Kratus (クラトスの町, Kuratosu no machi?), historically known as Kraat (クラート村, Kurāto-mura?), is a small settlement on the southern half of the Muan Continent on planet Roak. At one point, the fruits picked in the village were sold at high prices all across the world.

It is the hometown of Roddick Farrence, Millie Chliette and Dorne Murtough, who defend the town from bandits and monsters as members of the Kratus Defense Force.


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In S.D. 346, Roddick and Dorne are in the Defense Force HQ, when Dorne tries to talk to Roddick about his feelings for Millie. At that moment Millie arrives. As there isn't much to do, they go out on a patrol. On their return to HQ, bandits led by Baird attack the town. After defeating them, that night the trio has tea at Roddick's home. The morning after, the Captain gives them a gift from the townspeople, as well as a day off.

The trio is soon summoned by the Captain. Via letter, the Mayor of Coule asks the Defense Force to send help immediately; there is a mystery outbreak and the residents are suffering from high fever. Millie's father, Martoth, leaves to investigate. Two days later, the trio receives Martoth's letter telling them to stay away from disease-ridden Coule. Millie runs to see her father, and Roddick and Dorne follow. They take Millie back to Kratus after meeting with Martoth. That same night, she departs in search of the herbs of Mt. Metorx, accompanied by Dorne and Roddick.

They briefly return to Kratus when Dorne asks Captain Ronyx J. Kenny to lay him on his own bed as he is about be petrified due to the virus. Escorted by Ilia Silvestri, the trio is transported from the Calnus to Dorne's house. Dorne has Millie take his music box and Roddick vows to find the cure, and they immediately leave for Earth.

After jumping into the past through the Time Gate on Styx, Roddick and Ilia find themselves again at the small village in S.D. 46, but they discover that it is called Kraat. After realizing they have been separated from Ronyx and Millie, they begin searching for them after Roddick procures some Roakian clothing for Ilia. They soon move on to the town of Haute, called Coule in the future.

After joining with Millie, the party can recruit Pericci at Kraat, by interacting with a cat close to Millie on a Private Action event. If Roddick calls the cat Pericci and plays the Ocarina next to her, the cat will transform into her humanoid form.

After obtaining the antidote for the petrifying virus, they return to Kratus to heal Dorne and the population of Roak.

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S.D. 46

  • Item Shop "Kraat General Store" - A spacious shop that sells fruits, plum-apples, and berries. One of its workers, Lilly, complains that she is sick of working on the "dinky" item shop. Roddick can ask the shop owner for clothes.
  • Inn "The Sleeping Apple" - A rather big building to northwest with at least three beds.
  • Home - The house to the north, where an old lady lives. Roddick can ask for clothes there, and she gives him clothes that belonged to her daughter before she got married.

S.D. 346

  • Defense Force HQ - The northernmost building in town. The house belongs to the Captain, who leads the Defense Force. Two other members appear there after the trio gets a day off.
  • Dorne's House - On the bedside table lies the Music Box that belonged to his sister. When Roddick checks it out, Dorne says not to touch that since it means a lot to him.
  • The building at the center of town houses two shops, although no items can be purchased.
    • Food Shop "La Frase" - Mrs. Fraser the Grocer tells Roddick to inform his mother that she has a fresh shipment of vegetables. Dorned asks for Blackberries, but she hasn't gotten them in yet.
    • Item Shop "Rachet" - Old Man Toolie, the shopkeeper, simply thanks the party for their hard work. Toolie's daughter, Sophia, says she wants to learn to cook, but she is not talented at all. If the player chooses to cheer her up, Millie tells Sophia that she just needs to work at it and she'll get better, and Sophia thanks her.
  • Weapon Shop "Smitty's Smithery" - There are no weapons for sale. The owner only reminds the party that they are responsible for the safety of the town and to have a weapon equipped at all times, to which Dorne replies "C'mon, we know all that".
  • Millie's House - Due to Martoth serving as the town's healer, the houses also serves as a clinic. At the medical area, Martoth tells Millie not to neglect her symbology studies since she will take over for him once he retires. After the news of a plague on Coule, he no longer appears there.
  • Roddick's House - To the northwest is Roddick's home, above the weapon shop. Roddick's mom is at the kitchen, and asks how his patrol is going. The party can rest on Roddick's bed, the lone bed to the right.


S.D. 346
S.D. 46
  • Blueberries (outside Kraat General Store)
  • 420 Fol (Inn "The Sleeping Apple")
  • Resurrection Elixir (Home)


Kraat General Store

Name Cost
Blueberries 50 fol
Blackberries 180 fol
Aquaberries 70 fol
Spectacles 10 fol




  • After beating the bandits and the player is allowed to roam outside Kratus, the player can enter the forest just beside town to encounter wolves. At first they can be tough but give out 90 Exp and 90 Fol, which is a good way to farm at the beginning of the game.
  • It is named Clatos/Clato in the Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey fan translation.

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