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Star Oracle (スターオラクル, Sutā Orakuru?) is a web comic written and illustrated by Katsuki Aogami (青神香月?) that features characters from Star Ocean: Anamnesis. It is the shortest of the four comics based on Anamnesis.


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Vol. Chapter Release Japanese title English title
n\a 01 Apr. 6, 2017 がんばれ!!スターオーシャン!! Do your best!! Star Ocean!!
02 Apr. 13, 2017 冗談じゃねぇいてぇぞおい!! It's not a joke!!
03 Apr. 20, 2017 アナムネトライアングル! Anamne-Triangle!
04 Apr. 27, 2017 5000RTありがとう! Thank you for 5,000 RT!
05 May 11, 2017 バナナは偉大ですね Bananas are great
06 May 18, 2017 全てを極めて鳥と化す! Turn everything into a bird!
07 May 25, 2017 皆のLAST HOPE Everyone's LAST HOPE
08 Jun. 1, 2017 もう我慢できん!ポロリで揺れる!RPG I can't stand it anymore! Swing with porori! RPG


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