Roddick Farrence (ラティクス・ファーレンス, Ratikusu Fārensu?, lit. Ratix Farrence) is the main protagonist of the first Star Ocean, as well as its remake Star Ocean: First Departure. A young Fellpool from Roak, Roddick guards his hometown alongside his childhood friends, Millie and Dorne, until a plague threatens their peaceful lives.

In the Japanese version, he is affectionately called Rati (ラティ?) by his friends.


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Birthplace: Kratus, Planet Roak
Birthday: January 14th, 327 S.D.
A young boy who played a part in the war between the federation and planet Fargett's Jie Revorse in the 340s (S.D.).
Trained by his father in the art of one-heanded Edarl swordsmanship, Roddick has become so skilled that he is even recognized by the planet Roak hero, Ashlay Bernbeldt.
He is currently a member of Kratus's defense force alongside his friends, Millie and Dorne.




In S.D. 327, Roddick was born to his mother and father in the village of Kratus. He is descended from the famous sage, Eleyna Farrence, and a captain of the Space Reconnaissance Force, Crowe F. Almedio. Growing up, he was trained by his father in the Edarl Blade Arts. His father was a leader in the Kratus Defense Force, but was killed in action when Roddick was still young.[1]

Roddick, along with his childhood friends Millie Chliette and Dorne Murtough, eventually joined the village's Defense Force themselves and vowed to protect the hometown from bandit attacks.

Star Ocean/Star Ocean: First Departure


Roddick in the opening of First Departure.

Roddick, Dorne, and Millie fight off a gang of bandits attacking the village. Soon after, the village Elder receives a letter from the neighboring village of Coule, stating that a virus is spreading rapidly, turning people to stone, prompting Martoth, Millie's father and the village's healer, to travel to Coule to investigate. Days later, they receive a letter from Martoth, warning that the disease cannot be cured and that Coule is done for. This prompts the three friends to travel to Coule.

The three witness Martoth turn to stone. Millie is shocked, but determined to find a cure. After deliberation, the trio travels to Mt. Metorx to retrieve an herb they believe can cure the stone sickness. Along the way, Dorne reveals that he contracted the virus from the carrier pigeon that carried Martoth's letter and is slowly turning to stone. Upon reaching the top of the mountain, Ilia Silvestri and Captain Ronyx J. Kenny, aliens from the planet Earth and Pangalactic Federation members, appear before them. They ask the trio to come to their space ship to find a cure for the virus.

Accepting, they are all transported onto the Calnus, and meet the doctor. The doctor analyzes Dorne and determines that they cannot produce a serum unless they have a blood sample from the virus' original host. He also reveals that the body is perfectly preserved after being turned to stone. The group is interrupted by the intercom, since there are Fellworms on the ship. After dispatching the enemies, Ilia realizes that after Roddick bled on one of the Fellworms, it immediately became invisible to her sight. Analyzing the blood, the doctor discovers that the hemoglobin in Fellpool blood is primarily composed of copper with unknown elements, causing it to absorb all light wavelengths between 240 nm and 780 nm, and Ilia speculates that the Roakians are being harvested to create some sort of weapon. Their sensors confirm that 20 million Roakian victims of the stone sickness are no longer on the planet.

The Time Gate

Dorne begins to succumb to the disease and asked to be transported back to Roak. After the group arrives back, Dorne finally turns to stone and after a tearful goodbye, they return to the Calnus. As they do, a ship approaches the Calnus and the group on board reveal themselves to be Lezonians. They tell Ronyx that the virus was created 300 years ago and that they were coerced into starting a conflict with Earth by a mysterious third party. The Calnus returns to Earth only to learn that the Pangalactic Federation has abandoned the Roak rescue mission. Determined not to give up on the planet, Ronyx and Ilia risk court-martial and life imprisonment by traveling to the planet Styx with Roddick and Millie. The sentient time gate on Styx accepts the team's goodwill and opens a portal to the planet Roak in S.D. 46. Millie and Ronyx go in first, however, a malfunction causes Roddick and Ilia to be sucked in and separated from the other pair.

