The Tetrageniots are a race in the Star Ocean series. Coming from the Tetragenesis system, Tetrageniots look like Earthlings, but have a third eye on their forehead. This extra eye gives them better depth perception and spatial awareness, making them excellent at jobs involving good eye sight. There are four noble houses ruling each of four moons orbiting Tetragenesis:

  • House of Vectra
  • House of Suzerain
  • House of Luza
  • House of ?

Dictionary Entry

A race that lives in a group of four artificial satellites that orbit the planet Tetragenesis, in the Eta Sector. The Tetrageniots have a strict social structure, and the society is run by four noble houses, one in each satellite. Decisions for all Tetrageniots are made at councils that are convened from court nobles of all four houses. The most distinguishing characteristic of the Tetrageniots is without doubt the third eye in the middle of their forehead. Tetrageniots make some the best gunners around. Since they are able to see things with a total of three eyes, their spatial perception is superior to most other races.

Notable Tetrageniots

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