Its always so quiet whenever we're warping, isn't it? The view never changes, either. I suppose it makes sense, of course., The ship itself is still enclosed in its origioal normal space, after all.

Subspace Warp is a technology developed by Professor Trillas Bachtein in the year 2087 AD, and used by Earth as its first faster-than-light method of travel between the stars. While Professor Bachtein was indeed the first Earthling to develop such technology, he was not the first being in the galaxy to develop this warp. In fact, it should be noted that this came about through the secret contact with the Eldarian people, who provided struggling Earth with pieces of their technology, including the crystals necessary to power such a device as a warp drive.

While utilizing subspace warp, a ship actually travels slower than lightspeed. By wrapping the ship in multiple layers of subspace, it is possible to send the ship to locations faster than light can travel in ordinary space.

This interstellar travel technology was in widespread use before the development of gravitic warp navigation, but after this new technology it began to be only used by small vessels with less powerful engines.

Dictionary Entry

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

A method of interstellar faster-than-light travel developed by Professor Trillas Bachtein in A.D. 2087, the first of its kind on Earth. By enveloping a spacecraft in several layers of subspace fields, the craft can travel beyond the speed of light relative to normal space, even though it is actually moving below the speed of light.