Puffy SO1

Puffy in First Departure.

Puffy is a recurring character in the Star Ocean universe. Always trying to play pranks on the player party, she is portrayed as a young girl. After being beaten by each generation of player party in every successive game, she eventually becomes very bitter.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Puffy can be found in Tatroi. She is depicted as a small blonde girl wearing a maid uniform. Speak to her, and you'll play a small "Choose Your Own Adventure"-type minigame with her for 600 Fol.

To beat the minigame, first create a Nuclear Bomb using the machinist talent. Then, while playing the adventure, choose to go left and search the body. Use the flare bomb to defeat the chimera and use the Nuclear bomb on the boss. You will be rewarded with 100 SP, a saber, and 600 fol. Choose to give her medicine and give her the murky potion. Afterwards, she will no longer allow you to try.

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Puffy is seen on the Maze of Tribulations. Her appearance is the same as in the first game. She is first met in the 5th Floor, Woman's Revenge, where she asks you if you remember her name and no matter your answer you are attacked by a Phantom Lizard, although it is too strong and running is the only option. Later, in the same floor, she is attacked by a monster, and you must help her in order to cause her to drop the Phantom Slayer, which can kill her Phantom Lizard.

She is encounted again on the 8th Floor, God of Food, where she pretends to be a god demanding you to feed it your best food. After you give her a number of dishes she mocks you. Feed her something that is not edible now and she will fall out from behind the "god" opening the door to the next floor.

Puffy can also be randomly encountered during the Cooking Master events in Fun City, appearing as an opponent, and for winning all 50 Survival Matches in the city's Arena twice in a row the player is rewarded with her kiss, although not seen.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time


Puffy in Till the End of Time.

Puffy is found in the Maze of Tribulations, and when first seen, she sends some monsters after the party. After dealing with the monsters, the party gives chase, since Puffy has the key needed to open the door to get off the floor.

Eventually, they find her cornered by monsters. Helping her out, the party defeats the monsters. Puffy doesn't thank the party, and instead run away again. This time, though, she drops the key on the floor.

Just before the party goes down to the next floor, they find Puffy huddled up in pain. If Fayt picked up the Experimental Remedy earlier, he will offer it to Puffy, curing her. With nothing better to do, Puffy joins Fayt's crew of inventors.


  • Skills: Level 57 Compounding
  • Time: -40%
  • Cost: +0%
  • Recruited with: Experimental Remedy
Can Invent
Potion of Youth (Fake) Bubbling Potion
Thick Potion Antidote
Berry Potion Aqua Potion
Sleeping Gas Vial of Poison
Shielding Device Might Tablets
Berserker Device Soul Strengthening Device
Miracle Power Molotov Stun Bomb-R1
Umai-bo Stun Bomb-R3 Fizzing Potion
Deadly Poison Bubbly Potion
Witch Tablets Super Potion
Liquid Flare Bomb Liquid Mind Bomb
Durian Stun Bomb-R4 Grabbag Stun Bomb-R2
Liquid Hybrid Bomb Beguiling Device
Cinderella Tablets

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Puffy is again located in Tatroi as she was in the first Star Ocean title. This time you will be able to find her later in the game via the optional Quests within the game.

To engage with Puffy you have to accept a quest by the lady in the mansion to intentionally lose a battle in the Tatroi arena. Although soon after accepting your reward for doing so Puffy will learn about the arrangement only to enrage her and lead to more challenges against her mercenary teams later in the game. As you proceed though these challenges the game suggests that her parents in fact own Tatroi arena and she misses her father who is there working all the time.

Dictionary Entry

A stiff-haired girl who follows Fayt and his companions around, saying, "No more, five years before! No more, seven years before!" as if it were some sort of key phrase, for no apparent reason. This odd phrase may make perfect sense to those who understand its context, but it means nothing at all to Fayt. It's almost as if a desire for revenge is filling her with rage and makes her pick fights.