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Star Ocean: And Then to the Far Reaches of Time (スターオーシャン そして時の彼方へ, Sutā Ōshan: Soshite Toki no Kanata e?) is a short manga which adapts the original Star Ocean. It was written and illustrated by Kajiba Ataru, and published in Monthly Shonen Gangan.

The chapters were collected into a single 188-pages long volume, released in December 16, 1998. (ISBN 4870254263 - ISBN 978-4870254268)


A nearby village has been stricken by a mysterious plague. While searching for a cure, Ratix, Milly, and Dorn meet two strangers, and are quickly swept up in an epic quest.


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Vol. Chapter Release Japanese title English title
1 1 Apr. 1998 ? The Approaching Shadow
2 May 1998 ? Vow, Decision, Departure
3 Jun. 1998 ? The Mystery of Three Hundred Years Ago
4 Jul. 1998 ? A New Decision
5 Aug. 1998 ? The Decisive Battle - The Demon Lord
6 Sep. 1998 ? Charge! The Last Battle
7 Oct. 1998 ? Newly Becoming the Far Side of Time