Lymle Lemuri Phi is a Lemurisian child from Triom in Lemuris. She is one of the main characters in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Lymle is a young girl that lives in the village of Triom on the planet Lemuris, she lost her parents at a young age, so the village chief, Ghimdo Triom Phi, raised her as a grandfather. She was naturally born with the ability of Symbology, and treats the Cerberus she summoned through Symbology as her friend.

Lemurians are generally small in size, a product of the environment they live in, but there is another reason why Lymle looks so much younger than her 15 years: At the age of six, an errant symbol pattern she drew opened a portal to the demon realm, sending several decades' worth of hatred and fear flowing into her heart all at once. To keep herself from breaking down, she shut off all emotional outlets in response. Since then, she has not aged one bit, her body and behavior frozen at a state of being six years old. Cerberus, a denizen of the demon realm, extracted her from the portal upon sensing her fear, thus becoming her servant and guardian. Fearless and strong to the core, she is thoughtful and considerate of others, but while she doesn't show it on her face, she also craves attention and is emotionally dependent on others to a large degree.

Upon first meeting Lymle, a doubting Faize initially believed Ghimdo jested when he spoke of Lymle's symbology, and she hemceforth regarded the Eldarian as her rival.

In Lymle's ending, which is obtained if Lymle has a suitable amount of AR toward Edge, Lymle has become a Symbology teacher two years after the events of Nox Obscurus. After her students draw symbols on the ground, she casts a spell, and the symbols turn the ground into a field of flowers. As the young Symbology students frolic in the fields, Lymle plucks a daisy from the ground, inhales its scent, and smiles genuinely, finally able to show true emotion. A secret ending can be achieved by doing a certain amount of private actions and playthroughs. She is crying at her grandfather's grave, when a figure who resembles Faize appears and places a daisy in her hair. She then turns around to smile at him.


Lymle is the most offensively oriented of the game's three mages. She has only the most basic healing spells and no spells to revive or cure status effects. Offensively, she specializes in Fire elemental symbology but she is also proficient in Lightning and Wind symbols. She is capable of summoning her Cerberus for a variety of fire-based battle skills.

Lymle is proficient in the Artistry skill, and can draw symbological Cards and Charms.

Special Arts

Name Max Level Damage MP Cost CP Cost Acquired Notes
Hatchet Reel 10 INT x300%-452% 8-12 2 Level 1 Summons Cerberus to perform a devastating spin attack on the enemy,
Scorching Star 10 INT x286%-342% 14-21 3 Level 18 Summons Cerberus to breathe a giant wave of fire that damages enemies in its vicinity.
Hound Grenade 10 INT x400%-490% 18-27 4 Level 32 Summons Cerberus to chase after the enemy and set off an explosion.
Spiral Fang 10 INT x370%-510% 18-27 4 Level 41 Summons Cerberus to charge straight ahead in a swirling blaze of flame, knocking back any enemy in its path.
Trinity Blaze 10 INT x353%-520% 20-29 6 Skill Manual Summons Cerberus to generate an additional head on each shoulder and breath three times the fire.


Name Max Level Damage MP Cost CP Cost Acquired Notes
Fire Bolt 10 INT x117%-390% 5-14 2 Level 1 Fire-elemental attack symbol; Unleashes three enemy-seeking fireballs and increases to six at level 10.
Healing 10 NA 6 NA Level 6 HP recovery symbol; recovers 31% of one ally's maximum HP at level 1. The HP healed increases to 40% at level 10.
Wind Blade 10 INT x156%-358% 5-14 3 Level 13 Wind-elemental attack symbol; Fires swirling blades of wind at the enemy.
Faerie Healing 10 NA 18 NA Level 21 HP recovery symbol; Summons a faerie to recover at least 26% of all allies' maximum HP and increases to 35% at level 10.
Silence 10 NA 22 NA Level 25 Support symbol; Places nearby enemies in Silence status, preventing then from using symbols. At higher skill levels, the chance of success increases.
Lightning Blast 10 INT x198%-418% 5-14 3 Level 28 Lightning-elemental attack symbol; Hurls lightning bolts at the enemy.
Void 10 NA 30 NA Level 36 Support symbol; Places nearby enemies in Void status, canceling all of their support effects. The chances of success increases at level 10.
Explosion 10 INT x272%-485% 21-30 NA Level 47 Fire-elemental attack symbol; Sets off a large explosion centered around the enemy.
Reflection 10 NA 15 NA Level 51 Support symbol; Temporarily boosts one ally's elemental resistance by 3. At higher skill levels, the effect duration increases.
Tornado 10 INT x250%-464% 7-16 5 Level 56 Wind-elemental attack symbol; Calls forth an enemy-seeking tornado that sweeps up any foe it touches.
Thunder Flare 10 INT x195%-374% 7-16 4 Level 65 Lightning-elemental attack symbol; Summons a ball of lightning that envelops and damages the enemy.
Volcanic Burst 10 INT x433%-721% 10-19 5 Level 71 Fire-elemental attack symbol; Summons a swirling torrent of fire from beneath the enemy.
Faerie Star 10 NA 50 NA Skill Manual HP recovery symbol; Summons a faerie to recover 81% of all allies' maximum HP, and increases to 90% at level 10.


