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The Star Ocean: Till the End of Time manga is a series that comprises seven volumes and adapts the events of the third installment in the series. It was written and illustrated by Akira Kanda, and published in Monthly Shōnen Gangan.


Four hundred years after the twelve heroes save the universe from the Ten Wise Men, Fayt Leingod is relaxing on a resort planet with his parents and childhood friend, Sophia Esteed. Soon, the Vendeeni, a hostile race, attack the planet and Fayt is separated from his family and childhood friend.

Shortly after escaping, he meets a man named Cliff Fittir whose anti-Federation organization is interested in Fayt. However, Cliff's ship crash lands on a medieval planet called Elicoor II where the local soldiers take them hostage.


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Vol. Chapter Release Japanese title English title
1 1 A Destined Day
2 Star Ocean
3 Drifting Ashore
4 Ruins of Coffir
-- Extra: Sophia's Summer of '72
2 5 Cliff Fittir
6 Star of Fate
7 Elicoor II
8 Airyglyph's Underground Prison
-- Extra: Gaiden - Aquarian Spy's First Day
3 9 Larva Crab
10 Squall
11 Kirlsa
12 Crossing Kirlsa Mountains
-- Extra: Gaiden - One Night at Kirlsa
4 13 Kirlsa Mountain Paths
14 The Village of Arias
15 Kirlsa Training Facility
16 Trading Town Peterny
-- Extra 1
-- Extra 2
5 17 Duggus Forest Part One
18 Duggus Forest Part Two
19 The Road to Aquaria
20 Runological Weapon
21 Decisive Battle
6 22 The Truth
23 Maria Traydor
24 The Past
25 Crosell
- Extra: Ameena's True Character
-- Extra: Course of Love
7 26 Father
27 Reunion
28 New World
29 Creator
30 Creation of the Universe