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The Muah, known to the people of Roak as the Old Race, are an ancient race in the Star Ocean universe. They originally hailed from the Mu continent on Earth, but an ancient catastrophe dispersed them all over the known galaxy.

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Muah (The Last Hope)
A highly advanced race believed to have lived on Earth 12,000 years ago. Legend has it that their homeland, a continent located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean since the Pangean era, sunk into the sea over the course of a single night.


The Last Hope

As seen in the game, the remains of an ancient civilization—the Muah—were discovered in an ancient, dried-up seabed by Dr. Arnold Maverick in A.D. 2072. Using the DNA contained in a 12,000 year old sarcophagus (which had one chromosome 'lost' to modern humans), the Earthlings convene for Project Hope, an experiment designed to combine the ancient Muah DNA with modern human DNA in order to create superhumans.

These experiments resulted in the births of Edge Maverick, Reimi Saionji, and Crowe F. Almedio.

Star Ocean

After a meteor struck the Mu continent, a continent located on the Earthen Pacific Ocean, a space-time portal opened, scattering the Muah all over the galaxy. Some of the Muah found themselves on the planet Roak, while others found themselves on the barren planet Fargett. Wanting to return home, the scattered Muah tried different methods to reach their native planet.

The Muah of Roak created the Eye of Truth, a device capable of opening space-time portals. While the device worked, the Eye of Truth had an unfortunate side effect. It accidentally opened up a portal to the Demon World, causing demons to attack the Muah and the native Fellpool. They managed to close the gate, but the damage was done, and now there was a portal to the Demon World on Roak. Ashamed of their actions, and too afraid to use the Eye of Truth, they Muah accepted their fate and locked themselves away, hoping one day to return home. They sealed the object inside their Temple of Purity and entrusted its protection to the natural symbological natives of Roak, the Runes.

The Muah of Fargett had to quickly adapt to their surroundings, and unlike the Muah of Roak, continued to survive into the modern day. They quickly built a bio-lab to create plants that could survive on the planet, but their main objective was to create humans capable of living on the planet. These experiments created Asmodeus, but Asmodeus ran away from Fargett, using the Fargettian Space-Time Laboratory. After hunting him down to Demon World and taking his genes, the Muah of Fargett created more super humans, including Jie Revorse. After Revorse eradicated the other superhumans, he took control of Fargett and tried to invade Earth, so that the people of Fargett could finally return home, but he was stopped by Roddick Farrence and his team. The fate of the people of Fargett is never revealed.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

In Blue Sphere, it is revealed that some Muah were also stranded on the planet Edifice. Here, they created another advanced civilization, similar to the one they had on Earth.

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Notable Muah


  • The word Muah can be rearranged to read "huma", referencing that they are indeed the ancestors of the human race. Additionally, Mu, the name of the Muan home continent, is in fact the 12th letter of the greek alphabet. Coincidentally, they were believed to have lived on Earth 12,000 years ago. Furthermore, "Mu" is a Japanese interation of the Chinese symbol "Wu". When written on its own, it can mean "the state of oblivion upon death", perhaps referencing the sinking of the Mu continent.
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