The following is a list of the locations in Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey and its remake, Star Ocean: First Departure.

Planet Roak

S.D. 346

S.D. 46

Muah Continent (SNES)

Muan Continent.

Muan Continent

Known as the Moore Continent in the SNES version, Muan Continent is ruled by the Muah Kingdom, which capital is the town of Portmith. It is a grassy and hilly land, and is enhabited by Fellpool. The Celestial Ship crashes in this continent by this time.

  • Kraat - A village from the Muah Kingdom, where Roddick and Ilia arrive after jumping into the Time Gate. It is Clatos of the past. Pericci can be recruited here if you rescued her from the Pirates' Hideout.
  • Haute - A village from the Muah Kingdom, where Cyuss can be met. It is Coule of the past.
  • Mt. Metorx - A mountain on the outskirts of Haute.
  • Portmith - The capital of the Muah Kingdom, and its only port.
  • Pirates' Hideout - Hideout of the Velkhent Pirates.
  • Celestial Ship Remains - The crash site of the Celestial Ship. It is only accessible after entering Tropp after the first visit to the Purgatorium.
Dictionary Entry

A continent on Roak believed to be named after ancient visitors who became the ancestors of the planet's intelligent life. Home to an enormous treasure chamber filled with valuable objects. The Metorx Mountains lie in its center, with the thowns of Kraat to the south, and Portmith to the north, and Haute in the center of the continent.

Astralian Continent

Astral Continent (SNES)

Astralian Continent.

The Astralian Continent is ruled by the Astral Kingdom, which capital is Astral City. It is a mountainous land, enhabited by Highlanders. The Purgatorium lies hidden on this continent.

  • Autanim - A port town of the Kingdom of Astral, it is located on the northeastern edge of the continent.
  • Tatroi - Home to the Arena, Tatroi is a stop for any who wish to head to Astral City, either through a passage, or via a ferry. Ashlay and T’nique can be found in the Arena.
  • Astral City - Capital of the Kingdom of Astral, it is Cyuss's hometown. Phia also lives here as one of the Royal Knights.
  • Highland Caves - Caves that lead to the plateau where the Purgatorium is located.
  • Purgatorium - A sanctum said to hold the legendary Eye of Truth, it is heavily protected with enigmas and monsters. Ioshua is met here.
  • Tropp - A port town of the Kingdom of Astral, it is located on the western coast.
Dictionary Entry

One of Roak's three major continent, located in the central region of the planet. The north is dominated by the forests of the Astral Mountains, while the south is covered in desert. The land is currently under the governance of the king of Astral, whose nation has close commercial ties with the rest of Roak's countries.

Silvalant Continent

Van Continent (SNES)

Southern Silvalant Continent (Van Kingdom).

Silvalant Continent (SNES)

Northern Silvalant Continent (Silvalant Kingdom).

The Silvalant Continent is divided by two kingdoms: the Van Kingdom and the Silvalant Kingdom. The Van Kingdom rules the forested area of this continent, and its capital is the Van y Ille City; while the Silvalant Kingdom rules the mountainous and snowy area of this continent, and its capital is Silvalant City.

  • Eckdart - The only port town of the Van Kingdom, it is a very important trading center
  • Mt. Eckdart - A mountain to the west of the port town of Eckdart, where Foster resides.
  • Ionis - A small village to the southwest of Eckdart, Ronyx is found here along with Mavelle.
  • Van y Ille City - The capital of the Van Kingdom, the party joins forces against Asmodeus with the Van Kingdom here.
  • Checkpoint - A small outpost with bridge over a river near the Van y Silvalant Caves.
  • Van y Silvalant Caves - A passage through the mountains dividing Van and Silvalant.
  • Durss - A small village of the kingdom of Silvalant.
  • Silvalant City - The capital of the Kingdom of Silvalant.
  • Old Race Ruins - Hidden ruins located to the north of Silvalant that hold many relics from the Old Race. Erys can be found here.

Demon World

Planet Styx

  • Time Gate - The party uses this to travel to SD 46.

Planet Fargett

  • Army Camp - A Fargettian prison facility south of Vagupe.
  • Safe House - One of many Resistance safe houses in Fargett.
  • Bio-lab - An abandoned Fargettian laboratory that conducted genetic experiments.
  • Vadgupe - The capital of Fargett, the Revorse Tower stands in the middle of it.
  • Revorse Tower - A tower erected in the honour of Jie Revorse, this tower makes his residence.
  • Oracle Room - A secret area, accessible only after reaching the top of Revorse Tower.
    • Cave of the Seven Stars - A hidden dungeon accessed from the Oracle Room which contains the strongest enemies in the game.
    • Labyrinth of Champions - A double of the cave located under Van Castle accessed from the Oracle Room.
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