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The following is a list of playable characters in Star Ocean: Anamnesis.


Character Variants
Evelysse Evelysse icon.png
Evelysse Healer
Bridal evelysse icon.png
Bride Evelysse Invoker
Christmas snow white evelysse icon.png
Winter Evelysse Defender
Beach evelysse icon.png
Summer Evelysse Sharpshooter
Herald of spring evelysse icon.png
New Year's EvelysseAttacker
Singing Star Evelysse Icon.png
Idol Evelysse Invoker
Witch eve icon.png
Witch Evelysse Healer
Onsen eve icon.png
Hotspring EvelysseAttacker
Dark eve icon.png
Dark Evelysse Invoker
- - -
Verda Kleiman Verda clayman icon.png
Verda Sharpshooter
Valentine pure love verda clayman icon.png
Sweet Verda Attacker
Hero verda icon.png
Hero Verda Invoker
Singing star verda kleiman icon.png
Idol Verda Defender
Rondo verda icon.png
Rondo Verda Sharpshooter
Beach verda icon.png
Summer Verda Sharpshooter
- -
Tika Blunche Tika icon.png
Tika HealerAttackerDefenderSharpshooterInvoker
Herald of spring tika blunche icon.png
New Year's Tika Sharpshooter
Inscribed Star Tika icon.png
Timeless Tika Sharpshooter
Summer Adult Tika Icon.png
Summer Tika Attacker
Waltz tika icon.png
Waltz Tika Attacker
Bride tika icon.png
Bride Tika Invoker
Ny tika icon.png
Spring Tika Attacker
Idol tika stamp.png
Idol Tika Attacker
Yrian Luxter Yrian luxter icon.png
Yrian Defender
Beach yurian icon.png
Summer Yrian Sharpshooter
- -
Welch Vineyard Welch vineyard twin eclipse icon.png
Welch Attacker
Beach welch icon.png
Summer Welch Invoker
- -
Caleen Keemosn Caleen icon.png
Caleen Attacker
Valentines caleen icon.png
Sweet Caleen Invoker
Summer Caleen Icon.png
Summer Caleen Sharpshooter
Red dawn fox caleen icon.png
Dawn Caleen Attacker
Caleen 05 icon.png
General Caleen Attacker
Bride caleen icon.png
Bride Caleen Sharpshooter
Christmas caleen icon.png
Winter Caleen Attacker
Idol caleen stamp.png
Idol Caleen Sharpshooter
Vulcan S90 Vulcan icon.png
Vulcan Sharpshooter
Maid vulcan icon.png
Maid Vulcan Attacker
- -
Henri un Loup Henri Henri icon.png
Henri Attacker
- - -
Ricardo Franz Ricardo icon.png
Ricardo Defender
Ricardo 02 icon.png
Artillery Ricardo Sharpshooter
- -
Mastema Mastema icon.png
Mastema Invoker
Wise god mastema icon.png
Sage Mastema Healer
- -
Heath Bureau Heath icon.png
Heath Attacker
- - -
Laevonia Rose Laevonia icon.png
Laevonia Attacker
Beach laevonia icon.png
Summer Laevonia Attacker
Ny laevonia icon.png
Dream Laevonia Sharpshooter
Coro Coro icon.png
Coro HealerAttackerDefenderSharpshooterInvoker
- - -
Jivreth Jivre icon.png
Jivreth Invoker
- - -
Jeanne Mathwest Jeanne mathwest icon.png
Jeanne Defender
- - -
Andre Andre icon.png
Andre Attacker
Anti sword andre icon.png
Armed Andre Attacker
- -
Katarina Catalina icon.png
Katarina Sharpshooter
Healing rifle catalina icon.png
Violet Katarina Healer
- -
Boris Boris icon.png
Boris Sharpshooter
Scythe boris icon.png
Reaper Boris Invoker
- -
Hal Haru icon.png
Hal Sharpshooter
Strong arm haru icon.png
Iron-Arm Hal Attacker
- -
Angelica Angelica icon.png
Angelica Attacker
Magical whip angelica icon.png
Bewitching Angelica Invoker
- -
Bernard Bernard icon.png
Bernard Sharpshooter
Manuscript bernard icon.png
Scholar Bernard Invoker
- -
Marcelle Marcel icon.png
Marcelle Attacker
Axe marcelle icon.png
Halberd Marcelle Invoker
- -
Seth Seth icon.png
Seth Invoker
Manuscript seth icon.png
Scholar Seth Invoker
- -
Pamela Pamela icon.png
Pamela Sharpshooter
Jewel pamela icon.png
Seer Pamela Healer
- -
Eleanor Eleanore icon.png
Eleanor Sharpshooter
Jewel eleanore icon.png
Seer Eleanor Invoker
- -
Dominic Dominique icon.png
Dominic Sharpshooter
Manuscript dominique icon.png
Scholar Dominic Healer
- -
Winny Winnie icon.png
Winny Healer
Jewel winnie icon.png
Seer Winny Invoker
- -
Rochelle Rochelle icon.png
Rochelle Invoker
Jewel rochelle icon.png
Seer Rochelle Invoker
- -
Gideon Gideon icon.png
Gideon Defender
Mech gideon icon.png
Mecha-Gideon Invoker
- -
Heinrich Heinrich icon.png
Heinrich Attacker
Huge sword heinrich icon.png
Robust Heinrich Healer
- -
Renier Renier icon.png
Renier Defender
Manuscript renier icon.png
Scholar Renier Invoker
- -
Chloe Chloe icon.png
Chloe Healer
- - -
Sidonius Sidonius icon.png
Sidonius Healer
- - -

