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The following is a list of the locations in Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution.

Planet Milokeenia

Planet Expel

Expel's world map

Krosse Continent

A vaguely cross shaped continent located at the center of Expel's various landmasses, its countryside teems with bandits, armored knights, axemen, symbologists, and various creatures and monsters. Key features in Krosse include:

  • Arlia - Rena's hometown, and the first settlement in Expel visited by Claude.
    • Sacred Forest - The woods Claude arrives when appearing in Expel.
  • Salva - A mining town north of Arlia.
  • Krosse - The capital of the Kingdom of Krosse.
  • Krosse Cave - An old cavern near Krosse with many artifacts inside. Celine Jules raids it alongside the party.
  • Kurik - A port town to the north of Krosse, it connects the Kingdom of Krosse with the Ell Kingdom. It is destroyed by a tsunami in S.D. 366.
  • Lasgus Mountains - A mountain range west of Krosse.
  • Marze - A town of Symbologists to the east of Krosse, and Celine's hometown.
    • Forest of Symbols - A forest with powerful Symbols inside, It is a holy ground for the townfolk of Marze.
  • Harley - The eastern port town that connects the Kingdom of Krosse with the Kingdom of Lacuer.
  • Krosse Mountain Palace - A palace built in the mountain range north of Krosse and built next to Lake Cole.
  • Lake Cole - A lake located within the mountains to the north of Krosse near the Krosse Mountain Palace.
  • Cisco River - A river which flows out of the northern Krosse mountains and is fed by Lake Cole.
  • Kelura River - A river which flows out of the northern Krosse mountains and is fed by Lake Cole.

Lacuer Continent

  • Hilton - A prominent port town of the Kingdom of Lacuer.
  • Lacuer - The capital of the Kingdom of Lacuer. The Lacuer Armory Contest is held here.
  • Linga - A city inhabited by many scholars, and is Bowman Jeane's and Precis Neumann's hometown. Expel's only university lies here.
  • Sacred Grounds of Linga - A mountain range east of Linga. Rare herbs can be found here.
  • Lacuer Front Line Base - A fortress north of Lacuer.

Ell Continent

  • Eluria Settlement - The capital of the Ell Kingdom. It was destroyed by the monsters created by the Sorcery Globe
  • Eluria Tower - A mysterious tower in the Ell Kingdom. The Ten Wise Men are first faced here.

Other Areas

  • Hoffman Ruins - Mysterious ruins that lie to the north of the Lacuer Continent.
  • Maze of Tribulations - A pyramid shaped bonus dungeon that can only be accessed after reaching the last floor of Phynal.

Energy Nede

An isolated piece of the original Nede, protected by an energy shield. Home to the most advanced technology in the universe.

  • Centropolis of Nede - The capital of Energy Nede.
  • North City - A city north of the Centropolis. This is where Psynards are bred.
  • Cave of Crimson Crystals - A cavern where the last wild Psynard resides in.
  • Field of Wisdom - One of the four symbological fields of Energy Nede.
  • Field of Might - One of the four symbological fields of Energy Nede.
  • Field of Courage - One of the four symbological fields of Energy Nede.
  • Field of Love - One of the four symbological fields of Energy Nede.
  • Armlock - A city devoted to the creation of weapons, although they are never used.
  • Fun City - A huge amusement park and only one of its kind in Energy Nede
  • L'Aqua - The military center of Energy Nede. The forces of Nede join here to prepare for the battle against the Ten Wise Men.
  • Phynal - A tower in the northeastern part of Energy Nede. The Ten Wise Men have turned it into their base of operations upon reaching the planet.
  • Minae Cave - A cave inhabited by the Barchians, the only source of LEA Metal.
  • Princebridge - A completely optional city story-wise, it is a somber, snowy town with a large university.
  • Shady Shop - A secret store located in the islands between Princebridge and the Field of Might.
  • Symbological Weapons Laboratory - This is where Rena learns of her past, how she got to planet Expel. This is where you get the information to create the Godslayer and the Knuckles of Hope.
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