HydaIV 2

Fayt and Sophia at Hyda IV's beach.

Hyda IV is a stable world with no tectonic activity. There shouldn't be any earthquakes.
—Fayt Leingod

The fourth planet of the Kappa Sector’s Hyda System, Hyda IV has an atmospheric composition that closely resembles that of Earth, other than a slightly higher level of argon. It has an axial tilt of 34.6°, orbits 1.4 AUs away from its star, and has a surface gravity of 0.9 G.

Since the entire planet is blessed with natural beauty and a lack of dangerous organisms, it is extremely popular as a health resort. The equatorial regions, where temperatures are mild and humidity is low, provide an excellent climate for mammalian races, especially humans. The planet constantly plays host to over one hundred thousand tourists.

Although it has no native sentient life forms, immigrants from other planets and resort employees have settled here, bringing the planet’s total estimated population to approximately 120,000.



The 14th Recreational Zone of Hyda IV, Iruba’s huge, pristine beach and tropical forest park help to make it the most popular of Hyda IV’s twenty-four recreational zones. Iruba is popular with a wide range of visitors from all generations, including families, couples, and a large number of celebrities from various fields.

Grantier Resort Hotel

Welcome to the Grantier Resort Hotel. Please enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings--truly unlike anything you will ever see in the big city.
—Short-Haired Hotel Employee

The Granntier Resort Hotel is located in the city of Iruba on the tropical paradise of Hyda IV. An interesting note about this hotel is that it does not have a room #104. Fayt Leingod postulates that it might have something to do with the number 4 being associated with death in some cultures, though he is not completely sure.

The hotel plays home to several quality works of art, including "Dance Summit, Lumbering Agenda," "Indian Summer," "The Blessing," and "Green Sea on a Grim Planet."

Prior to the Vendeeni attack, Room #105 is in use by Researcher Ryoko Leingod and Sophia Esteed and while Proffessor Robert Leingod and his son Fayt Leingod were confirmed guests in Room #103. At the end of the hall in Room #107 was a visiting Featherfolk youth. The Rossetti Troupe w\were lodged in Room #102.

In addition to simulators and a private beach, the Hotel even has three Chat Chambers.