Star Ocean

Character Variants
Roddick Farrence Roddick farrence icon.png
Roddick Attacker
Beach roddick farrence icon.png
Summer Roddick Attacker
- -
Millie Chliette Millie chliette icon.png
Millie Healer
Halloween werewolf millie chliette icon.png
Were-Millie Attacker
Beach millie chliette icon.png
Summer Millie Healer
Valentines miki icon.png
Sweet Millie Sharpshooter
Ronyx J. Kenny Ronyx j kenny icon.png
Ronyx Invoker
- - -
Ilia Silvestri Ilia silvestri icon.png
Ilia Attacker
- - -
Cyuss Warren Cyuss warren icon.png
Cyuss Defender
- - -
Phia Melle Phia melle icon.png
Phia Attacker
Crimson grace phia melle icon.png
Crimson Phia Sharpshooter
- -
Ioshua Jerand Ioshua Jerand Icon.png
Ioshua Healer
- - -
Mavelle Froesson Mavelle froesson icon.png
Mavelle Invoker
- - -
Pericci Pericci icon.png
Pericci Attacker
Valentines pericci icon.png
Naive Pericci Sharpshooter
Snowcat pericci icon.png
Winter Pericci Invoker
Erys Jerand Erys Jerand Icon.png
Erys Invoker
Erys Valentine icon.png
Heavenly Erys Attacker
Beach erys icon.png
Summer Erys Healer
T'nique Arcana Tnique icon.png
T'nique Defender
- - -
Ashlay Bernbeldt Ashlay icon.png
Ashlay Attacker
- - -
Dorne Murtough Dorne icon.png
Dorne Defender
- - -

Star Ocean: The Second Story

Character Variants
Claude C. Kenny Claude c kenny icon.png
Claude Attacker
Formalwear claude c kenny icon.png
Uniform Claude Invoker
Bluesphere claude icon.png
Blue Sphere Claude Sharpshooter
Rena Lanford Rena lanford icon.png
Rena Healer
Bridal rena lanford icon.png
Bride Rena Attacker
Valentine sweet cat rena lanford icon.png
Cat Rena Attacker
Beach rena lanford icon.png
Summer Rena Defender
Snow flower rena lanford icon.png
Winter Rena Sharpshooter
Bluesphere rena icon.png
Blue Sphere Rena Healer
Persona rena icon.png
Palace Rena Sharpshooter
Onsen rena icon.png
Hotspring Rena Sharpshooter
Divine wings rena icon.png
Divine Rena Invoker
Idol rena icon.png
Idol Rena Defender
- -
Celine Jules Celine jules icon.png
Celine Invoker
Hunter celine icon.png
Hunter Celine Sharpshooter
- -
Ashton Anchors Ashton anchors icon.png
Ashton Attacker
Blazing ashton anchors icon.png
Blazing Ashton Defender
Holy night ashton anchors icon.png
Holiday Ashton Attacker
Dragon god ashton icon.png
Divine Ashton Attacker
Precis F. Neumann Precis f. neumann icon.png
Precis Attacker
Christmas holy night precis icon.png
Holiday Precis Healer
Bridal precis f. neumann icon.png
Bride Precis Sharpshooter
Mecha rider precis icon.png
Operator Precis Sharpshooter
Madscientist precis icon.png
Franken-Precis Invoker
Valentines precis icon.png
Sweet Precis Defender
- -
Bowman Jeane Bowman Icon.png
Bowman Attacker
- - -
Dias Flac Dias flac icon.png
Dias Defender
Cherry cloud dias flac icon.png
Blossom Dias Sharpshooter
- -
Leon D.S. Gehste Leon d.s. gehste icon.png
Leon Invoker
Butler leon d.s. gehste icon.png
Butler Leon Sharpshooter
Bluesphere leon icon.png
Blue Sphere Leon Invoker
Opera Vectra Opera vectra icon.png
Opera Sharpshooter
Deep crimson opera vectra icon.png
Crimson Opera Invoker
- -
Ernest Raviede Ernest icon.png
Ernest Attacker
- - -
Noel Chandler Noel Chandler icon.png
Noel Healer
- - -
Chisato Madison Chisato madison icon.png
Chisato Attacker
Bluesphere chisato icon.png
Blue Sphere Chisato Attacker
- -
Michael Michael icon.png
Michael Attacker
- - -
Lucifer Cyril icon.png
Lucifer Invoker
- - -
Gabriel Gabriel icon.png
Gabriel Template:HLR EX
- - -