Roddick and Ilia arrive on Roak, in the year S.D. 46, north of Kratus, on the Muah continent. Realizing that they're alone, Roddick and Ilia travel to the village of Haute (Coule, 300 in the past) in order to find their missing companions. The pair meet up with a Highlander swordsman named Cyuss Warren, who decides to join them to accept a job from a shop keeper known as Badam, to deliver a package to the town of Portmith in exchange for a pass to allow entrance to the city. The party delivers the package and returns to Haute, then travels back to Portmith. Cyuss asks Roddick and Ilia if he can join them in their adventure, which can be accepted or declined. The group plans to travel to the Astral continent, only to find pirates blockading the port. The group agrees to defeat the pirates so they can travel to Astral and upon entering the pirate cave, they defeat the pirates and save a Lesser Fellpool named Pericci, who quickly runs off. The party leaves the cave and arrives in the port town of Autanim, then travels to Tatroi.

In Autanim, Roddick and Ilia are confronted by the Captain of the Astral Knights, Phia Melle, who offers to journey with them to Tatroi. She leaves shortly after their arrival in the city, however.
The party meets Ashlay Bernbeldt, who will priase Roddick's skill in the Edarl Blade Arts, to which Roddick responds, "I was taught by my father." Roddick then has the choice to recruit Ashlay into the party, to join their adventure.

The party travels to Astral City and stays the night at the inn.

During the middle of the night, an alarm will ring throughout the city of Astral. It being a coded message for the Astral Knights and unaware of what it means, Roddick and Ilia simply ignore it and go back to sleep. The next morning, the two learn that Phia has been caught attempting to murder Lias. They go to the dungeon in Astral castle and find Phia. She swears that she had nothing to do with his death and begs the two to break her out, as she can't prove her innocence and avenge her father's murder if she is locked in a dungeon. Roddick has the choice to accept or refuse.
During the the night, an alarm rings throughout the city; a coded message only the Astral Knights could understand. Cyuss or Ashlay will understand the message during the night and find it hard to believe that Phia could kill Lias, prompting the party to investigate. Chasing Phia to the entrance of the Astral Caves, it is revealed that this Phia is merely a monster disguised as her. The real Phia joins up with the party and they track the impostor through the Astral caves and defeat her in battle. The next morning, in the inn, the party is approached by an Astral knight who brings gifts from the king, for defeating Lias' assassin, and word from Phia who instructs them to go to the Purgatorium if they are searching for someone.

The king tells the party about the Eye of Truth, which will allow them to see Ronyx and Millie's location, and directs them to the Purgatorium. Upon their arrival, they meet a Featherfolk man named Ioshua Jerand, who is searching for his sister. Ioshua joins the team to traverse the Purgatorium in hopes to use the Eye of Truth, as well. Once the inner sanctum is reached, the party is approached by three entities that introduce themselves as "The Three Runes." They tell the party that the Eye of Truth is nothing more than a myth, however, they may still be able to help. They identify Roddick and Ilia of not being of their world due to their incorrect time signatures and show them a vision of Ronyx and Millie in the current time. As they leave toward the town they saw Millie and Ronyx in, Ioshua requests to join the group, which Roddick can accept or decline. While heading to the next town of Tropp, a space ship lands outside of Kratus Village which prompts the group to investigate. Upon reaching the crash sight, Ilia speculates that the "third party" has arrived. After witnessing the event, the party returns to Tropp and sails to the next town, Eckdart.

Reuniting with Millie and Ronyx

After their arrival in Eckdart, the party reunites with Millie who explains that Ronyx is just south, in the town of Ionis.
The party enters the town of Ionis and witnesses Ronyx with Mavelle Froesson. She is arguing with a man known as "The Crimson Shield," who she claims killed her parents and brother. The Crimson Shield denounces it as a case of mistaken identity and leaves.
Mavelle tells the group her story and requests to join the group, which Roddick can agree to accept or refuse.

Ilia says that the group needs to find the host of the virus, who is identified as the demon king, Asmodeus, and since the King of Van has been fighting against the demon world for some time, they should travel to the city of Van. Upon meeting the king, he puts the party through a trial to see if they have any chance of defeating the demons. Upon succeeding the trial, the king reveals that it is impossible to enter the demon world; rather portals must be opened from the other side, to Roak. He reveals that the portal to the demon realm was opened long ago by the Muah, a mysterious group of people who came to Roak and created the Eye of Truth. He then sends them to visit the other kingdoms of Roak for more information.

