquaria. There, they learn that Airyglyph is beginning to attack. All available weapons are moved to the front line at Arias.
  • The party defeats Duke Vox, leader of the Dragon Brigade. The victory is short-lived, though, as a Vendeeni ship appears.
  • The attack causes Fayt to activate hidden symbology, causing him to sprout wings and shoot a powerful beam of destructive light at the Vendeeni ship. Upon hitting the ship, it is obliterated into nothingness.
  • During the battle Dion is injured and taken back to Aquaria.
  • The group returns to Aquaria. Ameena meets Dion and unfortunately, they both perish, Dion from his injuries and Ameena from her sickness.
    File:005 thumb-8.jpg
  • Maria Traydor, the leader of Quark arrives. She explains to the group that Fayt destroyed the ship with his Symbology of Destruction, the result of Robert Leingod's symbological-genetic research. The power is unpredictable, however. She also explains that she holds a similar power, Symbology of Alteration.
  • The party learns the Vendeeni have returned and infiltrated the sacred Shrine of Kaddan to steal the Orb of Apris. Fayt, Cliff, Nel, Roger, and Maria enter the shrine and stop them.
  • The King of Airyglyph wants to talk of peace. The party agrees to escort the quen to the Ruins of Mossel for negotiations.
  • The group is ambushed by Airyglyph radicals along the way. They are defeated and the group reaches the meeting site.
  • It's explained to both nations the Vandeeni are only interested in Fayt and Maria. Their escape ship, the Diplo, cannot approach, however, due to the presence of another group of Vandeeni Battleships. They decide to provide a distraction by using the newly completed Thunder Arrow, the runological weapon Fayt and Cliff retreaved copper for. Its range is limited, however, so it will need to be fired from the air. The Airyglyphian dragons are not strong enough to carry such a load so the king of Airyglyph asks you to retrieve Albel from the dungeons to try and make a contract with the Great Dragon, Crosell.
  • The party retrieves Albel and travel to the Mountains of Barr, then the Urssa Lava Caves. The path to Crosell's lair is blocked but fortunately the group meets an engineer named Vanilla who will offer to make them a Ring of Disintegration to destroy the barrier. A glowstone will be needed, however.
  • The group travels to the Airyglyph Aqueducts, acquires a glowstone, and returns to Vanilla.
  • The party receives the ring and defeats Crosell, who swears his loyalty.
  • Everyone returns to Aquaria, where the Thunder Arrow is mounted on Crosell. They begin their attack on the Vandeeni. Suddenly, a mysterious beam of energy destroys two of the Vandeeni battleships. This is later revealed to be the Executioners. Regardless, the group moves to the Diplo and leave the planet. They are intercepted by Commodore Wittcomb in the Federation Battleship Aquaelie.
  • Biwig then arrives in the Vandeeni ship, Dasvanu, carrying Robert Leingod and Sophia. They agree to meet at the Kirlsa Training Facility on Elicoor II to trade them for Fayt.
  • Bizwig betrays the party and comes with soldiers and a transport jammer.
  • Before Robert can tell Fayt and Maria why he performed forbidden research on them, he is killed by a Vandeeni Disrupter Rifle. The Aquaelie destroys the Dasvanu and the party defeats Biwig.
  • The party transfers to the Aquaelie. They learn of a new enemy, the Executioners, who have nearly destroyed the Alidan empire and devastated the Federation. Fayt and Maria ask to go to Moonbase in the Sol System to visit Dr. Leingod's lab to see if they can learn more about their power and possibly how to control it. Commander Wittcomb agrees to honor this request.
  • The party meets back up with Peppita on the Moonbase. There, they find Dr. Leingod's lab and find that their new enemies are gods who are out to destroy all of humanity for intruding on symbology, which they created. Robert, having learned this years ago on the planet Styx, decided to experiment on Fayt, Maria, and Sophia to create a counter. The end result is Fayt's power of Destruction, Maria's power of Alteration, and Sophia's power of Connection.
  • Commander Wittcomb agrees to transport them to Styx to use their powers to enter the realm of the Executioners and destroy them.
  • The party takes the transport Calnus down to Styx when the Aquaelie is attacked by Executioners. The Aquaelie is destroyed.
  • The group makes their way to the Timegate where Sophia's power activates, allowing them to traverse to the realm of the gods, known as, 4D space.

4D Space

  • They exit in the middle of the suburban city and meet a child named Flad Garrand.
  • Flad explains that they and the entire world of Star Ocean are nothing more than a simulator game called the "Eternal Sphere." The world they are in is known as the Eternal Sphere and is run by the massive Sphere Coporation. The Milky Way has been slated for deletion, as it is ridden by bugs. The Executioners are simply programs designed to delete the buggy areas.
  • In order to try and stop this deletion the party travels to the Sphere Corporation.
  • They are greeted by Azazer. He tries to defeat the party but fails.
  • The party meets Blair Lansfeld, an employee of Sphere, who is opposed to the deletion. She gives the group an Uninstaller in order to delete the Executioners. It must be activated within the Eternal Sphere, however.
  • The party is attacked by Belzeber and Berial, henchmen of the president of Sphere, Luther Lansfeld. They are defeated and the party returns to the Eternal Sphere.
  • They activate the uninstaller and the Executioners are deleted. However, even more powerful beings known as Convictors appear. Blair suggests to meet Luther and negotiate with him. In order to enter his realm, however, an object is required. The party learns that it is the Orb of Apris.

