Luther Lansfeld, also known as Lucifer in the Japanese version, is the main antagonist of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. A computer programmer, Luther was the one who created the Eternal Sphere, and does his best to maintain it. As the story progresses, he finds himself unable to comprehend that his creations have achieved consciousness, which slowly drives him insane as he attempts to figure it out and delete them.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

SO3 - Luther Battle 2nd Form

Luther in battle within the Eternal Sphere

Luther does not appear until very late into the story, yet his actions are what drive the overall conflict of the game and sets the events that take place into action. When Fayt's father began experiments in Symbological Genetics, Luther realized that the denizens of the Milky Way Galaxy in the Eternal Sphere have developed too much and overstepped their bounds as mere data, so he sentenced the entire galaxy to deletion. The Executioners released to destroy Earth and hinder Fayt's progress were essentially his "anti-virus" programs to destroy everything that he saw was contaminating the Eternal Sphere.

While the party tries to reach a terminal to return to their universe within the Sphere Corporation, Luther tells them over the intercomm that he is already aware of their plan, and shuts down the elevator. He also laments the fact that Blair is helping out Fayt, and labels her a traitor.

In the Spiral Tower, he faces Fayt's team and is beaten. Shocked by this, he tries to search for a logical reason. He can't believe that his own "creations" could surpass their creator. He then decides that the only logical way to defeat them is to delete the entire Eternal Sphere itself, without realizing he is still in it. He faces them one last time and is defeated. It's logical that since he programmed a code that would delete the entire system, he was killed after the entire world was destroyed.

Luther reappears as a secret boss in the Urssa Cave Temple after the game is beaten. As the duplicate Fayt's partner is chosen by whom he's paired with at the end, Luther only appears when Fayt wasn't matched up with anyone. Interestingly, Luther is much stronger here than when the party fought him as the final boss.

Battle Trophies

Number Name
127 Defeat Luther
128 Defeat Luther Within 5 Minutes
129 Defeat Luther Without Taking Damage
130 Defeat Luther at lv1
131 Defeat Luther at Universe
132 Defeat Luther at Universe Without Taking Damage
133 Defeat Luther at Universe Within 8 minutes
134 Defeat Luther at Universe Difficulty at Lv 10
135 Defeat Luther at 4D Without Taking Damage
136 Defeat Luther at 4D Within 10 Minutes
137 Defeat Luther at 4D Difficulty at Lv 10
185 Defeat Luther Using Only Minor Attacks
189 Defeat Luther Using Only Major Attacks
193 Defeat Luther Using Only Anti-Attack Auras
201 Defeat Luther Using Only Symbology
205 Defeat Luther Using Only Charge
209 Defeat Luther Using Only Battle Skills
213 Defeat Luther Alone
221 Defeat Luther Using Only Metal Pipe
223 Complete Win Over Luther

Dictionary Entry

The software engineering genius who developed the core simulation routines for universe construction based on multiple time axes, which allowed the Eternal Sphere to grow into the tremendous hit it is today. Luther is also the owner of Sphere, the company that acts as the de facto ruling body of the Lost City. He deserves most of the credit for turning Sphere into the juggernaut that it is today.


Lucifer SO3

Luther in the Urssa Cave Temple.

  • In Japan, Luther shares the same name with the Wise Man Lucifer. In fact, in the Urssa Cave Temple, if the party fights Fayt and Luther together, Luther will even resemble Lucifer. Luther only appears alongside Fayt if the "Fayt solo ending" was viewed.
  • Since he is the creator of the Star Ocean universe, technically he is the most powerful being of the series.
  • Lucifer (Luther's name in the Japanese version) is the angelic name of Satan in the Christian religion. This is in keeping with a large amount of Christian symbolism throughout the entire Star Ocean series. Two key facets of Lucifer in Christianity is his desire to control the world and supplanting God (possibly represented by Fayt Leingod, or Linegod - the line of God - in the Japanese version), generally by lies and deception. This could possibly be meant to cast into doubt whether the claims of 4D beings, that the known universe is a computer program, are true.
  • Luther has two forms during his battle. The first form is considered basic form, hense referred to as "Luther." However, his second form is called "Luther- Hands of Creation." The second form is named such as a reference to other characters in tri-Ace games. Subsequintely, his alternate costume (referred to as Lucifer), holds the "Hands of Destruction."