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Bathe yourself in my light, you earth-ridden maggots!

Jie Revorse

Jie Revorse (ジエ・リヴォース, Jie Rivōsu?) is the main antagonist of the first Star Ocean, as well as its remake, Star Ocean: First Departure. A power-hungry dictator of planet Fargett, he opposes the Pangalactic Federation.


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Hailing from planet Fargett as part of the superhuman project from Asmodeus' genes, Jie Revorse was created to survive Fargett's harsh environment, along with his fellow superhumans. The superhumans were put in charge of Fargett's government, until Jie killed the other superhumans and declared Fargett his dictatorship.

Jie was the one who gave the Lezonians the bio-weapon that turned the people on Roak into stone, in order to provide a distraction for the Federation while he readied his invasion force. While Ronyx J. Kenny was in the past looking for a cure, Jie sent an invasion force to Earth, demanding them to surrender or be destroyed.

When Ronyx returns from the past, he is told of the situation, and is immediatly given his next set of orders: go to Fargett and assist the resistance group in the assassination of Jie Revorse. The admiral gives Ronyx special permission to use the Time Gate to recruit any help he needs.

On Fargett, the party manage to reach the top floor of Revorse Tower, where they confront Jie. Here, he tells the party that all he wants is to return the people of Fargett back to Earth, like the Muah wanted to millenia ago. He also states that the current people of Earth should be eradicated, since they have squandered Earth's resources and can no longer appreciate living on such a planet. Roddick and Ronyx both disagree with him, and the party engage him in battle.

Neo Revorse arises.

After defeating Jie, it looks like he is finally dead, but suddenly a rapid mutation occurs within him, and he transforms into Neo Revorse. This new forms proves to be much stronger, but the party overcomes him. Upon his death, Ronyx states that all Jie really wanted to do was go home, while Ilia notes that while he may have been strong physically, he had a weak spirit, and thus could never have really won.

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In Star Ocean and its remake, Jie Revorse serves as the final boss in two stages: as Jie Revorse and as Neo Revorse.

In Star Ocean: Anamnesis, he appears as the boss of the event Eliminate Jie Revorse, one of the earliest boss events released.



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  • Jie Revorse appears as raid boss in the event Vanquish Jie Revorse from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which was part of a collaboration between this game and Star Ocean: Anamnesis. His repertoire of attacks is that of the Anamnesis boss version. He also has a slight stronger version called "Jie Revorse - GOD".
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