Roger S. Huxley (ロジャー・S・ハクスリー, Rojā S. Hakusurī) is one of the main characters of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. He's a young Menodix from the Lost City of Surferio, which lies in the Sanmite Republic on the planet Elicoor II. His father is the village Elder to the Lost City of Sufferio. Like many Menodix, he is obsessed with "Real Man" contests which generally involve doing challenging and/or "manly" tasks to prove himself.

He is the leader of a very few other Menodix who cheer on his attempts. He is very small at only 2 or 3 feet tall, but is energetic and very full of himself. He is portrayed as a small child that thinks he is grown up.


In the game, Fayt, Cliff, and Nel stumble across him trapped due to a challenge gone wrong while looking for Ameena in the Duggus Forest. If the party chooses to help out, Roger may be recruited. Roger is a completely optional character; it is possible to play the entire game without ever having him in the party. Roger can be found again when Fayt, Nel and Roger return to Surferio and meet his friends Dribe and Melt. If Roger is recruited and the team helps him with the mystery of the Seven Ancient Books, he can be one of the three characters from Elicoor II who may accompany Fayt on his initial journey to Moonbase and beyond. Of course, should you choose not to take him along in the Duggus Forest, you can never attempt to recruit Roger again, permanently or otherwise.

If Roger did not join the party prior to heading to Moonbase (provided you did not reject him at Duggus Forest), he can be reacquired in Surferio if Peppita Rossetti did not join the party.

A bonus scene occurs at the end of the game if the player chooses to leave Roger in the forest. After Fayt's ending, the scene will cut back to Roger, revealing him still trapped in the cage and griping to be let out.


His fighting style involves a large axe and a number of traps and tricks such as land mines. Roger has many attacks which draw enemies to him, along with heavy close range attacks.

Roger has a healthy balance of attack, defense and HP, making him a great melee combatant. He also has the advantage of weapons with much higher attack power than anyone else can have for quite some time on Elicoor II. This allows Roger to provide a powerful boost early on before Item Creation starts producing stronger tools for Fayt and the others. Roger's only real flaw is his lower MP pool and overall MP growth during level ups. Like Cliff, he is in greater danger of MP death against enemies who use those types of moves, so precautions should be considered.

Battle Skills

Skill Name Level Acq HP/MP Useage Fury% CP
Fiery Axe Default 20/5% HP 10/35 2
Whirling Heat 10 30/5% HP 12/42 2
Charge 12 20/5% HP 20/42 4
Land Mines 15 25/5% HP 15/40 4
Flying Torpedo 20 50/6% HP 20/57 4
Aerial 21 10/5% HP 20/42 2
Piercing Claw 25 30/6% HP 15/40 4
Fiery Fury 30 50/8% HP 25/57 4
Shield & Cannon 40 200/10% HP 35/72 8
Raging Helmet 50 250/10% HP 20/47 6
Bug Triad Has to be found in the Maze of Tribulations B2F 300/10% HP 30/65 6
Star Fall Has to be found in the Sphere Company 202nd level 750/15% HP 50/92 8

Family Tree

Roger Tree


Till the End of Time
Material Trader


  • On the Star Ocean 3 OST, there is a song called "I am the No.1!" that plays when you meet Roger. This track can be considered to be Roger's theme song.
  • Though Roger's purchasable weapons early in the game are a variety of axes, crafting weapons in Item Creation show that his main weapons are actually different types of helmets.
  • Roger is useful even if the player does not wish to keep him, as his presence in the party allows the player to acquire the prizes for the Seven Ancient Books. However, only six of these can be acquired before the crucial party decision time.