Sorry to disappoint you, but we don't have that kind of relationship. Didn't you know I already have my heart set on someone?
—Opera Vectra

Opera Vectra comes from a noble family on her home planet Tetragenesis. She arrives on Expel in search of Ernest, another Tetrageniot, which whom she is in love. She is a character from Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution, and later reappears in the sequel, Star Ocean: Blue Sphere.


Its easier to become a survivor if you're living in a dangerous world.
—Opera in Private Action in Lacuer

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

The party first find Opera in a bar at Hilton, where she is asking for information about a man with three eyes. When Claude tells her they saw a man like that at Krosse, she introduces herself, only to run off.

The party then go back to Krosse and ask the king about Opera. The king recalls being visited by her, and tells the party she went off to the Krosse Mountain Palace. He then gives the party permission to go there and help her out. They eventually find Opera, and Claude takes her aside saying he obviously knows she's an alien. Wondering what she's doing on an underdeveloped planet, Opera reveals that her boyfriend Ernest is somewhere on Expel, and that she's looking for him. Claude agrees to help Opera find Ernest. Further into the palace, they find where Ernest has been living, but no sign of Ernest. The party leave the palace in search of him.

Back in the Sacred Forest, Opera shows Claude her crashed spaceship and explains that she too is trapped on Expel.

After the events at the Hoffman Ruins, the party finds a man possessed by a ghost outside. Opera instantly recognizes the man as Ernest, but before they can do anything, the ghost attacks. After defeating the ghost, Ernest comes back to his senses, and Opera is glad that they are reunited. While she no longer has any reason to travel with the party, Claude convinces her and Ernest to still travel with the party.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Immediantly after the initial storyline, Opera and Ernest go off to explore uncharted planets, and their ruins. Upon arrival to the Planet Edifice, their ship is pulled into the planet's atmosphere, and crash lands. Opera and Ernest immediantly send out an SOS signal to Precis back on Earth, but decide to explore the area while they wait. Because of Ernest's love of archeology, and Opera wanting to be close to him, they wander off too far, and are missing when Precis and their friends arrive on Edifice.


Aristocratic, Opera enjoys shopping though she has an adventurous side, but she even does battle in a regal dress. She likes handling projectile weapons, particularly guns and firearms, as well as operating and repairing vehicles; the Tetrageniot dislikes compromising and macho men but likes men that are cool, intelligent, and sexy.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

With screeching flashes and rumbling blasts, all who oppose her are felled to open the way.
—Portrait I
Opera is a character that excels at hitting enemies from afar, being the only character, other than Precis, whose normal anti-air attack is a ranged attack. All her Special Arts focus on long range, meaning only a few change when used at short range. She is also the only non-mage character in the game with an Art that can heal the entire party, called Healing Star. Tracking Plasma is also notable as it can and will follow opponents, even fast ones like Ethereal Queen.

Opera uses a weapon that is known as the Kaleidoscope Ray Gun, which uses special ammunition that the player can equip in order to increase its power. Opera can use medium-weighted armor, and much like Precis, can create her own Weapons and Special Arts with the Machinist skill.

However, Opera has very low stats for a fighter, having one of the slowest running speeds in the game, tied with Ashton and the mage characters. Her defensive stats are also poor, reflecting her gameplay as a long range character, meaning she must position herself properly to avoid being overwhelmed by opponents while being protected by her allies.


Name Starting Gain
Level 21 NA
HP 1200 NA
MP 140 NA
STR 66 1-4
CON 31 1-2
DEX 60 2-3
INT 50 2-3
LUC 142 NA
STM 21 0
GUTS 60 0-1

Special Arts

Name MP Cost Attribute Damage Level Learned Rank Up Changes Base Effect
Flame Launcher 7 Fire 100%/Short: 5 hits, Long: 3 hits Default 100+ uses, 2 increases Longer burning duration Short: 256, Long: 1024 Produce a powerful flame that scorches enemies.
Photon Prison 10 Support 0%/1 hit Default 10 uses, 99 increases Extended duration Short: 256, Long: 512 Fire a special light bullet that freezes the enemy's movement.
Tracking Plasma 23 NA 100%/3 hit 24 220+ uses, 2 increases Extra hit Short: 300, Long: 800 Fire several light bullets. The number of bullets increases with continuous usage.
Dispersion Ray 16 NA 100%/2 hits 34 180+ uses, 3 increases Extra hit 768 Jump into the air and fire light bullets that disperse in many directions.
Blizzard Swirl 25 Water 75%/3 hits 41 NA NA Short: 384, Long: 512 Fire innumerable clusters of ice.
Gravitational Sphere 20 Dark 200%/1 hit 54 100+ uses, 9 increases Damage +6.25% Short: 640, Long 960 Fire a powerful gravitational wave that crushes the enemy.
Electric Shockwave 20 NA 100%/2 hits 69 100+ uses, 2 increases Extra hit Short: 128, Long: 512 Fire a powerful electric current.
Refraction Beam 8 NA 100%/4 hits Item: Opera must create the Black Upgrade through the Machinist specialty 100+ uses, 3 increase Extra hit Short: 250, Long: 768 Toss a mirror into the field and fire lasers that reflect off it.
Healing Star 9 Recovery 200 base recovery Item: Opera must create the White Upgrade through the Machinist specialty 1 use, 999 increases Recovery +5 NA Restore HP by firing a special ray with healing properties.
Hyperlauncher 34 Light 50%/6 hits Item: Opera must create the Green Upgrade through the Machinist specialty 60 uses, 9 increases Wider, longer range Short: 680, Long: 880 Fire a massive laser beam.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Opera vectra icon Opera SOA Shooter

