Relia (リリア, Riria?) is a main character in Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. Endowed with extraordinary powers, Fidel Camuze takes it upon to protect her. While she is a party member and participates in battles, she is not playable.

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Integrity and Faithlessness
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Relia literally drops into Fidel and Miki's lives after a mysterious incident on the Dakaav Footpath.
She has no memory of what transplanted before meeting the two Sthalians, shows little to no emotion, and has no clue about what is going on around her.
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Fidel and Miki decide they cannot leave this amnesiac girl to her own devices, and they bring her with them on their journey. During their travels together, Relia gradually regains her memory and feelings, but also awakens a power that had lain dormant within her.
This ability of hers is not signeturgical, but symbological, therefore her esoteric markings only appear when her power activates.
Birthplace: Faykreed IV
Birthday: December 13th, 525 S.D.
A young girl who became entangled in the war between a Kronos rebel faction and the federation.
Whenever she feels upset, she executes space-time symbology, which allows her to manipulate both time and space.
Relia lived a difficult life, having been subjected to a variety of experiments, but thanks to Fidel, she is now living life as a regular girl.


Almost immediately after being found by Fidel and Miki, Relia is shown to have extraordinary powers. What was originally thought to be powerful signeturgy, Relia is imbued with Symbols by Kronos scientists as part of a series of experiments designed to create a weapon against the growing power of the Pangalactic Federation. Relia and her twin sister Feria were the only successful test subjects from these experiments.

Soon after joining the group, Relia grows attached to everyone, especially Miki, and considers them all her closest friends.

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Found by Fidel and Miki after crash landing in a shuttle, Relia was initially very quiet and unwilling to talk. Within time, she opened up to Fidel, Miki, and the rest of the party. She is a kind and selfless girl, but is very troubled due to her circumstances. While she wishes more than anything for everybody to be happy, she realizes that for now, keeping her friends happy is most important.


In Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, Relia is a non-playable character but participates in battles. During fights she will move around and block when attacked, but instead of attacking enemies, she casts support symbology on the party.

She is, however, a fully playable character in Star Ocean: Anamnesis. She currently has two variants: "Relia" and "Pumpkin Relia".

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