To tain in symbology is to train your body and mind to achieve harmony.
—Granny from Marze, Expel

A Symbologist, also known as a Runologist or Heraldic Wizard/Witch is one who has mastered the use of Symbology (known as Runology on the planet Elicoor II) and is specially proficient with it. It is natural that no Symbologist masters all of the areas of symbology, and thus, through training, each symbologist finds their area of expertise, which are usually divided into the elements of offensive symbols or healing symbols. Some symbologists are also able to use both healing and offensive symbols, but it is rare to see one that masters both fields at the same time.

Throughout the Star Ocean series, many symbologists are part of the parties that journey on heroic quests to save the galaxy.

Dictionary Entry

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

One who has mastered the special technology of symbology.
One who serves the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria by utilizing a technique known as runology. Since only a very small number of people are initiated into the art of runology, the ability to use these techniques alone marks a person as an important individual. Although some runologists do not serve Aquaria, these few exceptions to the rule are almost all people who have absconded from the kingdom themselves, students of teachers who have done so, or retirees.


Star Ocean/Star Ocean: First Departure

SO1 Symbologists-0

Symbology is a very common sight on Roak, and thus, a total of four symbologists are available to use:

  • Millie Chliette, a Fellpool who specializes in healing and supportive symbols.
  • Ronyx J. Kenny, an Earthling who learned about symbology upon reaching Roak and specializes in Dark, Fire, Earth, and Thunder elemental symbology.
  • Ioshua Jerand, a Featherfolk who specializes in Earth, Water, Wind and Light elemental symbols, but can also use healing symbology.
  • Erys Jerand, a Featherfolk who has the widest array of spells of any character, and specializes in Light and Fire elemental symbols, as well as supportive and healing symbols.

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

SO2 Symbologists-0

Although the population of Expel is familiar with symbology, its population has no knowledge of any healing symbols. Only Nedian characters can use healing symbology since Nede has had a deep connection with symbology for millenia. Four symbologists are again available; they are:

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

The cast of Star Ocean: The Second Story returns in Blue Sphere, fulfilling the same symbological roles.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

SO3 Symbologists

Symbology has spread throughout the entire galaxy as of S.D. 772, and thus, most characters are able to use it. The main difference between potential casters is the proficiency to use it, as the INT stat differs vastly between characters.

  • Fayt Leingod, an Earthling who gains the ability to use attack symbology. He also has the genetic symbol for Destruction.
  • Sophia Esteed, an Earthling who learns almost all forms symbology learned druring her travels, but is most proficient in healing symbology. She also has the genetic symbol for Connection.
  • Maria Traydor, an Earthling who specializes in support symbology. She also has the genetic symbol for Alteration.
  • Nel Zelpher, an Elicoorian who learns both basic and upper level symbology.
  • Adray Lasbard, an Elicoorian who is a master of symbology, and uses a vast array of symbols.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

SO4 Symbologists-0

En II, Roak, Eldar and Lemuris are all planets with knowledge of Symbology. Available symbologists in this game are:

  • Edge Maverick, an Earthling who learned the ways of symbology on his travels and uses a small variety of symbols including light-elemental, supportive and healing symbols.
  • Faize Sheifa Beleth, an Eldarian who specializes in earth elemental symbols and also uses ice and dark elemental offensive symbols.
  • Lymle Lemuri Phi, a Lemurisian who is an expert in fire elemental symbology, but uses basic healing symbols as well as symbols of other elements.
  • Myuria Tionysus, a Morphus who specializes in thunder and dark elemental symbols but also uses water and intermediate level healing symbology.
  • Arumat P. Thanatos, an Eldarian who uses mainly earth and fire elemental symbols.
  • Sarah Jerand, a Featherfolk who specializes in advanced healing and supportive symbols, but also is able to use light, thunder, and wind elemental offensive symbology.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

SO5 Signeturgists-0

Called "Signeturgy" on the continent of Vestiel; on the planet Faykreed, there are many signeturges throughout the land. Signeturgists are:

  • Miki Sauvester, a Faykreedian who specializes in restorative, fire, earth, and light elemental signets.
  • Fiore Brunelli, a Faykreedian who specializes in restorative, ice, wind, and dark elemental signets.
  • Relia, a Faykreedian who specializes in support signets.
  • Feria, a Faykreedian who specializes in support signets.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

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