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The following is a chronological list of events that take place in the universe of the Star Ocean series. History is divided into the anno Domini dating system (B.C and A.D.) and the Space Date method (S.D.) which was adopted by the Pangalactic Federation on the four year anniversary of the development of subspace technology. It also lists the events of Universe-2 and 4D Space, which are both separate dimensions from the Eternal Sphere.




Between 20,000,000,000 - 15,000,000,000 B.C.

  • The Eternal Sphere is brought online. Tria is believed to be the name of the startup program.

Around 4,542,997,983 B.C.

  • On the Sol System, Earth is created.

Pre-3,699,997,548 B.C.

3,699,997,548 B.C.

  • Rebels opposing the Ten Wise Men project attack and kill Dr. Lantis' daughter, Philia. The Nedians issue an information blackout to conceal this from Dr. Lantis until he finishes the final Wise Man, Gabriel.
  • Dr. Lantis re-programs the Wise Men from quelling the uprising to destroying the universe. The Wise Men destroy a unit of Nedian special forces, assaulting the lab, and then go on to terrorize Nede.
  • The Nedians rally their forces and push the Wise Men back to the lab. When the Nedian forces enter, Dr. Lantis is nowhere to be found - he has trapped himself along with the other nine Wise Men in an Eternity Space Pocket. Eternity Space is a dimension of which there is no escape without being released by using a password on the outside.
  • Due to the actions of the Ten Wise Men, 80% of the Nedian military is destroyed. The outlying rebel planets begin a revolt, and begin to close in on Nede. In order to protect themselves, the Nedians construct Energy Nede and surround it with an impenetrable, Class 9 force field. The Nedians move to this new home, completely cut off from the rest of the galaxy. Finally, they destroy their own planet.

Circa 3,699,997,548 B.C.

  • A group of Nedians that do not wish to seclude themselves from the rest of the universe decide to create their own, artificial home world. They create the giant space station, En II (Energy Nede II). At some point, they adopt the name, Morphus.

699,997,565 B.C.

699,997,563 B.C.

Between 2,200,000 - 1,600,000 B.C.

  • The earliest known humans evolve from a common ancestor of African apes on the 3rd planet in the Sol System, Earth, given the designation "Homo Habilis" - or "skillful person."

Roughly 48,000 B.C.

Roughly 9,900 B.C.

  • A highly advanced race of humans, the Muah, is believed to live on a continent, Mu, located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Sometime before 1,000 B.C.

1,000 B.C.

  • Earth is struck by a meteorite on the continent of Mu. This opens a wormhole that sends its residents, the Muah, to Roak, Fargett, Edifice, and possibly other places. The continent itself is either destroyed or sucked into the wormhole.

Sometime after 1,000 B.C.

  • The Muah on Roak meet the Runes, an ancient race inhabiting the planet at the time of their arrival. The Runes help them by teaching them Symbology and they, combining their own technology with Symbology, in the form of a relic called the Eye of Truth, attempt to create a portal back to their home planet, but instead open a gate to the Demon World. They eventually close the gate, however, suffer great losses to their people as well as the native Fellpool on the planet. With their people destroyed by monsters the Muah entrust their greatest treasure, the Eye of Truth, with the Runes who become its guardians, and lock themselves away in stasis, hoping one day to awaken and return home.
  • On Edifice, the Muah use their advanced technology to create a super computer known as Mother Edifice, that will possess a human on the planet and force them to activate its program. Upon doing so, the planet will be devastated by a tsunami, effectively restarting life, in hopes that it will stop humankind from destroying each other as a result of misusing technology.

Between 1587 A.D. - 1600 A.D.

  • The Planetary Exploration Ship, Discovery arrives at Fargett from about 500 years in the future. This gives a big jump start to the technology of the Muans stranded there.

Sometime after 1600 A.D.

  • Using the technology from the Discovery, the Muah create a Space-Time Laboratory as well as genetically modify themselves into Superhumans. The first successful Superhuman, Asmodeus, betrays them and steals the Space-Time Laboratory, transporting it away from Fargett and into the Demon World.
  • Immediately, Asmodeus begins experimenting on local demons and declares himself ruler of the Demon World.
  • He eventually notices the portal to Roak and bides his time, planning an invasion.
  • The Muah on Fargett, having no success with the Superhuman program, after creating Asmodeus, travel roughly about 800 years into the future and gather DNA from Asmodeus to continue their program. Finding this successful, they create a superior Superhuman called Jie Revorse.
  • Unfortunately, Revorse realized how powerful he is and kills the other Superhumans, who were put in charge of the planet's government, and declares himself a dictator of the planet. He continues to amass his army in hopes to one day return to Earth with the people of Fargett, and destroy life there, as, in his mind, the Earthlings that currently inhabit the planet do not appreciate what they have.

