(I have heard the physical abilities of Klausians far outstrip those of Earthlings, but man...)
Fayt's thoughts after witnessing Cliff in combat against Norton.

The Klausians are a race in the Star Ocean series. Hailing from Klaus III, and also found on Klaus IV, the Klausians are a very physical impressive people due to their home planet's harsh gravity. Their own distinctive markings are the rings around their necks. It is estimated that there are over twelve billion Klausians in the known universe.

Notable Klausians

Dictionary Entry

A sentient race that lives on Klaus III and IV. This race possesses excellent motor reflexes and hand-eye coordination, and it is said that the average Klausian can easily surpass a top Earthling in every aspect of physical capability. Klausians respect self-reliance, and regardless of the fact that more than a century has passed since first contact was made with this race, they still do not belong to the Pangalactic Federation, or to any other multi-planetary government for that matter. Klausians are also known for having an external appearance that very closely resembles that of Earthlings. If they didn't have three distinguishing green lines around their necks, they would resemble Earthlings with extremely good physiques.