I am Metatron of the Ten Wise Men, and fighting me will be the greatest achievement you'll ever have!
—Metatron at Eluria Tower.

Metatron, also known as Berle, is an antagonist and one of the Ten Wise Men in Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution. He is a confident warrior and a master of defense. Along with Jophiel and Zaphkiel, he is in the bottom of the Ten Wise Men hierarchy. His body seemingly possesses robotic implants, which may suggest that the process used to create him was similiar or equal to that of Jophiel. This is further enforced by the fact that he was developed at an early stage of the Ten Wise Men Defense Plan, around the same time as Jophiel.


Metatron was created 4.7 bilion Nedian years before the events of the game as a part of a plan to enforce Nedian authority on rebellious planets. He was designed to be a Special Defense unit to fight along with Zaphkiel and Jophiel in direct, open combat. He was reprogrammed by his maddened creator Lantis to destroy the entire universe along with the other Wise Men but, even though they managed to destroy over 80% of the Nedian military forces, they are defeated and forced to lock themselves in a Quadratic Sphere. Metatron is first met and fought atop Eluria Tower along with the other Wise Men. He is the one who fights the party, before they are all teleported to Energy Nede. At this point, he is invincible, so he cannot be killed, but losing is not an option either; the player must stall for time to clear the battle.

Later, on Energy Nede, you fight Metatron once again in Armlock, when he chases Dr. Mirage. This time, he actually lowers his invincibility shield after a set amount of time, and therefore can be defeated.


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Metatron is fought on Eluria Tower and Armlock. If not prepared this can be a difficult battle, he can summon his Barrier and for about a minute your attacks will be useless as he pummels your party. A best bet would be to stunlock him quickly as he will summon his barriers throughout the battle. Alternatively, you can change the tactics of your party to run away from him to make it harder for him to attack you, and switch them back to attack him once he lets the barrier down. He has over 150,000 HP with 10 MP and even more so in stronger modes.


  • In the PSX version Metatron knew the spells Protection and Anti, but the creators programmed him with 10 MP so the spells were never seen or its attempted use. In the PSP remake he doesn't know any spells but keeps his 10 MP.