Colored manga illustration from Dengeki Maoh magazine.

Star Ocean: Second Evolution is a manga based on the video game Star Ocean: Second Evolution. It is illustrated by Yoshida Morohe and currently serialized in Dengeki Maoh. Only seven chapters have been released with no volumes on sale yet.


Unlike the Second Story manga, which focuses on Claude's side of the story, the Second Evolution manga focuses on Rena's side of the story. This game is about a young Federal Officer, named Claude, who is transported into an underdeveloped planet. That is where he meets Rena, inhabiter of the planet. In Rena's planet, the people believe in the Hero of Light, a person who comes in foreign clothes, and his sword of Light to save their world from the danger that would soon befall the noble planet. When the sorcery Globe falls in the kingdom of Ell, Cataclysms take place. These cataclysms take over a person's body, and makes them the total opposite of that person. Since Claude appeared at the time when people were taken over Cataclysms, Rena had thought that he was the Hero of Light. From Miliokeenia, to Arlia, Claude passes through a journey, and fufills a prophecy, and saves a newly discovered race.