Astralian Continent

Ancient nautical chart of the Astralian Continent.

Roak (ローク, Rōku?) is a planet from the Theta Sector. It belongs to the Pangalactic Federation, having joined in S.D. 450. It is a lushy planet inhabited by the Roakians, a demonym that emcompasses three species: the Fellpool, Highlanders and Featherfolk. Its technology from S.D. 10 to S.D. 346 is comparable to 16th century Earth. Three continents exist in its surface: Muan, Astral and Silvalant.

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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

A planet in the Theta Sector which is relatively close to the Sol System. The blood of the Felinefolk who live on this planet can be processed and used to manufacture a material that is able to absorb nearly 100% of all light wavelengths between 240 and 780 nm. This caused Roak to get pulled into a war between the Terran Alliance and Lezonia in the middle of the 4th century SD. Estimates of the number of Felinefolk that were abducted from Roak and taken to Lezonia during this period vary from several hundred thousand to several million.
In 446 SD, Roak signed an alliance with Earth.
In 450 SD, Roak joined the Pangalactic Federation. ...Or so we are told.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

A planet located in Sector Theta of the Milky Way, relatively close to the Sol system. Three continents dominate its landscape, occupied by a variety of intelligent life. Its level of civilization is roughly comparable to that of Earth in the 16th century, but some aspects of its culture are unheard of even on Earth. In the future, Roak will serve as the stage for several notable moments in space history.


Roak's landscape is split in three continents: the eastern Muan continent, the central Astralian continent and the western Silvalant continent. As of SD 10, the three continents host four kingdoms: the Muah Kingdom, which rules over the entire Muan continent; the Kingdom of Astral rules over the entire Astralian continent; and the Van Kingdom rules over the southern half of the Silvalant continent, while the Silvalant Kingdom rules over its northern areas.


Roak's surface in The Last Hope.

Climate-wise, Roak has four areas which represent each of the four seasons, to which each kingdom's area corresponds: the Muan Continent is green and humid, representing spring; the Kingdom of Astral is arid, mountainous, and features desert areas, representing summer; the Kingdom of Van has lush, red forests, representing autumn; and the Kingdom of Silvalant is mountainous and snowy, representing winter.

The feline Fellpool are the predominant class in Roak, and enhabit all continents equally. Their biological cousins, the Highlander rule the Astralian continent. Lastly, the Featherfolk are a relatively closed-in minority, and hail from the Silvalant continent. The primitive Lesser Fellpool and the Lycanthropes are even less in numbers, and communicate rarely with the rest of Roak's society.

Demographical areas, as of SD 46, include Kraat, Haute and Portmith at Muah; Autanim, Tropp, Tatroi and Astral City in Astral; Eckdart, Ionis and Van y Ille City at Van Kingdom; and Durss and Silvalant City in Silvalant.


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Star Ocean: The Last Hope

After their escape from the alternate dimension Earth, the SRF-003 Calnus is forced to make an emergency landing on Roak, needing to reconfigure its engines to work with the new crystal Meracle provided. Soon after arriving on Roak, Reimi begins to show signs of fatigue. The party travels to Tatroi and while there they rescue a featherfolk girl named Sarah Jerand. She asks to join the party, but Edge, still overcome with guilt over what happened on alternate dimension Earth, rejects her.

When they reach the inn, Reimi collapses and then they find out about the stone sickness that is plaguing the people of Tatroi. Sarah returns and informs the party that a cure can be obtained from the king in Astral City. While waiting for the cure, the party discovers that the cure and the supplies to create it were stolen. The party travels back to Tatroi and Edge defeats the thief in the Tatroi Arena. Reimi is given the cure and makes a full recovery. She reveals to Edge and they, as well as their childhood friend Crowe, have been genetically altered. The party then sets off to find the source of the disease.