S.D. 772

  • The Diplo arrives and picks up the crew. They return to Elicoor II, which is now covered with Convictors.
  • Mirage rejoins the party and they retrieve the orb. Blair contacts them and tells them the entrace to Luther's realm is at the Mosel Ruins.
  • Adray1
    Adray, Clair's father, who they previously met, joins the party. They then travel to the Mosel ruins and pass through Firewall that Luther has erected. They fight to the top of Luther's Spiral Tower. Luther refuses to cancel the deletion process.
  • The party attacks and defeats Luther.
  • Despite their best efforts, Luther defeats the Eternal Sphere. He is unable, however, to delete the individual character data. Thus, since everyone in the universe retains their perception of the Eternal Sphere, nothing has changed. Nothing has been deleted.
  • Mirage travels back to Klaus IV to visit her "ill" father.
  • Adray remains in Aquaria to conduct military training for the Shield Legion. Meanwhile, he's looking for a guy to marry Clair off to.
  • Peppita returns to the Rosetti Troupe and is allowed to star in her own act.
  • Roger returns to Surferio and continues to go on "manly adventures" with his friends.
  • Albel and an investigation team is charged with exploring a dungeon underneath castle Airyglyph. Albel meets the King of the Dead, Romero, who has killed the investigation team. Romero threatens to kill Albel. Their fate is unknown.
  • Nel returns to Aquaria and is given a task to investigate corrupt merchants in Peterney, by the Queen. Nel decides to undertake the mission herself, but is instead ordered to entrust it to one of her subordinates and to take time off. Nel reluctantly agrees. upon leaving, Nel passes Elena Frahm, who hints that she is in fact, a 4D being.
  • With Quark disbanded, Cliff works as a diplomat. He was last seen traveling to the Genesis system to negotiate the formation of a new Federation.
  • Before Maria leaves the Diplo to live out her life, Lieber attempts to finally confess his love to her.
  • Sophia is on the transport, Hornet, bound for Roak and Kratus Spaceport #3 to visit Fayt's parents. Onboard, Sophia meets Ruddle and Rumina, who have a chat about the war.
  • What happens to Fayt depends on who he has the highest Affection Rating with:
    • Solo: Fayt is shown walking in an unknown location, wondering what everyone else is doing, and decides to take it easy and stay out of sight for a while.
    • Sophia: Fayt and Sophia travel to Cratous Spaceport #3, where they reunite with Ryoko Leingod and Sophia's parents.
    • Cliff: Cliff and Fayt are seen traveling to the Sol System, with both of them wondering about what will happen concerning the Pangalactic Federation.
    • Maria: After Quark is disbanded, Fayt asks Maria what she plans to do with her life, with Maria saying that she wants to get married and live peacefully in a place where no one knows who she is. When Fayt says how finding the right person may be hard, Maria mentions two potential prospects: the guy who is right in front of her and the guy who she didn't choose.
    • Nel: Fayt visits Nel while she is sparring with Tynave and Farleen. While talking with each other, Tynave accidentally mentions how jealous Nel got when she saw Fayt talking with Clair, after which she and Farleen run off, leaving Fayt and Nel along together.
    • Albel: Fayt and Albel are shown traveling together, looking for the next town, having being forced to leave the previous town after Albel got into a fight with the town's leader. While Fayt is telling Albel to look to his own faults before finding faults in others, they are forced to fight a group of thugs sent by the previous town's leader.
    • Peppita: Fayt has apparently joined the Rossetti troupe and now resides with the others at Moonbase. He and Peppita have a discussion about certain safety measures, implying how he cares for her and doesn't to want to see her get hurt during her stunts, suggesting antigravity devices hidden in clothing. She rebuffs the idea, telling him that it's part of the show to give the audience suspense, but by practicing every day, they ensure that no one will get hurt. Fayt then asks why they needed to talk "here"; as the camera pans out, showing they are on a platform high above the walking area of Moonbase.
    • Roger: Fayt watches as Roger competes against Lucien in a "Real Man Contest"
    • Mirage: Fayt and Mirage are shown traveling to Klaus IV. While talking with Fayt, Mirage tells Fayt that she wants him to tell her what he's feeling more often, wanting to also see both his strengths and weaknesses.
    • Adray: Fayt is seen visiting Adray and Clair in Arias. After asking Fayt how he is adapting to life on Elicoor II and if anything is going on between him and Nel, Adray asks Fayt is he wants to marry Clair. However, before Fayt can come up with answer, Clair asks to speak to with Adray in the next room, after which she proceeds to attack him for interfering in her private life. While this is going on, Fayt wonders whether or not he should marry Clair.
  • Welch Vineyard traverses the timeline, leaving S.D. 772.