Norton at the Ruins of Coffir

Yeah, that's me. I am Norton the Great!

Norton is a minor antagonist from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. A Rezerbian, he was on his way to a prison colony for a lengthy sentence when he sabotaged the prison ship he was on.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

I built this! Its...Mine! My Kingdom...!
—Upon his death.

Norton has pale, dull blonde hair with off-white pupiless eye and wears black body armor and armed with a phase gun. He was on his way to a barren desert world to serve a 687 year sentence for crimes unknown, until he tampered with the transport ship's engine codes. The ship crashed onto Vanguard III, stranding Norton. However, he decided to make the best of the situation, and started extorting the people of Whipple, using his Phase Rifle to kill those who disagreed with him.

Setting up base in the Ruins of Coffir, Norton recruited some thugs from Whipple to help him.

Eventually, Fayt came to Norton, asking him to stop harassing Whipple. Norton refused, but was glad to finally hear someone speak Terran. Before Norton could do anything else, Cliff Fittir appeared, and together with Fayt, was able to take Norton down.


HP: 1600 Half: Fire

MP: 35,800 Immune: N/A

Level: 190 Drain: N/A

Exp: 32 Fol: 7

Norton also drops a Decrepit Tome (100% drop rate) which grants the reader "Common Support Symbols"

Battle Trophies

Play nice and I'll let you live a little longer.
Number Name
079 Defeat Norton Within 30 seconds
080 Defeat Norton Without Taking Damage

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Dictionary Entry

Part 1

A mysterious, oddly dressed individual who suddenly appeared in the village of Whipple. Some people say Norton possesses a strange power he uses to cause his enemies to vanish, one after another. Norton has taken up with some young bullies from Whipple and is currently living in the Ruins of Coffir.

Part 2

A Rezerbian felon sentenced by a court on Rezerb to 687 years on a prison planet in the Beta Sector. He attempted to escape en route by sabotaging the engine of the escort ship that was taking him to the prison planet, and was eventually forced to live on Vanguard III after the ship proved impossible to repair.


Star Ocean- TtEoT - Norton Boss Fight -2 (Galaxy Difficulty)

Star Ocean- TtEoT - Norton Boss Fight -2 (Galaxy Difficulty)