The Klaus System is the Star System located in the Zeta Sector, where the Klausians originate from, and has two main planets.

Planets in the Klaus System

Klaus III

The third planet of the Klaus System, Klaus III has no seasons due to its axial tilt of 0.4', is 1.2 AUs away from its parent star, and has a gravity of 2.4 G.Its atmosphere has only two-thirds of Earth's oxygen in terms of density. The oxygen is replaced by additional nitrogen. It is thought that the severity of this environment--low oxygen density and heavy gravity--is responsible for giving the Klausians their incredible physical capabilities.

Klaus IV

The fourth planet in Klaus System, Klaus IV has an atmospheric composition that is almost completely made up of carbon dioxide.Klaus IV has an axial tilt of 11.2', is 1.8 AUs from its parent star, and has a gravity of 0.6 G.

Although it used to be sterile and devoid of any life forms, as the population of Klaus III increased, colonization proceeded, and now one fourth of all Klausians live in habitation domes constructed on this planet.The atmospheric composition and gravity of the areas underneath the habitation domes are adjusted to resemble that of Klaus III, and therefore life is possible underneath the domes without any noticeable difference. The total number of Klausians living in the galaxy at present is estimated at around twelve billion.