The Four Emblems

The group travels back to Kratus after beginning the Emblem quest. While Millie plays with a cat, Roddick, nearby, plays the ocarina, which prompts the cat to turn into Pericci. Pericci asks to join Roddick's party, which he can agree to accept or refuse.
Upon clearing the arena, T'nique jumps in from the audience and fights Roddick. After defeating him, he offers to join the group, which Roddick can agree to accept or refuse.
Upon entering the city of Silvalant, the party reunites with Millie, who quickly rejoins them in their adventure.

After meeting with the king of Silvalant, he reveals the entrance to the demon world and gives the party the emblem of Silvalant, access to the port, and a key to enter the nearby ancient ruins.

The party makes their way to the inner sanctum of the ruins where they find a golden-winged, Featherfolk girl who Ioshua identifies as his sister, Erys. Mavelle warns everyone to stay back or she will be forced to attack, however, Ioshua and Ashlay persuade her to return to her body and join them.
Upon reaching the inner sanctum of the ruins, Mavelle destroys her featherfolk body and commits suicide, leaving the party forever.

The party travels to Muah Castle, where the king puts them through a trial. After succeeding, he gives them the Muah emblem.

Between the town of Ionis and Van, the party makes their way into a hut. There, they meet Welch Vineyard, who offers to join the party, which can be accepted or refused by Roddick.

The party returns to Astral Castle and acquires the Emblem of Astral.

After meeting with the king of Astral, Phia offers to join the group, which Roddick can agree to accept or refuse.

They then make their way to the Purgatorium and reunite with The Runes, and are transported to the inner sanctum, a high-tech area of the Purgatorium, littered with computers and machines far beyond anything the Roakians are capable of. Upon reaching the bottom, a holographic projection of the planet Earth reveals that a large continent in the Pacific Ocean may have been the legendary continent of Mu that supposedly existed a very long time ago. Ilia reveals that it is said the civilizations was very advanced but destroyed by a meteorite. A hologram of a person appears and explains that he and his fellow Muah were somehow transported to Roak while the meteorite hit. Ilia recalls incidents in the Federation where people sometimes were transported short distances by space-time vortexes, but nothing nearly as outrageous as what happened with the Muah. The hologram reveals the Eye of Truth's purpose; to allow the Muah to return to Earth, however, instead, it opened a gate to the demon world. The party retrieves the Eye of Truth and returns to Silvalant.

The party enters Asmodeus' stronghold, a biological research laboratory. They reach a computer which Ilia tries to hack into, however, she sets off an alarm, causing Asmodeus to appear. He quickly runs off, leaving his henchmen to deal with the group. After dispatching the henchmen, the group chases Asmodeus, however, two men stop and detain him before he can escape. The party witness the men take a blood sample from Asmodeus and rush off. Ilia suggests that they belong to the third party group. Avoiding creating a time paradox, the party kills Asmodeus and takes a blood sample for their own use. Then, the group returns to the king of Van who praises their efforts and thanks them for restoring peace to Roak. Roddick, Ronyx, Ilia, and Millie travel back to S.D. 346 via a portal northeast of Silvalant, taking the blood sample with them.

S.D. 346

A serum is produced and a cure is administered to all of the Roakians affected by the virus, reviving everyone who turned to stone. Ronyx and Ilia return to federation space, leaving Roddick, Millie, and Dorne behind on Roak. After a short period of peace, Ronyx and Ilia return to Roak to retrieve Roddick and Millie. He explains that Roak and Earth are still under attack from a superhuman named Jie Revorse on the planet Fargett. The four once again use the time gate to recruit their friends from Roak's past.

The party takes the wormhole to Fargett and beams down to the surface, however, are immediately captured by Jie's soldiers. Before they are defeated, a separate faction appears and rescues them. The leader of the group introduces herself to the group as Ivana and tells them the story of Jie Revorse. The party immediately travels to the top of Jie's tower and confronts the superhuman. Jie reveals that not all Muans were sent to Roak and that some were also sent to Fargett. In order to save the universe, the party fights and defeats Jie Revorse, then returns to their respective times through the time gate.


