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The Star Ocean: Anamnesis -Twin Eclipse- manga is a series written by Satoshi Wagahara, who wrote the game scenario for -Twin Eclipse- and the novel Star Ocean: Anamnesis -The Beacon of Hope-. It was published on the game's official Japanese website.

Unlike other mangas in the series, it is not an adaptation of in-game events, rather it is a companion piece that expands on the story of the new main characters introduced.


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Vol. Chapter Release Japanese title English title
n\a 1 Sep. 10, 2018 貴族であり、剣士であり、何者でもない Noble, Swordsman, Nobody
2 Oct. 10, 2018 彼女の日常と日常とそして日常と Her Daily, Everyday Life
3 Dec. 3, 2018 漁り、弔い、かり火、夜空 Searching, Funeral, Burial, Night Sky
4 Feb. 13, 2019 新米モーフィス野戦記 New Morph Field
5 Feb. 14, 2019 飢狼は理想郷の夢を見るか Do Wolves Dream of Utopia
6 Apr. 8, 2019 ミライハダレ三モワカラナイ A Future that No One Knows
7 May 1, 2019 Be Human Be Human


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