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Character Variants
Fayt Leingod Fayt leingod icon.png
Fayt Attacker
Groom fayt leingod icon.png
Groom Fayt Defender
Srf fayt linegod icon.png
SRF Fayt Defender
Winged fayt icon.png
Divine Fayt Attacker
Idol fayt icon.png
Idol Fayt Sharpshooter
- - -
Sophia Esteed Sophia esteed icon.png
Sophia Invoker
Everlasting summer sophia esteed icon.png
Summer Sophia Healer
Youth sophia esteed icon.png
Youth Sophia Sharpshooter
Maid sophia esteed icon.png
Maid Sophia Sharpshooter
Srf sophia esteed icon.png
SRF Sophia Sharpshooter
Singing Star Sophia Esteed Icon.png
Idol Sophia Sharpshooter
Divine sophia icon.png
Divine Sophia Invoker
Maria Traydor Maria traydor icon.png
Maria Sharpshooter
Bridal maria traydor icon.png
Bride Maria Sharpshooter
Cherry blossom maria traydor icon.png
Blossom Maria Attacker
Beach maria traydor icon.png
Summer Maria Attacker
Bunny ears maria traydor icon.png
Bunny Maria Attacker
Silversnow maria icon.png
Winter Maria Sharpshooter
Divine wings maria icon.png
Divine Maria Invoker
Halloween maria icon.png
Vampire Maria Healer
Cliff Fittir Cliff fittir icon.png
Cliff Attacker
Groom Clif Icon.png
Groom Cliff Defender
- -
Nel Zelpher Nel zelpher icon.png
Nel Sharpshooter
Priestess nel zelpher icon.png
Oracle Nel Healer
Bridal nel zelpher icon.png
Bride Nel Sharpshooter
Maid nel zelpher icon.png
Maid Nel Attacker
Fallen angel nel zelpher icon.png
Angel Nel Defender
Summer Nel Icon.png
Summer Nel Defender
Nel06 icon.png
Empress Nel Sharpshooter
Oni nel icon.png
Demon Nel Defender
Christmas nel icon.png
Holiday Nel Healer
- - -
Albel Nox Albel nox icon.png
Albel Attacker
Black commander albel nox icon.png
Dark Albel Attacker
Wolf albel nox icon.png
Were-Albel Attacker
Oni albel icon.png
Demon Albel Attacker
Peppita Rossetti Peppita Rossetti icon.png
Peppita Attacker
Halloween peppita icon.png
Magician Peppita Sharpshooter
- -
Roger S. Huxley Roger icon.png
Roger Attacker
- - -
Adray Lasbard Adray Icon.png
Adray Invoker
- - -
Mirage Koas Mirage koas icon.png
Mirage Attacker
Bunny ears mirage koas icon.png
Bunny Mirage Healer
Bride Mirage Icon.png
Bride Mirage Invoker
Clair Lasbard Clair lasbard icon.png
Clair Sharpshooter
Maiden clair lasbard icon.png
Girly Clair Sharpshooter
Halloween demon clair lasbard icon.png
Devil Clair Attacker
Maid clair lasbard icon.png
Maid Clair Invoker
Bridal clair lasbard icon.png
Bride Clair Attacker
Snowy sky clair lasbard icon.png
Winter Clair Healer
Clair06 icon.png
Empress Clair Attacker
Beach clair icon.png
Summer Clair Attacker
Tynave Tynave icon.png
Tynave Attacker
- - -
Farleen Farleen icon.png
Farleen Attacker
- - -
Luther Lansfeld Luther icon.png
Luther Attacker
- - -

