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Sophia Esteed

Sophia Esteed (ソフィア・エスティード, Sofia Esutīdo?) is one of the main characters of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. A student who attends Bachtein High School and is interested in space-time symbology, she is Fayt Leingod's childhood friend. She is on vacation on Hyda IV with Fayt's family when the game begins.


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Till the End of Time: Sophia Esteed, Sophia Esteed (Part 2); Connection, Connection (Part 2)

Birthplace: Earth
Birthday: March 3rd, 755 S.D.
An ordinary high school girl attending Bachtein High School in the 700s (S.D.).
While on vacation with Fayt and his family, she finds herself caught up in an assault on planet Hyda IV, forever changing the couse of her fate.
Sophia has a soft spot for cute things, such as cat mascots, and loves collecting them.
Despite being childhood friends and a sister to Fayt, she is doing all she can to take their relationship in a new direction.

Birthplace: Earth
Birthday: March 3rd, 755 S.D.
A young girl that lived in the 700s (S.D.).
Her father is considered to be the top authority on space-time, which is what inspired Sophia to study space-time symbology.
She fervently wishes to one day visit the beach again with Fayt. In fact, she has been dedicating a great deal of time to using the ship's replicator to make and remake swimwear.

Birthplace: Earth
Birthday: March 3rd, 755 S.D.
A student who attends Bachtein High School in the 700s (S.D.).
Along with Fayt's father, Robert Leingod, Sophia was taken hostage by the Vendeeni, but Fayt and Maria came to the rescue.
She has a deep respect for the historical scientist Leon Gehste, and hopes one day to acquire an original copy of his book, "The Special Theory of Symbology".






Sophia was born on the orbital colony Moonbase to the surgeon Kyoko Esteed and the leader on space-time theory, Clive Esteed. Sophia's mother was friends with Ryoko Leingod since they were on school, while her father worked at the same Moonbase research facility as Ryoko and her husband, Robert, as well as the Traydors.

Prior to Sophia's birth, this research team explored the planet Styx and were warned by the Guardian of the Time Gate that the Fourth-Dimensional Beings, creators of the universe, would punish all life in the galaxy for their foolish ways. In order to fight this fate, the team subsequently created three symbological genes and gave these powers to their children: Fayt and Maria were given Destruction and Alteration, while the unborn Sophia was given the power of Connection. Anticipating the Creator's reprisal, they left Moonbase and moved to Earth. The Traydors, for their part, left for Federation Station#17.

The Esteeds and Leingods remained near each other, so Sophia and Fayt grew up together, leading normal lives and unaware of their origins. She enrolled in the Spacetime Department of Bachtein High School.

Vendeeni attack

In S.D. 772, Sophia is invited to the Leingod's vacation on Hyda IV. Sophia is caught up in the attack with Fayt. She escapes with Fayt, but they are soon split up by different escape pods. It is then discovered she was captured by the Vendeeni, being a key part in ultimately luring Fayt into the open. Fortunately, the Vendeeni attempt doesn't succeed, it being thwarted at the Kirlsa Training Facility. After being rescued she joins the party on their trip to Moonbase, where, Sophia learns that she, too, was experimented on by Dr. Leingod and her own father as a child and given the power of Connection. Sophia uses this power on Styx to allow the party to enter the Fourth-Dimensional Space.

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Sophia is a rather normal girl who enjoys cooking, cleaning, sewing and basic things traditionally considered "feminine"; since both her parents are busy with work, Sophia had to learn and take care of the chores around the house by herself from an early age. She also loves cats, and often wears clothing and accessories with cats on them.

Sophia has an ongoing interest in the history of Symbology. In Anamnesis she is shown to admire Professor Leon D.S. Gehste for his accomplishments in the field—hinted at in Till the End of Time by her saying she is a fan of a "Doctor Leon".

Because she is such close friends with Fayt and his parents, as well as her and Fayt's parents working together, she is considered a member of the family and refers to Fayt's father and mother as "Uncle Robert" and "Aunty Ryoko". She is hinted to be Fayt's potential 'sweetheart' and several Private Actions within the game reinforce said implications of underlying romance between the two, although oddly enough, their couple ending—in which they reunite with Sophia's parents and Ryoko—contains no such hints. Two noteworthy examples are presented on Hyda IV and in Castle Aquaria near the end of the journey.


In Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Sophia is the game's resident symbologist and uses staves in battle. Sophia learns every symbol available to the party in the game and her Connection gene manifests in her most powerful skills as summoning symbols. She knows only three battle skills: Aerial, Charge, and Meteor Swarm—this last ability is the only battle skill to be calculated off the INT stat.

She is also playable in Star Ocean: Anamnesis, wherein she currently has six variants: "Sophia", "Summer Sophia", "Youth Sophia", "Maid Sophia", "SRF Sophia", and "Idol Sophia".

Family Tree

Esteed Family Tree

Other appearances

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Sophia appears as an obtainable playable character in the Final Fantasy series as part of a collaboration between Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Star Ocean: Anamnesis.

Sophia is a 5-7★ unit. Her Trust Master reward is her signature Crescent Rod, while her Super Trust Master Reward is her hairpin. Her Limit Burst is "Meteor Swarm". Her passive traits are: SPR +20%, MAG +30%, Heartfelt Healing, Lucky Star, Symbol of Faith, First Aid, Cat's Amulet, Knowledge of Symbology, Increased Stamina, HP +20%, Entrusted Symbol. Sophia learns the following abilities: Scan Enemy, Fire Bolt, Ice Needles, Lightning Blast, Earth Glaive, Crush, Thunder Flare, Deep Freeze, Fireball, Quick Symbol, Earnest Academic, Blood Scylla, Stone Rain, Convert Damage, Southern Cross, Efreet, Ravenous Fiend.


Till the End of Time
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