Now all I need to do is kill Gabriel, and then the universe would be mine alone. The bug-ridden reject is hardly a match for the great Lucifer!

Lucifer, on the other eight Wise Men's defeat

Lucifer (ルシフェル, Rushiferu?) is a major character and antagonist from Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution. He is the second-in-command of the Ten Wise Men, second only to Gabriel. He is known as Cyril in the English translation of The Second Story.


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Birthplace: Energy Nede
Birthday: Unknown
As one of the Ten Wise Men, Lucifer sought to gain control of the universe in the 360s (S.D.). In reality he is a living weapon created approximately 3.7 billion years ago by Energy Nede, a civilization with advanced scientific means.
Created to oversee and observe the Ten Wise Men, he was granted a higher level of ability. Because of this he can be quite cold, even in his interactions with the other Wise Men.


Lucifer is first met atop Eluria Tower, along with the other Wise Men, on the Expellian continent of El although he does not yet engage the party in combat. He is later encounted by the party again during the first assault on Phynal, where acting as Gabriel's right hand is involved with the attack and subsequent destruction of the Pangalactic Federation vessel Calnus.

During the second assault on Phynal by the party, Lucifer is finally faced off against in mortal combat. During this encounter which takes place following the deaths of the first eight Wise Men under his command, Lucifer reveals that he is the only member of the Wise Men who was against destroying the Universe, which is perhaps due to the fact that he was originally meant to be the commander of the Ten Wise Men prior to the events which caused the creator of the Ten Wise Men, Dr. Lantis, to became Gabriel. In fact, Lucifer had even planned to kill Gabriel and the rest Wise Men who supported his plan, and thanks the party for defeating the other Wise Men for him. He then engages with the party in combat and is defeated by their combined efforts.

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Lucifer has silvery-white hair, wears mostly black with some red, and has sharp cold blue eyes. He is considered the most beautiful of the Wise Men.

Because he doesn't show up often in-game, his actual personality is hard to pinpoint. However, judging from the scenes he does show up in, he is ambitious, arrogant, cold, and cruel.


In Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution, Lucifer appears as an boss and is possibly one of the tougher Ten Wise Men fights. He is a fast spellcaster with high magic power and the ability to teleport throughout the battlefield. He has a strong Thunder or Wind-elemental attack, and his signature move is Winds of Destruction.

In Star Ocean: Anamnesis, Lucifer makes an appearance as the enemy boss in the recurring Star Ocean 2 event Lucifer's Descent. His pattern is similar to the original game, but his attacks are entirely Wind-elemental. He also appears as a playable character, being featured in the event An Eternal Prison Unlocked.


The Second Story/Second Evolution


  • Lucifer shares his name with Luther Lansfeld, whose name in the Japanese version is also "Lucifer". However, their names are spelled differently.

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