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Private Actions (プライベートアクション, Puraibēto Akushon?), shortened PA, are a recurring feature in the Star Ocean series. Private Actions are special scenes between the main character and a party member that determine a number of things, such as affinity between party members, specific character endings at the end of the game, recruiting certain characters, and more. In addition, certain techniques and rare items can only be obtained in Private Actions.


Star Ocean/Star Ocean: First Departure

In the First Departure remake, there are 107 available PAs, with new scenes added for T'nique, Erys and Welch. Private Actions become available at each town or city, usually after certain main scenario events. When standing near a town where a PA is available, a logo appears in the upper-right corner of the screen. The player must press the Square button to initiate the PA, which causes the party to split up and explore the town separately, while Roddick is left in the party alone. The other party members appear at various locations in town, and one can approach and converse with them.

Doing so sometimes initiates bonus scenes between Roddick and that character, and Affection points may be gained or lost depending on the player's choices. When the PA scene is finished, one must exit the town to trigger another one, if a different one is available. When in PA mode, if the player fails to pickpocket a party member, they may lose 1 AR toward Roddick.

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Similar to the previous installment, Private Actions are activated outside of town. Private Action scenes are more frequent and plentiful this time around, and can involve NPCs.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Private Actions are automatic, and can only be triggered with characters that are not currently in the active party. The characters and their scenes can be encountered anywhere, from towns, to the depths of dungeons, or the field map.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Private Actions are automatically in towns. They occur with less frequency than previous games in the series.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Private Actions can only be encountered on the SRF-003 Calnus, and most commonly trigger during long voyages between destinations.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Each town has a designated "rally point" where Fidel can enter and scatter the party. Icons will appear on the map indicating where exactly the Private Action occurs and walking near the involved character will activate it. Most scenes are not missable and some even reward roles that can be used in combat. Dialogue options affect affinity gained or lost. Additionally, certain Private Actions can occur when traveling in the field. These activate automatically when its conditions are met, but will be interrupted by battle or transition between areas.

When entering the rally point, not all possible Private Actions may be available if a character is required for two more scenes. For example, if Miki has a scene with Emmerson but he also has one with Fiore in the same town, only one is available when entering the rally point. The player can view one Private Action, leave the area and return, and the other scene should be available.


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