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Moonbase SD 772

Earth, Luna, and Moonbase aligned.

The Moonbase, later known as Federation Station #5 as well, is an Earthling facility built in orbit around Luna, Earth's only natural satellite. It is an important location, since Earth is the centre of the Pangalactic Federation. It began as an outer-space exploration research facility, but in 700 years, it grew into an iconic spacestation.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope[]

Moonbase over Earth in SO2

Moonbase above Earth in SD 366.

The Moonbase appears on Star Ocean: The Last Hope as one of the two existing Earthling spacestations by S.D. 12. During this period, the Moonbase works as a space exploration research center, as well as a spaceship factory.

Star Ocean: The Second Story[]

The Federation warship Calnus is seen docked in Moonbase and subsequently launching from the base on its voyage to explore Milokeenia.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time[]

Fayt and the party depart to the Moonbase to check on what Fayt's father, Dr. Robert Leingod's research files. There, they are attacked by Peppita Rossetti. She believes they are the monsters that have been terrorizing the remaining survivors of Hyda IV. Fayt gets rid of Peppita, and moves along. Suddenly, he meets the Proclaimer, who tries to destroy the Moonbase, but Peppita kills it and tags along. The fighting with the Executioners, however, knocked the station out of its orbit. It will collide with the Sun, Sol, in a few years if a replacement engine did not arrive.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness[]

The character Fiore Brunelli, as a researcher on Symbological Genetics, is part of the team that first creates the Symbological Genetics Research Facility on Moonbase. This may mean that Fiore's research puts in motion the events of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

Dictionary Entry[]

Mankind's first space colony, built on Earth's moon in order to mine and manage raw materials for spacecraft construction. It also serves as a command post for deep-space exploration. A second base, slated to serve as a ship-building factory, is under construction in lunar orbit.