1656 A.D.

  • The planet Edifice is devastated by a tsunami, killing many and wiping out their culture, forcing the planet and its races to begin anew.

1856 A.D.

  • The planet Edifice is devastated by a tsunami, once more, killing many and wiping out their culture, forcing the planet and its races to begin anew.

1897 A.D.

1917 A.D. (Universe 2)

1926 A.D.

  • On July 17, Sidonius is born on Earth.

1957 A.D.

  • On October 4, Sputnik I, the first man-made object to orbit the earth, is located on an R-7 rocket by the Soviet Union. Earthlings are now a part of the galactic community.

2021 A.D.

  • The planet Aeos is discovered in the Sirius System.

2040 A.D.

  • On November 29, Shimada is born on Earth.

2056 A.D.

  • The planet Edifice is devastated by a tsunami, killing many and wiping out their culture.

2058 A.D.

2064 A.D.

  • World War III takes place. Weapons of Mass Destruction are widely deployed, devastating the Earth's environment. Survivors are forced to live underground, as the surface is irradiated and uninhabitable. Humanity makes efforts to find a new home in space.

2065 A.D.

  • On May 5, Bacchus Dexley is born on En II.
  • The Greater United Nations is formed on planet Earth. The Greater U.N. then establishes the USTA (Universal Science and Technology Administration) to support space exploration to find a new home for Earthlings.

2071 A.D.

2072 A.D.

  • An environmental research team on Earth, led by Dr. Arnold Maverick, discovers a sarcophagus that belongs to an ancient civilization, the Muah, and begins "Project Hope."
  • On September 11, Rochelle is born on Lemuris.

2073 A.D.

  • On April 28, Eleanor is born on Roak.

2074 A.D.

  • The USTA makes first contact with an extraterrestrial species known as the Eldar. This is kept secret from the public.

2075 A.D.

2077 A.D.

2078 A.D.

2079 A.D.

2080 A.D.

2082 A.D.

  • Arnold Maverick is killed by a bio-enhanced Muan. Edge takes up the sword to defend himself, which leads to his affinity for the weapon.

2087 A.D. / S.D. 1

  • On March 7, the Warp Drive Experiment that tests Professor Trillas Bachtein's engine. The pilot of the experimental ship, Stephen D. Kenny, becomes the first human to ever travel faster than the speed of light.
  • Lymle accidentally creates a symbol that opens up a portal to the Demon World, pulling her into it.

After S.D. 1

  • The Planetary Exploration Ship Discovery is launched. For reasons unknown it was sucked back in time and arrived on the planet Fargett sometime around 1587 A.D.
  • The USTA sends out unmanned exploration ships to nearby planets to find a suitable replacement for the dying Earth. The Discovery may have been one of these.

S.D. 4

  • On March 7, the Space Date method of dating is officially established by the Terran Government on the four year anniversary of the development of subspace technology.

S.D. 7

  • Cerberus takes pity on Lymle and extracts her from the demon realm, and acts as her guardian henceforth.

S.D. 8

S.D. 9

S.D. 10 (Star Ocean: The Last Hope)

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S.D. 12

  • The Terran Alliance is established on the 3rd planet of the Sol System (Earth) in order to unite all newfound planets and species. This organization rapidly grows as more planets are discovered and the Terran Alliance eventually changes its name to the Pangalactic Federation. In order not to interfere with still developing planets, the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact (UP3) is passed.
  • Commander Steven "Lightspeed" Kenny is promoted to president of the USTA.

Between S.D. 12 and S.D. 45

  • Crowe F. Almedio has a child with Eleyna Farrence.
  • Both of Crowe's "Force Swords" end up in the hands of Del Argosy.
  • The Demonic Wars begin in Roak. Del Argosy gives Lias Warren one of the Force Swords and puts a stop to the demons, saving Roak from annihilation.

Between S.D. 12 and S.D. 114

  • The planet Styx is discovered and with it, an OPA is found in the form of a sentient Time Gate. The Federation severely limits all access to this planet until technology is better understood.

S.D. 14

S.D. 26

S.D. 27

S.D. 28

S.D. 29

S.D. 30

  • On April 22, Pericci is born on Roak.

