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Precis F. Neumann

Precis F. Neumann (プリシス・F・ノイマン, Purishisu F. Noiman?) is one of the main characters of Star Ocean: The Second Story, its remake Star Ocean: Second Evolution, as well as Star Ocean: Blue Sphere. The daughter of a mechanical researcher in the town of Linga, she has inherited her father's interest for machinery. Her greatest invention to date is a robot she named Robbie that can transform and is effective in battle.

Profile Entry

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Birthplace: Linga, Planet Expel
Birthday: February 29th, 350 S.D.
A young girl who helped put an end to the Ten Wise Men's plans to destroy the universe in the 360 S.D.
Precis lives with her father and together they make machines and invent things. She is seen as oddity in her village and is often avoided by the people there. Claude and Rena, however, found her unique disposition to be charming. They have become close friends and even adventure together.
Precis is currently in her hometown of Linga and working out how to improve Robbie--a robot she made. Ashton occassionally drops by her residence to bring souvenirs, and she has come to look forward to his visits.

Birthplace: Linga, Planet Expel
Birthday: February 29th, 350 S.D.
A young girl who helped put an end to the Ten Wise Men's plans to destroy the universe in the 360 S.D.
She took great interest in the dilapidated ships located in the outskirts of Linga. Together with her father, Graft, she began pursuing mechanical engineering.
Eventually, her research will take the federation by storm and her name will go down in history books as being one of the top researchers.





Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Precis in Battle

Precis readies to attack.

She lives with her father, a top-class mechanical researcher, and loves inventing things. Traveling with her beloved robot, Robbie (Bobot), she joins Claude's band. She's bright, full of vitality, and hangs tough, but makes mistakes from time to time, too, giving her a quirky personality.

She uses her self-built robotic 'Puncher' in battle, backed up by her transforming robots, to engage in hand-to-hand and ranged combat.

Precis can be recruited in a PA in Linga after Claude and Rena enter the town for the first time. The exact location of the start of this PA depends on the player's main character. Claude's is in front of one of the buildings in the northern part of town while Rena's is in front of Precis' house.

In one of her endings, Precis is addressed as Dr. Neumann. Due to this and her engineering background, it is implied she received a PhD. in Engineering during her three years on Earth and won the Ecclesia Prize for Engineering, and is likely the same Dr. Neumann mentioned in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time that developed the Neumann Purifier.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Ashton and Precis in Spaceship

Ashton and Precis on her spaceship.

Immediately after the initial storyline, Claude offers to take Precis to Earth with him, Rena, and Leon, so that she can continue her study of mechanics with more advanced technology. She agrees and goes along with them, and at first has a hard time adjusting to her new lifestyle. Eventually Precis' true genius shows through and she modifies her Robbie (Bobot) so that she can now ride him. Her modifications also enable him to hover and change shape. Precis even builds her own spaceship during this time. Her best friend's name is Christine.

While working on Earth, she receives an SOS from Opera and Ernest, who crashed on planet Edifice. Precis immediately relays the signal to her other friends and recruits Leon to join her on her way to Expel to gather more of her friends. Once she has gathered many of her old friends, excluding Claude and Rena, who are busy on an Earth Federation mission, she heads off to Edifice, where her ship is pulled into the planet's atmosphere and crashes. Everyone is separated, so Precis goes in search of her friends, hoping Claude and Rena will rescue them all when they finish their mission.

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Precis is very bright and free-spirited, and nothing really ever gets her down for long. Cheerful, energetic, and full of curiosity, she spends her days engrossed in inventions with her father. She quickly develops a schoolgirl crush on Claude all the while being utterly clueless about Ashton's feelings toward her.

Just as she loves inventions, Precis loves sweets, and her favorite food is Chocolate Crepe. Her favorite instrument is the Harmonica, which she shares with Bowman.


In The Second Story/Second Evolution, Precis is a close range oriented character, whose weapon are the mechanical arms she has strapped to her backpack. Her stats are below average compared to other fighters, although her AGL is quite high. If Precis is recruited, it becomes impossible to recruit Bowman Jeane. If planning to use Precis, it is recommended to recruit Ashton as well.

She also makes a playable appearance in Star Ocean: Anamnesis, and currently has five variants: "Precis", "Holiday Precis", "Bride Precis", "Operator Precis", and "Mad Scientist Precis".

Family Tree

Precis Tree

Other appearances

Fantasy Earth Zero

FEZ Precis clothes

Precis' clothes and sunglasses from Second Evolution were available during a collaboration, along with those of the rest of the cast.

Lord of Vermilion

LoV Precis card.png

Re:3 card.

LoV Precis card 2.jpg

Arena card.

Precis appears as a recruitable character in the arcade card battle game Lord of Vermilion Re:3 Dear Servant (along with Claude, and Gabriel Celeste from The Last Hope) following its -Saviour of the 13 Swords- update. She also appears in Lord of Vermilion Arena.


The Second Story/Second Evolution
Blue Sphere
Material Trader


  • Precis's childish personality is often attributed to her birthday being on February 29, meaning she only celebrates her birthday every four years and implies that she is like a four year old child.
  • Precis is notable for being involved in the learning of the only Special Arts obtained via Private Actions: the first is her own 'Super Hologram' move (which depends on her having a high AR with Ashton, and viceversa), while the other is Welch's 'Mythril Fist' move. She is also one of two characters who require the Machinery talent in order to get Special Arts, the other being Opera.
  • Though it is unclear if she uses it for her weapon or not, Precis in her artworks is seen holding a real-life gaming accessory depending on the platform where the game she appears was released:
    • The Second Story: a white DualShock PlayStation controller.
    • Second Evolution: a silver PSP-3000.
    • Anamnesis: a blue Android smartphone.
  • Precis is one of three characters who have more than one victory animation after battle. The other two are Ashton and Leon.
  • Precis shares her English voice in The Second Story with Celine, while she shares her Star Ocean EX Japanese voice with Welch across all her appearances.
  • Area from the Street Fighter EX series and Fighting EX Layer is similar to Precis in many ways as both girls have fathers who love inventions and using mechanical arm as their primary weapon. The difference between them are Area's mechanical arm, Cancer, is bionic while Precis' mechanical arm is strapped on her backpack.

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