Star Ocean 00015

The Sound Player of Star Ocean.

Sound Collection is a feature in Star Ocean and Star Ocean: The Second Story that allows playback of voice samples and music from each game. The collection aspect exist in that the player cannot listen to a sound or song without first encountering during a playthrough. A music player also exists within Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, but lacks the voice player.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey

Along with voices and music, the sound player also plays sound effects.

Star Ocean: The Second Story

The music player unlocks after obtaining a certain amount of voices. The voices are represented on a grid as pieces of an image of Philia.

This version of the Sound Collection is a precursor to Battle Trophies, as collecting the voices unlocks extra features such as the Galaxy and Universe difficulty modes.


  • It is impossible to fully complete The Second Story's sound collection, as there are several voice samples that cannot be triggered during gameplay without a cheat device, including characters shouting the names of party members that can never be in the same party, as well as characters calling the names of spells they never learn.