Between S.D. 32 - S.D. 46

Erys Ioshua Parents
  • The shadow of Del Argosy; "The Crimson Shield," attacks and murders Ioushua and Erys' parents.
  • Ioshua is left for dead while Erys is abducted and brainwashed into becoming an assassin for the Demon World.
  • Erys murders many, powerful symbologists and is adopted the name "Deathwing" by the populace.
  • At some point, she botches an assassination of a powerful symbologist who shows her mercy and nurses her back to health. During her recovery, repressed memories begin to surface and she remembers her parents' murder and their murderer, "The Crimson Shield." Overcome with shame, she vows to seek revenge.
Erys Jerand
  • Using ancient lore given to her by her would-be-victim turned friend, she freezes her body in the Old Race Ruins and transfers her soul into the body of a Muah vessel, and adopts the name "Mavelle Froesson."

S.D. 46 (Star Ocean: First Departure)

  • A virus that turns its victims to stone is engineered on the planet Roak. The virus remains dormant for 300 years.
  • Welch Vineyard appears on the planet Roak, from another point in the timeline, builds a hut, and begins inventing various things..
  • Most of the events of Star Ocean: First Departure take place after our heroes travel back in time from S.D. 346.

S.D. 72

  • Aquaria I, the first Holy Mother, establishes a small, nameless kingdom in the northern reaches of central Gaitt. It is said that while she and her people, worshipers of the primeval gods, fled to this land to escape the divine plagues, they were protected by the Wing of Time, one of the wings left behind by the seraph, Faria.
  • Crosell is born on Elicoor II.

Between S.D. 72 - 172

  • A small dispute arises between the fledgling kingdom and its neighbor. The dispute spreads rapidly to nearby lands, which vy for control of the central part of the continent. Within a generation, it grows into the Torastic Religious War, a great war involving seven neighboring lands. Led by the divine guidance of Apris, the Sun God, the small nameless kingdom wins the war, makes peace with four of the neighboring lands, and then merges them into a single kingdom, the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor.
  • During the Torastic Religious War, Apris the Sun God, answers Aquaria I's sincere prayers for peace by sending the Emissary of Apris. The Emissary presents the Queen with a magic sword and the knowledge of runes, bestowing upon her body, six runes. Aquaria I is thus chosen by Apris to be the Holy Mother, and she uses her two newly granted powers to fight toward ending the war. This enables the nameless kingdom to win the war and re-establish peace throughout the land. When Aquaria I becomes the first ruler of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, she expresses her gratitude to Apris by establishing the Church of Apris as their official religion and vows to worship Apris as the Father God for all eternity.

S.D. 114

  • Professor J.D. Wormer publishes his famous paper on the space-time discontinuity effect.

S.D. 168

  • The planet Edifice is devastated by a tsunami, killing many and wiping out their culture.

S.D. 207

Before S.D. 237

S.D. 308

S.D. 323

S.D. 324

S.D. 327

S.D. 328

S.D. 329

S.D. 331

S.D. 339

S.D. 341

Shortly before S.D. 342

S.D. 342

Lesonian War

S.D. 343

S.D. 344

S.D. 346 (Star Ocean: First Departure)

Ise Destroyed
  • Planet Ise at Mark 301.209 in Sector Gamma is destroyed by some third party under the guise of the Lezonians. A Federation Research Explorer is witness to this act.
  • Half a year later, this same third party fires a biological weapon at Roak, triggering the once dormant Stone sickness virus engineered there 300 years ago. Roddick Farrence, Millie Chliette, Ronyx J. Kenny and Ilia Silvestri travel to S.D. 46 through the Time Gate on Styx to obtain a sample of the original host, Asmodeus', blood.
  • On September 28, Ashton Anchors is born on Expel.

S.D. 347

S.D. 350

S.D. 351

Westa finds Rena

S.D. 354

  • On November 25, Leon D.S. Gehste is born to Florith and Murdoch Gehste on Expel.

S.D. 360

  • Due to their expanding influence, the Earth Federation changes their name to the Pangalactic Federation.

S.D. 362

  • War erupts between the Lezonians and the Federation, again.

S.D. 364

S.D. 366 (Star Ocean: Second Evolution)

S.D. 367

  • Due to pollution given off by the Sorcery Globe, the Blue Dolphin race, on Expel, has evolved (mutated) with the ability to live on land.

S.D. 368 (Star Ocean: Blue Sphere)

  • Eris Jeane is born to Bowman Jeane and Ninay Jeane, on the planet Expel.
  • Continuing their interplanetary search for ancient ruins, Opera Vectra and Ernest Raviede crash land on the planet Edifice. They send out a distress call to Precis F. Neumann. Precis and Leon D.S. Gehste travel back to Expel to recruit everyone else living there; Celine Jules, Ashton Anchors, Bowman Jean, Dias Flac, Noel Chandler, and Chisato Madison. They head off to the planet Edifice, where they too crash due to some unseen force. Claude C. Kenny and Rena Lanford are unavailable due to their duties with the Pangalactic Federation; however, their duty also leads them to Edifice. The party manages to destroy Mother Edifice and ends the cycle of death once and for all.

