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The Star Ocean: The Second Story manga is a seven-volume series written and illustrated by Mayumi Azuma, and published by Enix. It was serialized in Monthly Shōnen Gangan, premiering in June 1999 and running until December 2001 when it ended without reaching the conclusion of the story.

Studio Deen adapted the series into a twenty-six episode anime, Star Ocean EX. To complete the story left unfinished by both the manga and anime, five drama CDs (Star Ocean EX Navigation) were released in Japan, using the same voice actors from the anime.


Ronyx J. Kenny and his son, Claude C. Kenny are on a mission to investigate a newly discovered planet. While investigating a strange machine with a mysterious energy field, Claude is teleported to the planet of Expel. He wakes up in a forest, where he meets Rena Lanford, who is being attacked by a monster. After defeating the monster with his Phase Gun, Rena takes him back to Arlia where he is declared to be the legendary "Hero of Light" who will save Expel, in peril since the landing of the Sorcery Globe...


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Chapters are called "Navigations" (ナビゲーション, Nabigēshon?).

Vol. Chapter Release Japanese title English title
1 1 Jun. 22, 1999 出会い Encounter
2 すれ違い... Passing Each Other By
3 変貌 Transformation
4 出発 Departure
5 女紋章術師 Heraldry Sorceress
2 6 手にしたものは... What We Have Found
7 ロマンス Romance
8 予兆 Prophecy
9 邂逅 A meeting
10 A Feeling lag A feeling lag
3 11 守るべき者 The One to Protect
12 双頭竜と紋章剣士 The Two-Headed Dragon and the Heraldic Swordsman
13 新たな仲間 A New Companion
14 遥か銀河を越えて After Traveling Galaxies
7 14.1 旅は道連れ世はお金...
3 15 発明少女プリシス Girl Inventor Precis
4 16 リンガの大ピンチ Big Trouble in Linga
17 崖っぷちの救出劇! Scene of a Recue at a Cliff
7 17.1 水の都の御伽話
17.2 リンガの町の薬屋さん
4 18 トラブル四角関係? Troubling Love Square?
19 ラクール王国 Lacuer Kingdom
20 再逢...そして To Meet Again... And
5 21 武具大会開催 Armory Contest Opening
22 アシュトン闇に散る!!...(笑) Ashton Scatter in Darkness!!!... (Comedy)
23 それぞれの想い Several Thoughts
24 ホフマン遺跡 Hoffman Ruins
25 出会いのあとには... After We Met...
6 26 ラクール前線基地 Lacuer War Front Military Base
27 襲来 Invasion
28 闇からの使者 Messenger from the Dark
29 漂流 Drifting
30 避難地区にて At the Shelter
31 強制転送
32 遠い二人
7 33 Bonds
34 想いを紡いで
35 対決
Final 光の勇者 Hero of Light
Another 孤護唄