Millie Chliette (ミリー・キリート, Mirī Kirīto?, lit. Milly Kiliet)[1] is one of the main characters of the first Star Ocean, as well as its remake, Star Ocean: First Departure. A young Fellpool from the planet Roak, she is the daughter of Martoth Chliette, the hometown's healer, and as such, she is proficient in healing symbology herself, yet still capable of using destructive symbology and staves in battle.


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Star Ocean/First Departure

Millie is a Fellpool who lived in Kratus on the Muan Continent on the planet Roak alongside Roddick Farrence and Dorne Murtough. She accompanies them to the Calnus, and she cries when Dorne is petrified, who gives her his sister's music box as a remembrance. She is the second to enter the Time Gate, and she ends up with Ronyx. She most likely transplants a symbology tattoo on Ronyx, as he tells her not to recall what happened and bribes her with fruit parfaits. She also convinces Ronyx to find a new weapon. Millie also takes a liking to Mavelle, who is cold to everyone. Once she becomes Erys, she claims that she wants them to be friends.

When the party defeats Asmodeus, she is used as a hostage by the Fargett soldiers sent to take a sample of the fallen superhuman's blood and leave her with her friends once they got what they came for. Thankfully, this leaves the heroes the opportunity to take a sample of their own for a vaccine to counter the outbreak on Roak. This also restores Dorne to his healthy state, who jokes about taking his music box back from her.

Millie is later brought back to the Calnus with Roddick, reuniting with her friends for the assassination of Jie Revorse, though she is ambushed with her friends by the soldiers. She is then captured along with two of her friends when the others flee during a distraction created by the resistance force opposing Jie and brought to their interrogation center.

Thankfully, she is later rescued by the rest of the group and joins the heroes in the final battle against Revorse, and returns home with Roddick once Jie is no more.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

EvelysseCoro, and The Captain get engulfed in a space-time anomaly. Before they can figure out their surroundings, Jie Revorse appears and threatens to lock them in pocket dimension for eternity. Roddick and Millie join the group and tell the three they must defeat Jie if they want to leave. They explain that they were patrolling Kratus and were suddenly transported to the pocket dimension; and have already killed Jie. After the group defeats him, Roddick and Millie thank Eve, Coro, and the captain and take note that the pocket dimension is disappearing. After a bit of conversation, Roddick and Millie are transported back to S.D. 346.

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Millie is a friendly, caring and cheerful sort, but can also be hotheaded and angered easily. She also has a crush on Roddick and shows a jealous streak whenever other pretty girls pay attention to him or whenever he's nice to them.

Her favourite food are fruit parfaits.


Star Ocean/Star Ocean: First Departure

Millie is able to equip rods and cloth armor. Her symbology is Major Healing, Minor Destructive, and Major Supportive.

Name MP Cost Level Learned
Heal 4 Default
Antidote 6 2
Deep Mist 12 6
Crush 2 6
Cure Light 16 10
Silence 14 10
Acid Rain 8 12
Guard 18 16
Gravity Crush 11 16
Delay 18 20
Cure All 24 20
Condition Cure 24 24
Haste 20 34
Power Up 22 38
Fix Cloud 12 40
Tractor Beam 34 40
Faerie Healing 28 42
Reflection 40 44
Raise Dead 44 46
Faerie Light 28 52

As the player uses different skills with Millie, she will gain the following talents:

Name Learned When Using
Originality Crafting, Customization
Taste Cooking
Nimble Fingers Crafting, Machinist
Design Sense Art, Machinist
Composition Writing
Rhythm Sense Music
Listening Music
Love of Animals Familiar
Animal Instinct Scout
Blessing of Mana Alchemy

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Standard Millie


Beach Millie

Family Tree

Millie Tree


  • In First Departure, Millie's field sprites and animations are based off Rena Lanford's from Second Evolution.
  • For the PSP version, after traveling to Roak 300 years in the past, Millie permanently rejoins in Eckdart at level 30 if you have Cyuss alone, Ashlay alone, Cyuss and Ioshua, or neither of these characters. If you have a combination of either Ashlay and Ioshua or Phia and Ioshua, she rejoins at Silvalant at level 40.
  • Millie is one of two characters that can learn all talents (the other being Mavelle).
  • Millie and Erys are the only characters in SO1 with a resurrection spell and a curative spell for status ailments in their arsenal.
  • The events of the game and various PA suggest that Dorne is in love with Millie, however, she is in love with Roddick.


Star Ocean/First Departure
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