S.D. 371

S.D. 396

  • The Federation begins mining energy stones on Expel as a source of power for Creation Energy.

S.D. 446

S.D. 450

  • Roak joins the Pangalactic Federation.

S.D. 452

S.D. 472

Around S.D. 472

S.D. 475

S.D. 477

S.D. 488

S.D. 491

S.D. 492

  • Aragogh is born on Faykreed IV.
  • Thoras is born in the Omphalos System.

S.D. 496

S.D. 497

  • Daks is born on Faykreed.

S.D. 499

S.D. 501

S.D. 502

S.D. 503

S.D. 505

S.D. 508

S.D. 509

S.D. 511

  • On August 18, Gunter is born on Faykreed IV.

S.D. 512

S.D. 514

  • On April 8, Fidel Camuze is born to Daril Camuze on Faykreed IV.
  • On July 7, Ted is born on Faykreed IV.
  • On June 29, Hal is born in the Kronos system.

S.D. 515

  • On March 11, Hana is born on Faykreed IV.

S.D. 519

S.D. 521

  • Surveyors from the Pangalactic Federation first make contact with the organization, Kronos.
  • On April 1, an iteration of Welch Vineyard is born.
  • On December 24, Evelysse is born on an unknown planet.

S.D. 522

S.D. 523

  • Ceisus is born on the Faykreed IV.

S.D. 525

S.D. 526

S.D. 527

  • The Pangalactic Federation builds Remote Station#5 in order to monitor Kronos' activity.

S.D. 529

S.D. 532

  • The Charles D. Goale is commissioned for service under Captain Emmerson T. Kenny.

S.D. 535

S.D. 537 (Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness)

  • Relia is found by Fidel Camuze and Miki Sauvester.
  • Gravitic Warp is invented by Dr. Krupp. By using high amounts of gravity to compress space in front of the vessel, it can travel large distances extremely quickly.

S.D. 539 (Star Ocean: Anamnesis)

  • The GFSS-3214F is on deep-space exploration mission, when it is attacked by pirates. After the crew escapes on a pod, the captain and Coro do a dangerous maneuver when they are summoned by Evelysse. Now 60,000 light-years away from Earth, they start their way back home.
  • The trio put an end to Levarance's Operation: Frost with the death of Supreme Leader Eldram and developing a cure for the Devil's Plague with Verda Kleiman's assistance.

S.D. 652

  • The Federation makes contact with the Klausians.

S.D. 704

S.D. 710

  • The Pangalactic Federation makes first contact with the Aldian Empire. Their hive-mind, conquest policies causes a war between them and the Federation to almost immediately erupt.
  • The Pangalactic Federation makes first contact with the Planet and Nation of Vendeen. Unlike the Aldians, they remain neutral.

S.D. 714

S.D. 725

  • On October 16, Gideon is born on Elicoor II.

S.D. 732

  • An accident involving a Creation Cannon on the battleship Tilgrem causes a massive explosion that annihilates the ship and a neighboring planet. This leads to strict regulations regarding creation energy.

S.D. 736

S.D. 739

  • On December 9, Boris is born on Elicoor II.

S.D. 745

S.D. 748

S.D. 749

S.D. 750

S.D. 751

  • On August 1, Angelica is born on Elicoor II.

S.D. 752

  • The Federation starts their study of the planet Styx and the Time Gate.

S.D. 753

  • On November 19, Maria Traydor is born to unknown parents on Earth.

S.D. 754

S.D. 755

S.D. 758

S.D. 760

S.D. 763

  • Albel fails his Accession of the Flame ceremony and Glou Nox dies shielding his son from the flames with his body.

S.D. 765

S.D. 772 (Star Ocean: Till the End of Time)

  • Sophia Esteed, Fayt Leingod, and his parents Robert and Ryoko are vacationing on the planet Hyda IV, but it is attacked by the Vendeeni. Sophia and Robert are captured by Vendeeni, but Fayt escapes to Vanguard III, where Cliff Fittir picks him up. Their ship, the Eagles is attacked over Elicoor II, where they are forced to land. The involvement of the Vendeeni halts the Aquarian-Glyphian War.
  • Sphere developers activate the Executioner program, laying waste to the entire Milky Way galaxy.


  • The Eternal Sphere continues its existence.
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