Signeturgy is a unique type of sorcery in Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness only practiced on the continent of Vestiel, where Fidel and his group are from. Similar to Symbology, special "Signets" are activated to create magical effects. However, unlike Symbology, these signets are physically imbued onto a person's body, glowing when they are activated. Because of this imbuing process, Signeturgy is generally only performed by adults who can withstand the painful experience.

Those who can wield Signeturgy are called signeturges. A notable and powerful signeturge is Fiore Brunelli, the party's main offensive magic user. Due to their power and rarity, signeturges are sought after by the armies across Vestiel.

The world's premier location for the study and research of Signeturgy is the Royal Institute of Signeturgical Studies located in Santeroule.

Dictionary Entry

Signeturgy is a unique type of sorcery practiced on Vestiel. It requires objects known as "signets" to activate, which are ideographs that are imbued on the caster's body.
Those who employ this art are called signeturges, and can perform such feats as manipulating the elements of water, fire, ice, earth, light, and darkness. These powers may also be used to heal living beings, and signeturges who command restorative powers are highly sought after by armies.
Those who wish to become signeturges must first undergo this procedure of having a signet bestowed upon them. Only after a signet has been imbued can a signeturge make use of its powers.
It is not enough, however, to simply have a signet engraved into one's flesh. Prospective sorcerers must undergo rigorous psychological training in order to effectively control signets' powers once they have been imbued.
As this training requires a certain degree of mental fortitude to undertake, people must first come of age before they are able to be imbued.
The antithesis to imbuing, expunction is the process by which signets are removed from people.
Expunction must be performed with a certain apparatus, but the Vestielians still do not understand the underlying principles of it; they simply copied the original device's blueprints and emorized how to operate it.
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