The King of Astral is the Highlander king of Astral, appearing in Star Ocean, and its remake Star Ocean: First Departure, and Star Ocean: The Last Hope.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

SO4 - King of Astral

King of Astral in SD 10

After Earthling Reimi Saionji contracts Stone Sickness, her friend Edge Maverick is brought by Sarah Jerand, a known Featherfolk to the people of Astral, to see the King of Astral, who controls access to the remedy. The King agrees to supply them the medicine, however a problem occurs when a thief steals the Castle's stock of ingredients for the cure. The King quickly dispatches Lias Warren to track the thief, who Edge had seen in the vicinity of the castle. Edge then persues the Black Eagle and defeats him at Tatroi, and after retreiving the ingredients, he is labeled by the King as a Hero.

The King later enlists Edge's help to defeat a powerful monster lurking in the closed-down Astral Caves.

Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

The King of Astral first appears in his castle in Astral City after Roddick Farrence reveals a plot to frame the Captain of Astral's Knights, Phia Melle for the attempted assassination of Lias Warren. The King thanks Roddick for solving the mystery, and offers him a reward as thanks. The King later assists Roddick by granting him one of the four emblems needed to access the Demon World.