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Character Variants
Edge Maverick Edge maverick icon.png
Edge Defender
Federation edge maverick icon.png
Official Edge Sharpshooter
Beach Edge Icon.png
Summer Edge Attacker
Reimi Saionji Reimi saionji icon.png
Reimi Sharpshooter
Everlasting summer reimi saionji icon.png
Summer Reimi Attacker
Federation reimi saionji icon.png
Official Reimi Invoker
Bridal reimi saionji icon.png
Bride Reimi Attacker
Singing star reimi saionji icon.png
Idol Reimi Attacker
Phoenix bow reimi icon.png
Phoenix Reimi Healer
Maid reimi icon.png
Maid Reimi Attacker
Divine reimi icon.png
Divine Reimi Sharpshooter
Faize Sheifa Beleth Faize sheifa beleth icon.png
Faize Invoker
Exorcist faize icon.png
Exorcist Faize Sharpshooter
- -
Lymle Lemuri Phi Lymle lemuri phi icon.png
Lymle Invoker
Federation lymle lemuri phi icon.png
Official Lymle Sharpshooter
Valentines lymle icon.png
Flower Lymle Invoker
Bacchus D-79 Bacchus icon.png
Bacchus Defender
- - -
Meracle Chamlotte Meracle chamlotte icon.png
Meracle Attacker
Youth meracle chamlotte icon.png
Youth Meracle Healer
- -
Sarah Jerand Sarah jerand icon.png
Sarah Healer
- - -
Myuria Tionysus Myuria tionysus icon.png
Myuria Invoker
Everlasting summer myuria tionysus icon.png
Summer Myuria Defender
Oiran myuria icon.png
Courtesan Myuria Attacker
Arumat P. Thanatos Arumat icon.png
Arumat Attacker
Butler arumat icon.png
Butler Arumat Defender
- -
Eleyna Farrence Eleyna farrence icon.png
Eleyna Invoker
- - -
Crowe F. Almedio Crowe f almedio icon.png
Crowe Attacker
- - -
Stephen D. Kenny Stephen d kenny icon.png
Stephen Defender
- - -
Shimada Shimada icon.png
Shimada Defender
- - -
Milla Bachtein Milla bachtein icon.png
Milla Sharpshooter
- - -
Amina Amina icon.png
Amina Sharpshooter
- - -

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Character Variants
Fidel Camuze Fidel camuze icon.png
Fidel Attacker
Christmas winter sky fidel camuze icon.png
Winter Fidel Attacker
- -
Miki Sauvester Miki sauvester icon.png
Miki Healer
Girls day miki icon.png
Princess Miki Defender
Everlasting summer miki sauvester icon.png
Summer Miki Sharpshooter
Singing star miki sauvester icon.png
Idol Miki Sharpshooter
Miki Valentine icon.png
Sweet Miki Sharpshooter
- - -
Victor Oakville Victor oakville icon.png
Victor Defender
Halloween vampire victor oakville icon.png
Vampire Victor Sharpshooter
- -
Fiore Brunelli Fiore brunelli icon.png
Fiore Invoker
Nurse fiore brunelli icon.png
Nurse Fiore Sharpshooter
Bandage fiore brunelli icon.png
Bandage Fiore Attacker
Maid fiore icon.png
Maid Fiore Defender
Emmerson T. Kenny Emmerson t kenny icon.png
Emmerson Sharpshooter
- - -
Anne Patriceani Anne patriceani icon.png
Anne Attacker
Federation anne patriceani icon.png
Official Anne Sharpshooter
- -
Relia Relia icon.png
Relia Healer
Pumpkin relia icon.png
Pumpkin Relia Invoker
- -
Welch Vineyard Welch vineyard icon.png
Welch Invoker
Weepy welch vineyard icon.png
Weepy Welch Attacker
Valentine visionary welch vineyard icon.png
Dream Welch Healer
Daril Camuze Daril camuze icon.png
Daril Attacker
- - -
Pavine Pavine icon.png
Pavine Sharpshooter
- - -
Ted Ted icon.png
Ted Attacker
- - -
Gunter Gunter icon.png
Gunter Attacker
- - -
Hana Hana icon.png
Hana Healer
- - -
Tiffan Delacroix Tiffan delacroix icon.png
Delacroix Sharpshooter
- - -
Raffine Raffine icon.png
Raffine Healer
- - -

