Lieber is a Klausian member of Quark. He is a supporting character appearing in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, and is the future love of Maria Traydor should the player not view her ending paired with Fayt Leingod. Although his character is not strongly developed, it may be inferred that Maria does have some attachment to him, as she does accept his overtures should she not develop a stronger bond with Fayt, though she does not seem to be aware of the extent of his affection during the course of the game, during which many of the crew of the Diplo mention it as something of a subject of gossip.

It is briefly mentioned that Marietta has feelings for him, a thought further expanded in Maria's solo ending, in which she is shown to be disappointed at having lost her chance with him, and it is speculated that, should Fayt and Maria be paired, Lieber and Marietta will be likewise.

Dictionary Entry

A member of the anti-Federation group Quark, and brother of another Quark member by the name of Steeg. Also known as "Lieber the Quick-Draw" and "Steeg the Sharpshooter", the two brothers like to refer to themselves collectively as "the Binary Star Lazeria", but unfortunately, neither the Pangalactic Federation nor the fellow members of Quark refer to them by this nickname. Incidentally, "Lazeria" is the name of a city on Klaus IV, and the home town of Lieber, Steeg, and Marietta.