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Peppita Rossetti (スフレ・ロセッティ, Sufure Rosetti) is one of the main characters of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. A young Velbaysian performer called the 'Fairy of Illusions' from a group known as the Rossetti Troupe, she was abandoned by her soldier father before she was born, and orphaned by her mother at the age of 5. She goes to live with her uncle Piccolotto, the manager of the troupe. She is only 14 during the events of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Her main weapons are both her shoes and her bangles, giving her an unusual fighting style.


We're the Rosetti Troupe, and we bring you a fleeting vision of the future! I'm your fairy guide, Peppita Rossetti.
—Peppita Rossetti

Fayt first encounters Peppita when barging into Peppita's room by accident while touring the hotel where they are staying. Peppita believes that they are there to obtain an autograph, although she becomes indignant upon learning it was just a mistake. It was to be Peppita's first show afterward, but the show never occurs due to the Vendeeni attack. Fayt and Sophia run into Peppita again later as they are fleeing down the evacuation tunnels; the three escape, though Peppita needs to order her guardian Ursus, the circus strongman, to carry Fayt to safety as Fayt wished to turn back for his parents. Peppita does not escape to the same place that Fayt does, however, and she leaves the story for some time. She eventually shows up again at Moonbase, where the player will receive a chance to take her along as a member of the team for the rest of the game. She is, however, completely optional. If Peppita is taken along, she has only a minor role in later events.

In Peppita's normal ending, the Rosetti troupe are in the showroom of Moonbase making preparations for an upcoming show. Peppita, Ursus and Quantestorie are getting things set when Gonnella arrives to tell them he has important business to attend to (something about his hamster) and he cannot help them today. Just then, Piccolotto and Dulcinea arrive and cut him off mid-excuse, forcing him to do everyone else's chores, giving Ursus and Quantestorie the rest of the day off. They ask Peppita to stay and help, but she runs off to join the others.

In Peppita's couple ending, Fayt has apparently joined the Rossetti troupe (his role, however, is not stated) and now resides with the others at Moonbase. He and Peppita have a discussion about certain safety measures, implying how he cares for her and doesn't to want to see her get hurt during her stunts, suggesting antigravity devices hidden in clothing. She rebuffs the idea, telling him that it's part of the show to give the audience suspense, but by practicing every day they ensure that no one will get hurt. Fayt then asks why they needed to talk "here"; as the camera pans out showing they are on a platform high above the walking area of Moonbase, Peppita hugs Fayt.


Some of Peppita's skills are dances that affect allies/enemies within a ranged circle, having varying effects such as modifying their ability strength. She also has a good counterattacking ability to compensate for her poor speed and slow attack animations, which can be easily interrupted by the faster enemies in Star Ocean 3. The beauty of Peppita's counterattack feature is that she remains invincible throughout the animation, allowing skilled players to wade through dangerous enemy special moves if timed correctly. Although she starts at level 1 late in the game, she can easily catch up and become a worthwhile member of the party.

Battle Skills

Skill Name Level Acq HP/MP Useage Fury% CP
Magical Hook 5 15/5% HP 15/47 2
Charge 6 20/5% HP 20/42 4
Frozen Daggers 10 10/5% HP 20/47 3
Power Dance 15 20/6% MP 15/35 6
Aerial 18 10/5% HP 10/42 2
Instanto Blast 20 50/8% HP 20/52 4
Panic Dance 25 20/6% MP 15/35 6
Kaboom 30 100/10% HP 20/47 5
Healing Dance 40 100/10% MP 20/47 6
Faerie Friend 50 80/8% HP 20/47 6
Magical Dance Has to be found in the Maze of Tribulations B5F 250/12% HP 15/35 6
Dream Hammer Has to be found in the Sphere Company 126th level 120/12% HP 22/52 5


Till the End of Time
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Family Tree

Peppita Tree


  • Peppita mentions on Moonbase that her father is a soldier in the Pangalactic Federation; she always says that she believes that he is very famous and strong.
  • There is a possibility that her father is Commodore Wittcomb. He has the same skin tone and earring as Peppita does and the bookcases in his room also contain various books about circuses. Peppita mentions that her father is a strong and famous soldier in the Pangalactic Federation. During the scene where the Aquaelie is deleted, once Peppita finds out that the ship is destroyed, the camera zooms in on her and she lowers her head in sadness. This might imply she figured it out on her own.
  • On the first disc of the Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Original Soundtrack Vol. 2, the name of the song that plays during Peppita's first encounter is called "Gaiety Company", labeled as track 9 on the soundtrack. This can be considered her character motif.
  • In Star Ocean: The Last Hope, there is a shop NPC in Tatroi on Roak that greatly resembles Peppita. She is aptly-named "Peppita, Girl Who Loves to Help" and works at the shop "Roomy Foods".
  • Peppita may be based off of Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey and Star Ocean: First Departure's Pericci. Many of her attacks, such as Magical Dance, Healing Dance, Power Dance, Panic Dance and Dream Hammer are also used by Pericci.
  • Although the gallery says that the fourth outfit is her "Geisha" outfit, it actually resembles a Chinese dancer outfit. It also looks similar to Chun-Li's outfit from the Street Fighter series and may have been an intentional reference.
  • If Peppita uses Magical Hook, she will sometimes say, "Get over here!" instead of the attack name. This is a reference to Scorpion, a character from the Mortal Kombat series who uses a hook and became famous for first uttering the same line.


"Oh, I know! You want my autograph, don't you! Ah well, gotta keep the fans happy..."

"Usually, I'd be pretty mad if someone just came barging in like that, but you are so cute I'll make an exception this time."

" From the Fairy of Illusions, Peppita Rossetti...All done!"

"Are you a salesman!? Nah... Come to think of it, you look like the kinda guy who's never done an honest days work in his life."

"Barging into people's rooms isn't called 'taking a WALK!'"

"In six months, why, you could buy a whole planet with that shirt!"