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The Ten Wise Men (神の十賢者, Kami no Jikkenja?, lit. God's Ten Sages) are the main antagonists of Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake. They are a group of skilled Nedians from four billion years ago who at first seem to wish to conquer the universe, created as biological weapons by Dr. Lantis.

Originally commissioned by Energy Nede's government to have them rule the universe, their creator's breakdown resulted in their goal of destroying the universe instead.


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Four billion years ago, Energy Nede ruled the entire universe. However, other planets decided to revolt when they gained access to some of Nede's technology. To defend themselves, they asked Dr. Lantis to create biological weapons that would be able to stop the revolt. Lantis then started the project "Ten Wise Men Defense Plan" (第一次十賢者防衛計画, [missing rōmaji]?) for this purpose.

Some groups, though, opposed the Wise Men project and killed Lantis's daughter, Philia, in one of their attacks. At first her death was hidden from Lantis, but he eventually found out and, in sorrow, changed the purpose of the Wise Men from "conquer" to "destroy the universe." Lantis ultimately committed suicide, but not without first transferring his consciousness and creating an entity named after his daughter. The Wise Men were then sealed in Eternity Space along with a Quadratic Sphere, for what was supposed to have been forever.

The weapons remained sealed until the Quadratic crashes into Expel in S.D. 366. In The Second Story/Second Evolution, they cause havoc on the planet as they wait for it to crash with Energy Nede's energy shield. Close to this event, the Ten Wise Men encounter Claude C. Kenny and Rena Lanford at Eluria Tower, who they defeat with ease. After this event, they teleport everyone in the room to Energy Nede, so as to conclude their plot in their homeland.

Upon returning to Energy Nede, the Ten Wise Men take possession of the Symbol of Annihilation and the fortress of Phynal, which they used as headquarters. They are faced by the Nedian army, which offers little resistance to their power and obliterates the Pangalactic Federation's battleship Calnus with their new weapon: a conjuction between the Symbol of Annihilation and the Quadratic Sphere.

The Ten Wise Men are eventually defeated by the party, but Gabriel succeeds in causing heavy destruction using the Symbol of Annihilation, if only to the whole Nedian race.

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  • Gabriel (known as Indalecio in the English translation of The Second Story) - He is the leader of the Ten Wise Men. Though he is rather discreet during the game and leaves the other Wise Men to do most of the work, he is the mastermind behind the plan to destroy the universe using the Symbol of Annihilation.
  • Lucifer (Cyril) - He is the second-in-command of the Ten Wise Men and the only one of them who rejects the plan to destroy the Universe.
  • Haniel (Vesper) - He taunts the heroes before the clash of Energy Nede with Expel, and is only seen a second time at Phynal, where he fights the heroes alongside Michael.
  • Michael (Decus) - He first appears atop Eluria Tower with the other Wise Men, moments before the clash of Expel with Energy Nede.
  • Raphael (Jibril)
  • Camael (Nicolus)
  • Zadkiel (Ruprecht)
  • Metatron (Berle)
  • Jophiel (Shigeo)
  • Zaphkiel (Marsilio)
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  • Cynne is a monster, and attacks Expellians on behalf of the Ten Wise Men. It leads the monster army in the war against Lacuer, and is fought several times in the storyline, the last being at Eluria Tower. The monster type Cynne is also appears as different monsters in random battles in the Cave of Tribulations.
  • Lavarre is a Nedian residing in the Field of Love in Energy Nede. She defeated the Guardian of the field long before the party arrived, engaging the party in its place.