  • Candy Wand
  • Flame Wand
  • Booster Wand
  • Ruby Wand
  • Wand of Wonder
  • Rune Wand
  • Crystal Wand
  • Nature Wand
  • Star Ruby Wand
  • Nightmare Wand
  • Wand of Resonance
  • Blazing Wand
  • Divine Wand
  • Ancient Sage's Wand

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Lymle lemuri phi icon Lymle SOA Caster

Information Staff - Gacha Permanent - 5☆ to 6☆
Enchanted Artistry DEF +30% (Self)
Big Doggie Bite Damage taken -30% (Self)
Grampa's Wish No flinching to damage less than 20% of Max HP (Self)
Rush Combo
Additional Effect Power Max Hit Count
Trinity Blaze Reduce Symbol Invoking Time by 70% (Self 20 seconds) INT x 100% 6
AP Cost Power Max Hit Count
Plunging Fire Bolt (Fire Element) 20 INT x 200% 6
Volcanic Burst (Fire Element) 42 INT x 670% 13
Wind Blade (Wind Element) 20 INT x 190% 2
Tornado (Wind Element) 35 INT x 460% 2
LB 10 Level 70 Stats
HP 11,130
ATK 1,391
INT 3,479
DEF 1,604
HIT 966
GRD 749

Federation lymle lemuri phi icon Official Lymle SOA Shooter

Information Gun - Gacha Limited - 5☆ to 6☆
Amused Feelings Damage +35% (Self & All Healers & All Casters)
Unfinished Business II Damage +25% (All Allies)
Obscure Breath Reduce Symbology Cast Time by 100% (Self)
Timebender Reduce Symbology Cast Time by 20% (All Allies)
Rush Combo
Additional Effect Power Max Hit Count
Cerberus Shot (Fire Element) Damage +60% (Self & All Symbologist 20 seconds) INT x 2,500% 5
AP Cost Power Max Hit Count
Smart Aiming Device 20 INT x 200% 1
Smart Gravity Bullet (Dark Element) 24 INT x 230% 12
Plunging Fire Bolt (Fire Element) 20 INT x 200% 6
Wind Blade (Wind Element) 20 INT x 190% 2
LB 10 Level 70 Stats
HP 14,175
ATK 1,418
INT 2,153
DEF 1,405
HIT 1,148
GRD 840

Valentines lymle icon Blossomed Flower Lymle SOA Caster

Information Staff - Gacha Limited - ACE 5☆ to 6☆
Teacher of Triom Village Convert 50% ATK to INT (All Casters, All Healers), Convert 60% INT to ATK (All Attackers, All Shooters, All Defenders)
Greetings to Grandpa Critical null damage taken when using Charge Assault, Skills will instantly skip up to 3 steps of Cancel Bonus when holding down Charge Assault (0.5 second every skip 1 Cancel Bonus) (Self)
Sister Lutea's Symbology Critical chance +20% when using Blaze Ray and Wind Blade (15 seconds, Self), gain Wind Attribute when using wind spell (15 seconds, Self)
Flower Nearing Purity INT Damage +50% when Skill Chain 3+ (Self), INT +20% (Self), will not flinch when casting Heraldy (Self), Damage taken -50% (Self)
Rush Combo
Additional Effect Power Max Hit Count
Create Inferno (Fire Element) Critical Chance +70%, Cast Time Reduction 70% (Self, 20 seconds) INT x 4500% 9
AP Cost Power Max Hit Count
Wind Blade (Wind Element) 12 INT x 340% 2
Blast Hurricane (Wind Element) 38 INT x 1240% 6
Blaze Ray (Fire Element) 14 INT x 420% 1
Flare Touch (Fire Element) 42 INT x 1380% 5
LB 10 Level 70 Stats
HP 13,860
ATK 1,537
INT 2,730
DEF 1,155
HIT 1,064
GRD 826

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