However, before the party can leave, they discover that Sarah has gone missing. On the way they visit a Gypsy camp where Faize falls in love and receives the cape he wears for the rest of the game. The next destination is Tropp. There the party meets Eleyna Farrence and find out about the Church of Sydonai, including Tamiel. Eleyna gives them many tips. She tells them that Sarah is in the Purgatorium and gives them the key to get through. Myuria Tionysus is the next member to join the party and accompanies the party throughout the Purgatorium. This leads them to the Purgatorium and they work their way through until the central chamber in which Tamiel is fought. Faize finds out secretly that his love has died and this begins his turning evil. After defeating him they save Sarah and head back to the ship as they have finished their business on the planet. This isn't the end for Sarah though as she sneaks onto the ship and remains with them throughout the game. After discussing her status the Space Reconnaissance Force set off for the next destination in the Star Ocean.

Star Ocean/Star Ocean: First Departure

In SD 346 , Roak was target of a biological weapon used by Lezonia, which petrified its population. Lezonia then abducted around 200,000 Roakians, in the space of days.

Roddick Farrence, Millie Chliette and Dorne Murtough, in an attempt to gather healing herbs from Mt. Metorx in order to cure the effects of this virus, make contact with two Earthlings: Ilia Silvestri and Ronyx J. Kenny. They then explain their efforts are futile and offer their aid in examining Dorne, who has been infected with the virus.

After discovering the host of the virus was Asmodeus, the archfiend of old times, Roddick and his friends decide to use the Time Gate at planet Styx to return 300 years back in time to Roak of S.D. 46 and retrieve antibodies from Asmodeus. Unfortunately, the party is separated, and Ilia and Roddick find themselves alone in S.D. 46 Kratus, known this time as Kraat. Roddick and Ilia then travel to Coule, meeting Cyuss Warren, a Highlander, and then head forward to Portmith, where they are able to find a ferry to the Astralian port town of Autanim. From Autanim they head to Tatroi: there they meet Ashlay Bernbeldt and take the ferry to Astral City, where they help Phia Melle with a case of counterfeit by a minion of Asmodeus. They then hear a rumor about the Eye of Truth being located in the Purgatorium, an artifact which may help Roddick and Ilia to find the missing Ronyx and Millie.

At the Purgatorium, they meet Ioshua Jerand, a featherfolk in search of the Eye of Truth. The party makes it way into the depths of the purgatorium and meets with its guardians, the Runes. These archaic entities help them, under the condition that they never enter the complex again, and reveal that Millie and Ronyx are in the Van Kingdom, in the Silvalant continent. The party then heads to Eckdart via Tropp, and from there they head to Ionis, the town of Item Creation. There they finally meet with Ronyx, who is accompanied by Mavelle Froesson. After spending the night at Ionis, the party heads towards Van y Ille City, the capital of the Van Kingdom, where the King awaits vollunteers to join the campaign against the Archfiend, Asmodeus.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

After the Earth is destroyed by the Fourth-Dimensional Executioners, many of its survivors, including Ryoko Leingod and Mr. and Mrs. Esteed, were evacuated to Roak.

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In the original Star Ocean and its remake, it seems the general population of Roak is totally unaware of their planet's name, implying they did not have one at all. The two Earthlings, Ilia Silvestri and Ronyx J. Kenny, do know the name Roak but the source of it is unknown. The explanation comes in Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Roak is actually a name given to this planet by Morphus from En II. Bacchus then passed the name to Edge Maverick and the name Roak was then spread to Earth and registered in the map of the galaxy.

Some people native to Roak actually know the name of their homeworld even if they should not. Eleyna Farrence is one of them, perhaps due to her auguries. Sarah Jerand also knows the name, likely learned by spending time with Edge's group. It should be noted that Meracle Chamlotte was totally unaware of the name as well, until she was told and until she herself realized what her home is, but given the fact she probably was (or rather will be) born in a somewhat developed future, it might be possible that in her original timeline the name "Roak" is still not very widespread among Roakians.


  • Roak is the first planet explored in the series.

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