SO 20th anni memorial book cover

Cover art.

Star Ocean 20th Anniversary Memorial Book ~Trajectory of the Eternal Sphere~ (スターオーシャン 20th アニバーサリー メモリアルブック ~エターナルスフィアの軌跡~, Sutā Ōshan Dainijū no Anibāsarī Memoriaru Bukku ~Etānaru Sufia no Kiseki~?) is an art book commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the Star Ocean series. It was published by Square Enix, and features illustrations, artwork and descriptions from the series' games prior to Star Ocean: Anamnesis.

  • Language: Japanese
  • Published by Square Enix
  • Published in late June 2016
  • Format: A4
  • Pages: 192
  • ISBN 9784757550339
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