Before Roddick, Millie, Ronyx, and Illia return to S.D. 346, Cyuss challenges Roddick to a sparring match. If Roddick wins, Cyuss vows to catch up to Roddick in swordsmanship. If Roddick loses, Cyuss tells Roddick not to worry, he'll get stronger.
Roddick, Millie, Ilia, and Ronyx are standing atop Mt. Metorx. Ilia and Ronyx tell the two Fellpool they hope to see them again, to see how they develop. Millie and Roddick tell them they'll see them again and they're glad they were able to meet them. Ronyx and Ilia then warp away, leaving the two Fellpool alone.
Before Ronyx and Ilia leave, Ilia tells Roddick that things could have turned out differently if she were born on Roak, and tells him to take care of Millie.
Millie and Roddick stand, sad about Ilia and Ronyx's departure. After a few moments, Dorne appears and notices a great tree behind the two, claiming it wasn't there before. Millie stands back and proclaims that their friends planted it there for them, 300 years ago.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Evelysse, Coro, and the captain get engulfed in a space-time anomaly. Before they can figure out their surroundings, Jie Revorse appears and threatens to lock them in pocket dimension for eternity. Roddick and Millie join the group and tell the three they must defeat Jie if they want to leave. They explain that they were patrolling Kratus and were suddenly transported to the pocket dimension; and have already killed Jie. After the group defeats him, Roddick and Millie thank Eve, Coro, and the captain and take note that the pocket dimension is disappearing. After a bit of conversation, Roddick and Millie are transported back to S.D. 346.

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At first glance, Roddick appears deeply thoughtful and reticent, but is in fact quite passionate. Roddick is rather dispirited at the beginning of the game ("moping around all the time lately" according to his mom), since he longs for adventure but there isn't much of it in his peaceful village. He comes to regret that wish once his desire is granted at the cost of Dorne's well-being.

He is a skilled swordsman, and appears to secretly possess talent, enough that war veteran and Edarl swordsmaster Ashlay Bernbeldt considers he could be a deserving pupil.

His favorite food is Twice-cooked Pork.


As the protagonist of Star Ocean and its remake, Roddick is one of three starting playable characters, the others being Dorne and Millie (although Dorne is only temporarily playable at the beginning). Roddick wields swords, and shares many of his Special Arts with Cyuss and Ashlay. Their versions are usually different in effect to those of Roddick's, however.

He also appears as a playable character in Star Ocean: Anamnesis, and currently has two variants: "Roddick" and "Summer Roddick". In both versions, he is an Attacker and uses swords (one-handed swords and blade & sheaths, respectively).

Family Tree

Roddick Tree

Other appearances

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Roddick appears as an obtainable playable character in the Final Fantasy series as part of a collaboration between Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Star Ocean: Anamnesis.

Roddick is a 3-5★ unit. His Trust Master reward is called Millie's Charm. His Limit Burst is "Omega Thunderclap Blade". His passive traits are: Eldarian Swordplay, Animal Instinct, Defense Force of Kratus, Transcending Space-time. Roddick learns the following abilities: Double Slash, Shockwave Swirl, Air Slash, Thunderclap Blade, Dragon Slash.


Star Ocean/First Departure
Material Trader


  • Roddick is one of three main protagonists in the series that are not Human. The others are Rena Lanford and Fidel Camuze.
  • In First Departure, Roddick's field sprites and animations are based off of Claude C. Kenny's from Second Evolution.
  • In Star Ocean: Second Evolution, the NPC named "SO Fangirl" at the Fanfic Convention says, "Oh my, Roddick..." when the player talks to her. Furthermore, in a Claude and Welch PA in Fun City on Claude's side, one of two mangas Welch offers Claude at the Fanfic Convention has a Fellpool male on the cover that matches Roddick's description.
    • Also in Second Evolution, it is revealed during a PA in Arlia on Rena's side of the story that Claude had a dog named Roddick. Ronyx said it was the first thing that came to mind when he saw the dog's tail. Sadly, the dog was hit by a car and died.
  • Roddick is the only party member who learns only one of the talents required to perform Music (in his case, he can only learn Rhythm Sense and never Listening).
  • His armor design in First Departure bears resemblance to Cress Albane's armor.


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