Other properties

Valkyrie Profile

Character Variants
Lenneth Valkyrie Lenneth valkyrie icon.png
Lenneth Attacker
Blue sky lenneth icon.png
Azure Lenneth Sharpshooter
- -
Silmeria Valkyrie Silmeria valkyrie icon.png
Silmeria Sharpshooter
- - -
Freya Freya icon.png
Freya Invoker
Gods messenger freya icon.png
Purging Freya Invoker
- -
Hrist Valkyrie Ahly hrist icon.png
Hrist Defender
- -
Arngrim Aluze (arngrim) icon.png
Arngrim Attacker
- - -
Lezard Valeth Lezard valeth icon.png
Lezard Invoker
Transcendental lezard icon.png
Transcended Lezard Invoker
- -
Mystina Meltina (mystina) icon.png
Mystina Invoker
- - -
Alicia Alicia icon.png
Alicia Defender
Valkyrie icon.png
Valkyrie Attacker
- -
Rufus Rufus icon.png
Rufus Sharpshooter
- - -
Frei Frei icon.png
Frei Attacker
- - -

Resonance of Fate

Character Variants
Leanne Leanne (reanbell) icon.png
Leanne Sharpshooter
Wedding leanne (reanbell) icon.png
Bride Leanne Attacker
Beach leanne icon.png
Summer Leanne Sharpshooter
Vashyron Vashyron icon.png
Vashyron Defender
- - -
Zephyr Zephyr icon.png
Zephyr Attacker
- - -

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Character Variants
Rain Rain icon.png
Rain Defender
- - -
Fina Fina icon.png
Fina Healer
- - -
Lasswell Lasswell icon.png
Lasswell Attacker
- - -

Infinite Undiscovery

Character Variants
Capell Capell icon.png
Capell Attacker
- - -
Aya Aya icon.png
Aya Sharpshooter
- - -
Sigmund Sigmund icon.png
Sigmund Defender
- - -

NieR: Automata

Character Variants
2B 2b icon.png
2B Attacker
- - -
9S 9s icon.png
9S Sharpshooter
- - -
A2 A2 icon.png
A2 Defender
- - -

Radio Ocean

Character Variants
Yuichi Oakville Yuichi oakveil icon.png
Yuichi Defender
- - -
Mafia K. Steve Mafia k steve icon.png
Mafia Sharpshooter
- - -
Tomokazu Tomokazu icon.png
Tomokazu Attacker
- - -
Sumire Sumire evelysse icon.png
Sumirysse Sharpshooter
- - -
Shiori Shiori verda icon.png
Shiori Invoker
- - -

Sakura Wars

Character Variants
Sakura Shinguji Sakurashinguji icon.png
Sakura Attacker
- - -
Erica Fontaine Ericafontaine icon.png
Erica Healer
- - -
Gemini Sunrise Geminisunrise icon.png
Gemini Defender
- - -
Sakura Amamiya Sakura amamiya icon.png
Sakura Attacker
- - -
Hatsuho Shinonome Hatsuho shinonome icon.png
Hatsuho Defender
- - -
Clarissa Snowflake Clarissa snowflake icon.png
Claris Invoker
- - -
Azami Mochizuki Azami mochizuki icon.png
Azami Attacker
- - -
Anastasia Palma Anastasia palma icon.png
Anastasia Sharpshooter
- - -

Attack on Titan

Character Variants
Mikasa Ackerman Mikasa Ackerman Icon.png
Mikasa Attacker
- - -
Levi Ackerman Levi Ackerman Icon.png
Levi Attacker
- - -

Radiata Stories

Character Variants
Jack Russell Jack russell icon.png
Jack Attacker
- - -
Ridley Silverlake Ridley Silverlake icon.png
Ridley Attacker
- - -

Guilty Gear

Character Variants
Sol Badguy Sol Badguy icon.png
Sol Attacker
- - -
Elphelt Valentine Elphelt Valentine icon.png
Elphelt Sharpshooter
- - -
Ky Kiske Ky kiske icon.png
Ky Defender
- - -
Dizzy Dizzy icon.png
Dizzy Invoker
- - -

Tales of Phantasia

Character Variants
Cress Albane Cress Albane icon.png
Cress Attacker
- - -
Mint Adenade Mint Adenade icon.png
Mint Healer
- - -
Arche Klein Arche klein icon.png
Arche Invoker
- - -
Chester Burklight Chester burklight icon.png
Chester Sharpshooter
- - -
Dhaos Dhaos Icon.png
Dhaos Attacker
- - -


Character Variants
Makoto Yuki Makoto yuki icon.png
Makoto Attacker
- - -
Yu Narukami Narukami yu icon.png
Yu Defender
- - -
Ren Amamiya Joker icon.png
Joker Attacker
- - -
Futaba Sakura Sakura futaba icon.png
Oracle Invoker
- - -
Kasumi Yoshizawa Yoshizawa kasumi icon.png
Kasumi Attacker
- - -