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Mastema (マスティマ, Masutima?) is one of the main characters of Star Ocean: Anamnesis, who first appears in the second episode called -Twin Eclipse-. The curator of the symbological museum Ex Ziva, she is the master of Daphtine's moon, which shares her name.



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Mastema employs a neutral tone and at first glance has a seemingly detached personality. Rarely if ever ever showing interest in things or people, she is the type that lives freely and cannot be controlled. However, she has a childish side that likes to tease others, often making fun of Ricardo or causing incidents to stir others' emotions.


Mastema is a an optional playable character in Star Ocean: Anamnesis, and currently has two variants: the standard "Mastema" and "Sage Mastema". In her base version, Mastema is an Invoker, or symbologist, who uses tomes and offensive fire and light-elemental spells to damage her enemies.




  • In the Book of Jubilees, Mastema is an angel who persecutes evil. He carries out punishments for God, as well as tempting humans and testing their faith. He first appeared as a personification of the Hebrew word mastemah (מַשְׂטֵמָה), meaning "hatred", "hostility", "enmity", or "persecution".