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Symbologists throughout the series.

Symbology (紋章術, Monshō Jutsu?, lit. Crest Techniques), also known as Heraldry, is the art of using symbols to summon paranormal effects. The art of symbology was introduced to the Pangalactic Federation by Ronyx J. Kenny and Ilia Silvestri after their visit Roak, though it was not mankind's first contact with the art. Symbology was first seen by mankind in S.D. 10 in Aeos, during contact between Earthlings and Eldarians.

Those who effectively use symbology are called symbologists.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

The Origin of Heraldry
The origin of heraldry is not clearly known. What is known is that the practice of tattooing symbols onto the skin to enhance a person's latent talents has been in place through countless generations.
The effectiveness of a heraldic spell can be increased through repeated use. Over time, a spell can be developed into a truly powerful form.
The Origin of Symbology
It is said that symbology was discovered a long time ago by a group of acolytes covered with tattoos of various patterns during their prayers to the Tria, Gods of Creation. Because the powers they exerted differed depending on the type of symbols tattooed onto their bodies, this mystical power came to be known as symbology.
The Power of the Symbols
By tattooing a symbol with a specific pattern onto one's body, mental powers can be converted into a highly concentrated form of symbological force. The practice led to extensive research into symbol patterns, thus paving the way for the discovery of a wide variety of symbology spells.
Further Research into Symbology
Further research into symbology made it possible to use even powerful spells without the aid of symbols. For this reason, very few people today practice symbology on an individual basis. Currently, symbology is only used in large devices such as transporters and power generators.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

A technology discovered in 346 SD on the planet Roak whereby certain phenomena can be induced through the combination of the three aspects of invocation, marking, and mental power near an inscription of a special type of design called a symbol. This technology was known as heraldry in the past.
A secret art that may only be taught to selected members of the royal house of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria. The technique of runology, which is practiced by inscribing certain patterns known as runes on the body, and by combining special incantations and sigils, is able to effect a variety of different phenomena. Although the relationship between runology and that which is referred to as symbology in the Pangalactic Federation is unclear at present, it would seem that they are fundamentally similar.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

A technology whereby certain phenomena can be induced through the combination of invocation, marking, and mental power near an inscription of a special type of design called a symbol.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Professor Ilia Kenny discovered this new academic field in the latter half ot the fourth century, according to the spacedate calendar. Research in this discipline often centers around the cryptic energy released when certain preternatural inscriptions called symbols, activate.
The symbols themselves resonate with all manner of matter, from people to microscopic objects. Therefore, while the field in general is often referred to as symbometrics, that term now encapsulates a cornucopia of widely varying subdisciplines.
Known in the past as heraldry, symbology is a type of sorcerous art, discovered on Roak in SD 346, that allows people to manipulate the world around them. Practitioners are able to create an uncanny phenomena by concentrating their powers of invocation, making, and mental fortitude upon a location on their bodies in which special inscriptions reside.


Different planets had different understandings of Symbology. Roak and Elicoor had deep understanding of both attack and support spells. Expel's greatest understanding was of attack symbology. They also understood support symbology, but never discovered the symbols for healing. Also, some species have symbols inscribed on their DNA. Nedians and Featherfolk seem to have this in the majority of their members. The Lemurisians have this occur in only a small number of individuals. Some time after S.D. 366 this trait also began appearing in a very small number of Expelians.

Those who effectively use Symbology are called Symbologists, and are usually distinguished by tatooed Symbols on their bodies. Those who have symbological DNA, as described above, can use Symbology without the need of tatooing Symbols.

In later ages, many studies would be conducted on the nature of Symbology, with Dr. Robert Leingod conducting some dubious experiments on the subject many years later. Applying special symbols to a subjects DNA can grant unparalleled power. The Nedians used this in circa 4 billion B.C. to create the Ten Wise Men to quell a rebel uprising. The discovery of this technology by Earthling scientists in S.D. 772 is what prompted Luther to attempt to destroy the Milky Way. Fayt Leingod, Maria Traydor, and Sophia Esteed were altered with this technique in order to defeat the Executioners.

Symbology is actually the Eternal Sphere's processing code. To use Symbology is to manipulate the universe itself.

In Star Ocean and its remake Star Ocean: First Departure, the player can locate within the library of the village elder of Marze, two books titled "Symbology". Volume 1 states that: "The effectiveness of Symbology spells can be increased through repeated use. Over time , a spell can be developed into a truly powerful for". The second volume reads: "Hasten Speech and Concentration can considerably boost the skill of a symbologist. Hasten Speech can shorten incantation time; Concentration allows for uninterrupted incantations. Symbologists who have acquired these skills will find themselves at an advantage in any battle."

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Symbology makes an appearance in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius in the form of skills learned by Sophia and Rena, such as Fire Bolt, Ice Needles, Southern Cross, Ravenous Fiend, Faerie Healing, Raise Dead, Faerie Light, Fix Cloud, among several others.