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Star Ocean EX (スターオーシャンEX, Sutā Ōshan EX?) is an anime adaptation of the Star Ocean: The Second Story manga series written and drawn by Mayumi Azuma.

The series premiered on TV Tokyo in April 3, 2001, and ran for twenty-six episodes until September 25, 2001. Like the manga, the story ends prematurely without introducing Energy Nede; however, Movic, the company which released the series to VHS and DVD, had a series of drama CDs produced that completes the story left incomplete by both the manga and anime.


Claude and his father are on their mission to investigate the unexplored planet, Milokeenia. When they arrive at the planet, Claude mysteriously gets transported to another planet called Expel. Wandering around in the woods trying to find a way back home, he saves a girl named Rena from a monster with his Phase Gun.

Rescued by him, she tells him that he is the Legendary Hero of Light whom she's been looking for. In search of Sorcery Globe which is believed to be the source of evils, Claude and Rena set off on their journey that will determine the world's fate.



Promotional art.

  1. Transport (時空転送, Jikū Tensō?)
  2. Encounter (遭遇~コンタクト~, Sōgū ~Kontakuto~?)
  3. The Magic Stone (魔石, Maseki?)
  4. Heraldic Magic (紋章術師, Monshōjutsushi?)
  5. Kuhazan (空破斬, Kūhazan?)
  6. Two-Headed Dragon (双頭竜, Sōtōryū?)
  7. Tetragenes (異邦人[テトラジュネス], Ihō-jin [Tetorajunesu]?)
  8. Teardrop (, Namida?)
  9. Harley (潮風[ハーリー], Shiokaze [Hārī]?)
  10. Ghost Ship (幽霊船, Yūrei Sen?)
  11. The Invention Girl (発明少女, Hatsumei Shōjo?)
  12. Metox (月光花[メトークス], Gekkō Hana [Metōkusu]?)
  13. Rampage (暴走, Bōsō?)
  14. Lacour (魔剣[ラクール], Maken [Rakūru]?)
  15. Suspicion (疑惑, Giwaku?)
  16. Leon (少年[レオン], Shōnen [Reon]?)
  17. Ruins (遺跡, Iseki?)
  18. Fortress (要塞, Yōsai?)
  19. Solitude (孤独, Kodoku?)
  20. Faith (希望, Kibō?)
  21. Reunion (再会, Saikai?)
  22. Friends (仲間, Nakama?)
  23. Lacour Hope (決戦[ラクールホープ], Kessen [Rakūru Hōpu]?)
  24. Machine Castle (機械城, Kikai Jō?)
  25. Energy Stone (輝光石[エナジーストーン], Teru Kōseki [Enajī Sutōn]?)
  26. Man of Valor (勇者[クロード], Yūsha [Kurōdo]?)

Home release[]

Star Ocean EX was originally released to Region 2 DVD and VHS in Japan in nine individual volumes by Movic. The first volume, containing two episodes, was released on July 27, 2001. Subsequent volumes, each containing three episodes, followed on a monthly schedule.

In July 2004, Geneon Entertainment announced that they had acquired the license to release Star Ocean EX to Region 1 DVD.[1] They first released the series in six individual volumes, each including English and Japanese audio tracks and English subtitles. The first two volumes contain five episodes each, and the remaining volumes have four each. The first four volumes's on-disc extras included character profiles, while the last two had galleries of illustrations and the original Japanese cover art. Volume 1 was available in both regular and limited editions, with the latter including a box that could hold all volumes inside.

In 2006, Geneon also released the entire series as a box set that includes all volumes in their original cases, but features a box with different art. Discotek Media is known to have rescued the license to the series, and plans to release it on Blu-ray.[2]


The story of Star Ocean EX and its manga source was continued in several drama CDs, produced by Movic and released only in Japan. All five volumes are now out-of-print.


The background music for Star Ocean EX was provided by series composer Motoi Sakuraba and released in two volumes: Star Ocean EX Original Soundtrack and Star Ocean EX Original Soundtrack II. Among the tracks of the former are the TV length versions of the opening and ending themes, "To the Light" and "Hearts".

Neither official soundtrack includes the full version of either song. These were released by Amika Hattan ("To the Light") and Saori Nishihata ("Hearts") as CD singles each.


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