Space Date, abbreviated as S.D. or simply SD, is the main method of year count in the Star Ocean universe. Every game in the series has taken place in the SD calendar, and it was adopted in the year mankind developed ways of traveling at a speed faster-than-light.

The titles of the Star Ocean series take place in the following eras:

Dictionary Entry

A system of dates established in 2087 AD on Earth, the third planet of the Sol System, and the standard date system in use in the Pangalactic Federation. This system commemorates the year Professor Trillas Bachtein developed his faster-than-light subspace warp system, which enabled interstellar travel.

On March 7th, four years after Earthlings first traveled faster than light through interstellar space, the Terran government of the time established this system of dates, with 2087 AD designated as the first year, in honor of this great achievement.