Philia pa-kurik

Philia, in a Private Action in Kurik before it was destroyed.

Philia (フィリア) is the the daughter of Gabriel, also known as Dr. Lantis, the main antagonist from Star Ocean: The Second Story. She does not affect the story in any particular way; however, by triggering certain Private Actions in certain places, the limiter on Gabriel can be turned off, thus making him stronger. In the story, she appears to have betrayed him. In fact, she herself is the limiter to Gabriel's true powers, and after the second Philia PA, she dies, leaving Gabriel to be able to attack at full strength.

How to disable Gabriel's Limiter

Kurik's Destruction

Trigger a Private Action in Kurik before talking to the ship captain the second time (before he tells you to wait for a while more). Walk to the Fountain Square to find Philia warning the residents of Kurik to evacuate, as a great storm of destruction is on its way towards Kurik. However they ignore Philia and some even pity her for thinking something is wrong with her. This PA is important to disable the Limit. In fact, all of the PAs involving her are important.

Centropolis PA

To disable the limiter on Gabriel, save before on the last level of Phynal (which will make your save data blue), and return to Centropolis and Trigger a Private Action. You will find Philia in the hall. Talking to her will remove Gabriel's Limiter; he will now have 1,500,000 HP and 20,000 MP.


  • In the Japanese version of Star Ocean: The Second Story, she and Rena share the same voice actress, Aya Hisakawa.