Information Rifle - Gacha Permanent - ACE 5☆ to 6☆
The Vectra's Noblewomen Damage +40% (All Allies) / Damage +60% when distance to target is Long (All Allies)
Gambler DEF +15% when distance to target is Short (All Allies) / Stun Rate +15% when distance to Target is Long (All Allies)
Heavy Drinker Will not flinch during attacks (Self) / Damage taken -40% (Self)
Burning Affection AP Consumption -30% when Skill Chain 3+ (Self) / ATK Damage +40% (Self)
Rush Combo
Additional Effect Power Max Hit Count
Hyper Launcher Critical Rate +30% (All Allies 20 seconds) / Critical Damage +30% (All Allies 20 seconds) ATK x 4,000% 10
AP Cost Power Max Hit Count
Alpha on One 17 ATK x 220% 5
Gravity Shell (Dark Element) 24 ATK x 360% 8
Spread Ray 32 ATK x 710% 5
Lightning Blade (Thunder Element) 36 ATK x 880% 5
LB 10 Level 70 Stats
HP 15,330
ATK 2,508
INT 1,589
DEF 1,523
HIT 1,267
GRD 924

Deep crimson opera vectra icon Deep Crimson Opera SOA Caster

Information Orb - Gacha Permanent - ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Fashionista Convert 50% of ATK to INT (Self/All Healers)
Supporter of Love AP usage reduced by 15% after using Lightning Blast [Shock] (Self/10 seconds) / INT Based Damage Taken +15% when hit by Shiny Lancer [Shock] (Enemy/10 seconds)
Deep Crimson Dress Will not flinch when chanting heraldry, Damage Taken -40% (Self) / Reduce Heraldry Cast Time by 60%, at skill chain 3 or higher (Self)
My Favorite Sunglasses INT +30% (Self)
Rush Combo
Additional Effect Power Max Hit Count
Blitz Tactics INT Based Damage +40%, Critical Chance +20% (Self/20 seconds) INT x 4,500% 19
AP Cost Power Max Hit Count
Lightning Blast (Thunder Element) 19 INT x 220% 10
Shiny Lancer (Light Element) 19 INT x 270% 8
Sunshine (Light Element) 39 INT x 820% 6
Thunderbolt (Thunder Element) 38 INT x 790% 3
LB 10 Level 70 Stats
HP 13,860
ATK 1,549
INT 3,567
DEF 1,129
HIT 1,057
GRD 853

Family Tree

Opera Tree


The Second Story/Second Evolution
Blue Sphere
Material Trader


  • If Opera is recruited, it becomes impossible to recruit Ashton Anchors.
  • Opera's in-game sprite depicts her with a strange headress/tiara that slightly resembles bunny ears.
  • Opera is required in the party to be able to recruit Ernest. To do so, carry out a Private Action in Arlia where Opera mentions that her ship crashed in the Sacred Forest. Then, with all members back in the party, enter Sacred Forest and examine the ship. Ernest will then offer to join after the events in the Hoffman Ruins. Note that if you turn Ernest down at that point, Opera will leave with him.
  • Opera's favorite instrument is the Piano, and her favorite foods are Apple Cider (in Second Story) and Lime Cooler (in Second Evolution).
  • Opera is one of three characters who has a "special" ending (the other two being Celine and Ashton). To get her special ending, you must not see the PA that leads to you recruiting Ernest.
  • It is said in the Claude/Opera ending that Claude is "heir to the head of the Vectras", meaning that Opera's family is one of the four noble houses. Thus, she is considered royalty on her planet. In fact, an NPC in the third installment refers to the Vectras as the suzerain house, meaning Opera's family has control over the other three houses.
  • Opera has a younger sister named Opal, who is identical, except for having brown hair instead of blond. Opal shares her sister's obsession with Ernest.
  • Three of Opera's techniques require creating certain items through Machinist to obtain (in particular, the techs "Healing Star", "Hyperlauncher" and "Refraction Beam" require the White, Green, and Black Upgrades, respectively). The only other character who has to do this is Precis.
  • In Star Ocean EX, she wears a perfume called "Aphrodite", which is said to help the wearer find true love.